Bucket List – Or 60 Before 60

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A bucket list is a list of items you’d like to do before you kick the bucket. Nice, huh? :)

I don’t remember when I started making a bucket list but I’m pretty sure I was on a roadtrip with Scott. If I think really hard I imagine that we were on our grand Sturgis/Yellowstone trip, but I’m not positive. Either way, I do all my best scheming on the road.

I’ve slowly added items here and there and as I was trying to get to 50 my brother-in-law tipped me over so now I’m at 60. And since I’m just halfway of my life to 60, why not try to do these things before 60. Actually I don’t have a timeframe and I don’t have a bucket list limit either–60 was just a nice round number to make this a shareable post.

Trish’s Bucket List

1. White water rafting in West Virginia
2. RAGBRAI (that thing where you ride a bike across Iowa…my stepsister was doing this when I put it on my list)
3. Visit all seven continents
4. Run a half marathon
5. SCUBA at Great Barrier Reef
6. Bungee Jump off Sidney Bridge
7. See an Opera in Vienna
8. Finish a triathlon
9. Free-motion quilt
10. Visit all 50 states
11. Ride motorcycle from coast to coast
12. Drive Alaskan Hwy
13. Sail between islands in Caribbean
14. Catch a fish and eat it
15. Make a Dear Jane Quilt
16. Hike Machu Pichu
17. Camp in Havasupai
18. RV across the US (RV=Motorhome)
19. Visit Scandinavia
20. Ride in a hot air balloon
21. Helicopter over Hawaiian Volcano
22. Walk on the Great Wall of China
23. See Victoria Falls
24. African Safari
25. Ride a camel in Egypt
26. Knit a sweater
27. Make rolls from scratch
28. Houseboat on Lake Powell
29. Riverboat on Mississippi
30. Hang glide
31. Take a photography class
32. Swim with the dolphins
33. See the Northern Lights
34. Teach an aerobics class
35. Live Abroad for one year
36. Sunrise at Haleakala (no, I would never add this as I was in the act of driving……)
37. Attend an Olympic event
38. Surf
39. Transatlantic cruise
40. Backpack camping overnight
41. Play Chopin on piano
42. Sew something someone can wear
43. Read a book in another language
44. Hike Appalachian Trail
45. Segway tour
46. Go on a pub crawl
47. kiss the blarney stone
48. flash mob
49. Mud run
50. Take picture with someone famous
51. Speak in front of a crowd
52. Movie extra
53. Transcanadian train
54. Ski the alps
55. Sky Dive
56. Stonehenge
57. Iguazu falls
58. Go to Billy the Kid museum
59. Visit all four grandparents birth cities
60. Build something useful

When making the bucket list we (Scott and I) decided that I was not allowed to put items on the list that I’d already done–like Backpack Europe, see Old Faithful, or read Brothers Karamazov. But I’d say it’s a pretty adventuresome list, wouldn’t you? And apparently there’s a whole website devoted to Bucket Lists!

Do you have a bucket list–either on paper or on a mental tab? Do we share anything in common? What’s something you have on your list that I don’t have on mine?

Better get busy!

35 Responses to “Bucket List – Or 60 Before 60”

  1. Great list, Trish. I love that you have both fantastical and practical things listed. My own bucket list is just mental, but I should take the time to commit it to paper. We have several things in common–I’ve always wanted to thru-hike the AT (which starts near where I grew up in north Georgia). Someday!

  2. Pushing 60 here and my immediate reaction after reading this was….”i hope she makes it to 60 trying some of these risky things.” LOL – you always amaze me, but then, I’ve lived my life as somewhat of a scardy cat, but have NO REGRETS either, so that’s a good thing.

  3. DO you have a Bucket List board on Pinterest? I don’t have 60 things – too many to track, but I recently added SKINNY DIP. (which I have NOT added to my board on pinterest…)

  4. Well, you’ve seen mine! :D I’m about 20 or 25 things into mine now, and only started with 50. We’ll see how the rest go. Some are more difficult than others! I like that a lot of these are either fitness or travel-related.

