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Part of me wants a few more days in August because this month went so dang quickly, but the bigger part of me is glad that tomorrow is September and my calendar is a little less full. I honestly am not sure what happened to the month! But here we are on the 31st and I’m sad to admit that my own challenge was a bit of a bust for me. I did six pins–which is pretty great–but I guess I thought I might get everything accomplished this month. Bahahahaha.  I have told you that I’m currently drafting a post which explains how I do it all, right? Expect it next fall.

So, the point of Pin It and Do It is to do something that you pin on Pinterest. Right now I have 700 pins on various boards. I did six pins and two of them were more or less failures, two more really make one finished product, and another made me sick to my stomach (as in having to pull over into the parking lot of 24 hour fitness to purge), and the last is only partially complete. But I have big plans for the next #PinItDoIt in October. Oh yes, I do. So anyway…

Sorta Flower Pancake. Let’s start with the not so great.  The first is Flower Pancakes from Not Martha. Apparently I’m not Not Martha as mine didn’t turn out like her pretty flowers. I did these hastily, did not read her directions (had just seen the pictures), and overall could have done better. I make pancakes about once a month (freeze those suckers!), so I’ll try again.

Tissue Pom Flowers. Inspired by Design Dazzle which I’m assuming were also inspired by Martha. Total fail, but I’ll show you my picture to prove it. I did buy tissue that was slightly smaller than what was required, but I still don’t think there was any hope for this project. Good news is it makes Elle laugh. Bad news is it will eventually end up in the trash. And yes, it doesn’t look like it but I did use the amount of tissue recommended.

Almond Butter and Honey Steel Cut Oats – Crockpot Waterbath. From Food 52. So, basically I cooked these steel cut oats in the below measuring cup in my crockpot. They turned out beautifully and the flavor and consistency were perfect. Nice and creamy with just a hint of sweetness. I would definitely make these again…except something about them made me sick to my stomach. (see note above about 24 hour fitness parking lot where I literally had to yell at a concerned passerby “morning sickness” even though I assure you that’s a falsehood. I couldn’t make this up). I’m going to blame the almond butter or maybe the fact that these were so yummy that I over-ate. Because they really were so easy and so delicious.
Fabric Yo-Yo. I was inspired by Kojo Designs to make yo-yo hair pins but used a tutorial by Heather Bailey to create the yo-yos. These were so simple to make and I have some scrap fabric that isn’t really quilt quality that would be perfect for little hair barrettes. Although I can’t imagine making an entire quilt out of yo-yos, I’ll definitely make these again. I used a CD to trace the original circle and these are about two inches big.

Yo-Yo Hair Pin. From Kojo Designs. I didn’t find any bobby pins at JoAnn and I’m not sure they would have stuck in Elle’s hair anyway, so for these I bought little clips and wrapped them in ribbon (lots of glue used) and then stuck on the yo-yo with a gemstone in the middle. Not bad huh?

Bows. Tutorial from Save-On-Crafts. These I probably spent the most time on as it took me for freaking ever to figure out how to make the bows. Think my downfall was using ribbon that had a front and a back. Elle has some letters above her bed (ELLE) and right now there’s just the screw holding up the letters on a simple ribbon. I’m still not sure if these are finished–I’ve debated adding pink since her room is green and pink–but now that she’s 16 months I need to just be done with the nursery.

So, overall not a bad run with Pinterest in August but it doesn’t feel terribly productive. I wanted to do some sewing but I’m having troubles with my machine and don’t want spend the time driving it to the shop (40 minutes away). I wanted to do some cooking/baking but all of the recipes seemed so complicated and involved. I wanted to do some photography but time slipped away. Although I did get two very cute hair bows out of the month, so I guess that’s that.

Have you created anything from Pinterest this month? Want to share any winners? And if you participated in Pin It Do It, head over and link up today. I’ve promised one more round in October so watch out for that!

13 Responses to “Pinterest Pin It Do It – August Progress”

  1. I’m not the craftiest person…actually I’m not crafty at all…who am I kidding? I will stear clear of the Almond Butter and Oats…no matter what about it made you sick. But, I wish you’d say more about making and freezing pancakes. That sounds like a great idea…my family loves them but I don’t make them very often. It would be great to just have them in the freezer where they can pop them out whenever they want them :)
    Chapter 57 in The Stand and things seem to moving at a quicker pace. Harold and Nadine are just ewwww :P

    • Yes on freezing pancakes/waffles! Elle will just eat one or two pancakes/waffles a day so I make a big batch and lay them flat on a parchment lined cookie sheet and put in the freezer until they’re frozen then I put them into a big freezer-friendly ziploc (gallon size). Pop it in the microwave for 30-60 seconds and that’s it! I think someone told me she puts hers in the toaster. Might make the waffles crisp up a bit more but I haven’t tried it yet.

    • I put them in a toaster, but they’re better in a toaster oven. They do get crispier, depending on how crispy they were when you made them. Still delicious!

      Trish – I love that you shared the misses and the successes. I’m so sorry you got sick though!

  2. I think Martha’s instructions are just crazy. I just take cookie cutters, put them in the pan, and pour in the batter. Larger cutters are best. I have this great set of the three bears cookie cutters I use, and one can get all kinds of animals, hearts, etc. And it is so way more easy!!!

  3. I’m pretty darn impressed! I… may have only done 2 things. And an accidental third thing cause I went to Haworth and had pinned it!

  4. I only did 7. I had wanted to do 10 but August got to be too busy. Additionally I wanted to try a few crafts but failed there too. All 7 of my pins were food and 3 were fails. I’m excited to try again in October!

  5. But in the end you DID try a few of your pins :) Not all pins are meant to come out successful or the right thing for us. Bah humbug to you getting sick though :( And the yo-yo’s are supercute!

    August just flew by, but I’ll make a better effort of joining in October!

  6. Looks like a fun feature, maybe I’ll do a wrap up too. I’ve recently really gotten into Pininterest, it took me awhile but now I check it almost daily.

  7. Love the little yo-yo pins-wish I wold have been inspired to do these when Miss H was little! And I’m totally doing that water bath oatmeal!