Your Local Bookstores: Where in the World Are You Reading?

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the first month of Where in the World Are You Reading. We (Lisa, Kelly, and I) are really excited by everything enthusiasm and interest and hope that the meme continues to grow over the months. Also using #wwread on twitter.

July’s theme for Where in the World is Local Bookstore

It was a lot of fun to visit the local bookstores but I have to admit that I was a little disheartened by how many folks mentioned not being able to participate because they don’t have a bookstore close to them or how their local indie bookstore has recently closed down. I guess I take for granted living in an area where I only need to drive 10-30 minutes in any direction to get to a bookstore. It definitely made me more aware of shopping locally and appreciating being able to shop at a brick and mortar. It also made me wonder how long we’ll have that privilege for. Anyway–not to be a sad sap!

So…the links! Links will take you directly to the participants posts. Please pop by and check out the different stores. There’s quite a variety!

Even though Ms. Fizzy Jill has some issues with her local bookstore Coalesce in Morro Bay, California (new agey has my skin crawling, too), it is a charming little bookstore complete with new and used books and cozy little corners for reading. But I think it’s the Mexican Mochas next door that you must experience.

Suey shared a lovely little bookstore in Salt Lake City, Utah called The King’s English. She thinks the bookstore might have been an old house in its previous life and the shop contains many little rooms of books. I love the idea of wandering room to room browsing bookshelves!

I’m terribly jealous of SuziQ’s bookstore Powell’s in Oregon. Even though her local chapter isn’t quite as big as the downtown edition in Portland, it’s still pretty dang drool-worthy! Even requires a map to find the used or new books you are seeking. Talk about getting lost in the stacks!

Darren of Bart’s Bookshelf allowed us to visit the gorgeous Waterstones bookstore in Bradford, UK. He notes that the building is over 145 years old and the architecture is simply amazing. This one is definitely a bookstore to check out.

Just this past week Melissa of Avid Reader’s Musings had a new bookshop pop up close to her.  Indy Reads Books is a fun little shop in Indianapolis that just open its doors on July 13th. And who better than help kick off the bookstore opening party? John Green.

I cheated and shared some pictures of El Ateneo bookstore in Buenos Aires Argentina. It’s not local to me but I was there once upon a time and it’s local to someone. ;) But seriously–it’s the most gorgeous bookstore I’ve seen (though I think that Darren’s Waterstones might be stiff competition!)

Lisa of Books.Lists.Life has a wonderful little bookstore in Pierre, South Dakota–Prairie Pages. While it’s a small shop it definitely offers a lot of small town charm and even has a great children’s and young adult section. And apparently ponies to catch the Princess’s eye.

Li of Book Daze also shared her local Waterstones in the UK but more than just pictures she also shared some of the recent history of the store and it’s current market status. From the sounds of it Waterstones is one of the last UK bookchains. Li took many pictures but what I’m most curious about is which Olympic book she’ll pick up as a keepsake!

Does your bookstore allow dogs? Apparently Lisa from Lit and Life has a local shop that allows dogs. Better than smoking I say…or maybe incense. As long as one isn’t allergic. The Bookworm in Omaha, Nebraska has much to offer, though, especially in the world of book clubs!

Teresa’s bookstore The Old Firehouse Bookstore in Colorado looks awesome! It’s a refurbished firehouse that sells both used and new books (I’m increasingly jealous of you folks who have the used/new options at your stores). Not sure that it has the old firepole still left in the building though.

A local indie comic book shop? Kelly has an awesome shop within an hour of her in Nova Scotia called Strange Adventures that contains stacks and stacks and rows of comics. Even more wonderful than the bookstore is the helpful and attentive staff. Isn’t that one of the bonuses of small bookstores?

Christine brings up some great points about local book stores and the charm and idea of them but the reality that often times they don’t have the stock that a main chain bookstore might have. Even though her local book store, The Town Book Shop, doesn’t carry what she is normally seeking, it is still a cute little place.  

Larissa brings us to Brussels and Filigranes bookstore. I admit that I had never heard of it before but it sounds like a great place to browse for books and get lost in a good story. Between the atmosphere, events, and bar Larissa describes I’m really not sure what the best part of Filigranes is!

Amanda from A Patchwork of Books takes us to TWO bookstores in the Arlington Virginia area. First is Hooray for Books, a children’s bookstore which I deeply wish was close to me so that Elle and I could visit. The second is One More Page Books–Amanda puts special emphasis on the wine and chocolate served in the store.

Alex from The Sleepless Reader shares the neatest bookstore in Belgium called Cook and Book. I mean, really. How could it get any better? The shop looks so inviting and with every turn of the corner there is something new. I’m especially partial to the books on the ceiling!

Valentina from PeekaBook! took us all the way to Italy for Ambasciatori bookstore in Bologna. The store is in an old building and might not look like much from the store front but the inside is amazing with glass windows surrounding the building and three levels of bookish goodness.

Next we visit Hamilton, New York where JoAnn from Lakeside Musing takes us to Colgate Bookstore run by Colgate University. I admit when JoAnn mentioned visiting her university bookstore I thought of a warehouse of assigned reading like the ones I’ve visited before but Colgate Bookstore is absolutely charming and even multi-leveled with cozy sitting chairs.

And…I shared my local bookstore in Fairview Texas, A Real Bookstore. Still think it’s got the best name hands down. Yes, it does have a bar inside but I head there the fourth Thursday of each month for Girl’s Night Out Bookclub. I pretty much look forward to it starting the fourth Friday of each month. ;)

Ok, I know…more typing that you want to read so just click on the links and check out the other posts. So many cool places–South Dakota, UK, Texas, Iowa, California, Belgium, Italy, New York, Nova Scotia, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Indiana, Virginia! Seriously–all over the world. Love it.

Next Thursday will begin round 2 of Where in the World are you Reading. Kelly will be hosting the Library edition! Hope you’ll join us!  For a full list of the monthly themes, visit the main meme page.

Happy reading!!

9 Responses to “Your Local Bookstores: Where in the World Are You Reading?”

  1. haha, wow, this is a very detailed post, Trish. Lots of fun!! I am very happy with the turnout and look forward to next month. I also should go back through the links to make sure I didn’t miss anyone!

  2. I am terribly sorry I missed this one because one of the absolutely fabulous things about our little town of Wellsboro, PA is Kasey and Kevin Coolidge’s From My Shelf books located invitingly on the corner of main street in our gorgeous downtown. It is a beautiful store. One of the things that makes me happiest to see there are 11 year old girls, their eyes bugged out at the selection, tugging mom or grandma into the store so she can have a look around. That kid was me for many years, even though my only bookstore was a cramped Waldenbooks in a mall in the days before the big box stores. Indie bookstores were magical fairylands stumbled upon during beach vacations or in funky, infrequently visited towns that were unimaginably cooler than the ones I lived in. Now my every literary whim is a Facebook request away.

  3. Great summary, Trish – thank you (and also Lisa and Kelly) for putting this all together. I have LOVED seeing everyone’s bookstores!


  4. Love your summary. I haven’t made it back to the bookstore to verify if there is a pole in one of the back rooms. As soon as I find out, I’ll report back!

  5. Fabulous wrap-up! It was a lot of fun to visit everyone’s bookstores…and I’d love to have a chance to see Cook and Book in person someday!

  6. I love that you really did achieve the goal of “where in the world?” It was so fun to travel all over the world to see the bookstores. I’m pretty jealous – The Bookworm is a nice enough store but no one does it compare to the charm so many of these have!