  5. Fun! I was just talking about bucket lists with afriend at lunch yesterday! We Do have a few common items – 10, 16, 17, 22, 37. Feelings on doubling up on items? My friend recently did a half marathon ON the great wall! Totally on my list!

  6. Great list! You inspire me to try to make one as well! You also amaze me by the way at all you get done WHILE having a little chickpea banana around the house!!!

  7. Wow, nice list!! I’ve seen a ballet in Vienna, does that count? (Romeo and Juliet!) Would never ever ever want to bungee jump, I did rappelling (?) in college and it scared the CRAP out of me, I SOBBED, and I’m not afraid of heights. I want to do a mud run too, or a color run. Those things don’t happen much in South Dakota tho, so guess I have to travel! I want to wake up on the beach in Gulf Shores, or be there for the sunrise at least.

  8. Love reading your list! But I’m so surprised about #27! All your cooking adventures and you haven’t made rolls? I do this every Sunday! At least! :) I can SO help you with this one!

    There’s much on your list that’s also on mine. If I made a list I think it would be filled with all the travel things. Minus the hang gliding and bungee jumping. Never had a desire to do that.

    It’s also fun to see things on your list that I’ve done, makes me feel much less… boring I suppose.

    Anyway, good luck. I know you’ll do it all!

  9. I’ve always wanted to put together a list like this, but when I start thinking about it, I realize that I may have too too much. Need to narrow it down….

  10. Very adventurous (adventursome?) list! I don’t have a bucket list, but I definitely don’t think I could comoe up with 60 things. But I’m not nearly as adventurous as you are! Hope you can start crossing these things off! I’ve done 2 of the things on your list, but they are probably the least exciting things on there ;) Thinking of riding a camel is really funny, for some reason.

  11. I have a 40 before 40. I made it 3 years ago and have completed 3 things on it. I have 4 more years to finish it.

  12. That is quite the list!!! sounds so awesome and fun! My bucket list is in my mind……I should put them to paper! You amaze me how much you do each day with working outside the home too! Fun to read your things every now and again when things are a little slow here at work. Wish we all lived a little closer to one another…..love Aunt Debi

  13. here to help you if you want to knit a sweater, catch a fish, speak in front of a crowd or hear about Victoria Falls!

    Flash mob is also at the top of my own list . . . along with swing dancing lessons and learning to drive a boat!

  14. Damn woman, I hope you get A LOT of vacation time! :D What an awesome list!!!

    If you do #44, you’ll have #40 covered as well. Are you planning on hiking the entire Appalachian Trail, or just a bit of it? That’s what Rich and I did for our honeymoon…just a small bit of it, of course, as we only had a week. :P

    Just curious (okay, nosey!)–what are your grandparents’ birth cities?

  15. Wow what a lot of jumping and high in the air stuff. I can’t do the helicopter or bungy jumping, can’t ride a bike, or do a triathalon. I’m kinda hoping I’ll have my whole house clean at one time in my lifetime.

  16. Rae

    Love love love bucket lists! I saw this earlier today and then got distracted and didn’t comment.
    You MUST dive the reef. It definitely spoiled me for the dives that followed, but it’s worth it. So so amazing.
    My dad would happily be your guide in Havasuppai, it’s his favorite place on earth.
    I also highly recommend hang gliding. We did it in Rio just for something to do, I had no idea how much I would love it. It was such a thrill! Sky diving was incredible but there’s something about hang gliding, you really feel like you’re flying. It’s amazing!
    I’d also love to visit all 50 states, stand on the Great Wall, go on an African safari, go to Egypt, attend an Olympic event, and be in a flash mob (FUN!)

  17. Amy

    I’m making up a “30 before 30” list, but it’s going to look quite tame compared with yours! And I can’t believe “Visit all seven continents” and “Visit all 50 states” each only take up one spot on the list. I definitely would give them seven and 50 spots respectively because I love to check things off! :-)

  18. You are waaaaaay more adventurous than I am.

    I have, however, baked rolls from scratch, visited Stonehenge, taken a photography class (it was way over my head), spoke in front of a crowd, and possibly caught a fish and eaten it (in my little kid days when we did stuff like that).

    RAGBRAI sounds pretty fun (I did a century ride eons ago), except for that part where you have to camp.

    And as for sky diving…HELL NO.

  19. *Do you guys really think my list is overambitious?! :) I was telling Rhapsody Jill earlier today that maybe I’ll just jump in the ocean somewhere and count that as swimming with dolphins since technically it’s true? Ha! Anyway–it’ll be fun trying, right? Totally kicking myself that I can’t cross Carhenge off my list, though.

    And for the record–Sky Diving is coming OFF the list. It was a placeholder for “Ride a Camel in Egypt” which somehow made it on my list twice. D’oh!

    Thanks for all your comments. Would LOVE for you guys to share some of your [would be] items as well!!

  20. Awesome! And no — I don’t think it’s overly ambitious. I think that’s kind of the point. :) I’ve been thinking about doing this for years, but haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe it should be the first item on my list “Make Bucket List.”

  21. As a fellow aspiring traveller I love your list and wish you the best of luck in completing everything on it.
    (P.S. I have kissed the blarney stone and it’s frankly overhyped but the castle on which the stone is located is awesome!)

  22. You have so many cool things on there that I haven’t seen on other lists! Love the one about your grandparents’ birth places, especially.

  23. I love the idea of a bucket list! Life is really too short to wait until a vaguely suitable time comes to do things you really want to do in. A list like this at least reminds us periodically of what we want :)

    I’ve knitted a sweater, it’s quite doable (but the putting together will take an entire day =__=) and playing Chopin on the piano… any requirements on how difficult the piece is? ;)

    I’d love to do a Segway tour as well, it’s such an unique way to see a city. I’d also love to visit Scandinavia :)

  24. Damn – my bucket list pales in comparison! Maybe because I know no one is ever going to leave me a million dollars so I could travel like I’d want to. Jeff went on a Segway tour of Chicago not too long ago and he said it was a blast!

  25. I love your list! I’ve gotten to do a few of these, like see an Opera in Vienna and kiss the Blarney Stone. There are lots of others on my list as well, like visit all 50 states.

  26. Visit Australia and New Zealand
    British Museum in London
    Florence, Italy

    Most of mine involves art museums in other cities. I just want to travel the world really, and if anything interesting pops up, just do it!

  27. Great list. Looks like you’ve got lots of travelling in your future!
    I did a list of 40 when I turned 40 last year and we share 3 things – 50 states, Mississippi River boat, and movie extra. About a month after Jason and I started dating he asked me to go on a ww rafting trip in WV and stupidly I said yes (I do not have good luck with water). It was an exhausting day, but I didn’t get tossd out of the raft :) He goes back every couple of years, but I happily decline.

  28. Trish, I love your bucket list! I did this list of 101 Things to do in 1001 Days and I haven’t even done half of them and time will be up in just a few months. I like giving myself more time like this! ha!

    You’ve got a great mix of things both easily and challenging to accomplish. I think that’s a good!

    2. RAGBRAI Are you a cyclist? I’ve got my first big event coming up soon.. but this one sounds awesome. Exhausting, but awesome.

    8. Finish a triathlon. You can totally do it! I did my 1st triathlon last year and it was such a great experience. I’d totally do it again. Too bad we didn’t leave close to each other.. then we could train together. :)

    27. Make rolls from scratch. What are you waiting for? lol! I have a great recipe for you.

    33. See the Northern Lights. This would be on my list, too!

    37. Attend an Olympic event. <<Highly recommend. It is SO exciting.

    44. Hike Appalachian Trail. Let me know when you do this one. I will join you for the part that goes through NJ! I’ve done a small section of it before. :)

    56. Stonehenge. We saw this over the summer. So fascinating!

    Good luck! Can’t wait to follow your progress. :)

  29. Go RAGBRAI! I love so many of these and need to actually go about making a list because as everyone keeps telling me, it will all be harder when you have a kid. Good luck!