Bloggiesta – Fall 2012

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Not gonna lie. I’m sitting here looking at the clock and thinking TWO O’CLOCK?! Scott took Elle with him to visit his sister today so it’s just me…with Mumford and Sons on continual play…and I feel like I haven’t gotten anything accomplished.

Ok, so here’s what I HAVE done:
1. Updated my Reviews by Title.
2. Changed my “About Me” Picture. Note to self to take updated picture
3. Wrote Gone Girl post
4. Started Drafting Henrietta Lacks and 50 Shades posts
5. Created Operation Use My page and added to sidebar
6. Tested out deleting Trish’s Reading Nook. I WILL delete October 5th
7. Took Operation Pictures for fondue/trifle/bundt. Just to have in future.
8. Changed the separator on my sidebar so that it’s skinnier and tab fonts so they’re smaller

I guess that’s a lot.

I’m still pretty unhappy with my sidebars but honestly I have no idea what to do with them. Any suggestions?

The rest of the things on my list are pretty yucky. I mean, how often does someone click on an old link and end up at the old blog? Does it really even matter at this point? Maybe I need to turn something more upbeat on besides Mumford and Sons. Maybe I need to get changed and get some coffee. :)


Trying to explain to someone why you need to work on your blog all weekend while a bunch of other bloggers are doing the same thing is tough. Scott had some major head-scratching this morning. But, here we are. It’s not too late to join the fun–the Starting Line is over at Danielle’s blog and the Mini-Challenges are over at Suey’s. I’m feeling a bit sheepish at my old-fashioned/non-tech mini-challenge, but I’d love if you joined me too. wink wink.

Instead of doing a lot of update posts throughout the event, I’ll just be updating this one post. Ole! My very colorful list below…

1. Update reviews page
2. Fix big black signature
3. Clean up/Delete drafts
4. Create Operation Kitchen Stuff page
5. Fix old travel picture posts
6. Trish’s Reading Nook links
7. Hawaii Picture Posts
8. Take Operation pictures (fondue/bundt/trifle)
9. Organize email to one page
10. Condense sidebars
11. Test deleting Trish’s Reading Nook
12. Feedblitz?
13. Blogger Survey

1. Language of Flowers
2. 50 Shades of Grey
3. Gone Girl
4. Henrietta Lacks


One thing I’m thinking about tackling this weekend is deleting Trish’s Reading Nook. Does anyone have any experience with deleting a blog that they’ve exported into a new blog? I’m mostly concerned about losing the images that I’ve uploaded.

And if you have any other things that you’d love to see here on this blog–whether it be layout or content, I’d LOVE to hear your suggestions.


22 Responses to “Bloggiesta – Fall 2012”

  1. Love your list. I am sure you manage to get stuff done :) I don’t really have to explain that much to Nick about blogging this weekend. He knows that he will do the cooking and he is fine with it. But we don’t have a baby in the house ;)

  2. I don’t think your to-do list is overly ambitious at all!

    What’s Feedblitz? Something to do with rss feeds or food!? LOL! ; )

    The images from your Trish’s Book Nook blog will still be in your picasa account connected to that blog even if you delete the blog. The only way to delete the photos is to go into picasa and delete the photos or the album.

    • Feedblitz reminds me of cheese blitz from IHOP for sure. ;) But it’s a feed delivery system, specifically people are using it for email subscribers. But, it is a paid service and I’m not sure I want to go there.

  3. Great list! I didn’t even think about cleaning up my drafts, but I do have an awful lot of them sitting there, gathering dust and taking up space. Need to work on my reviews too. Good luck, and hope you have fun!

  4. Love your “old-school” mini-challenge. I get no end of grief from my husband whenever he sees me poring over my huge (desk) calendar page, or scribbling in my notebook, or paging through my clipboard. I don’t care that it takes me nearly twice as long to get my writing posted–I’m just not used to creating on the keyboard. And yes, comments take me forever to type, approve of, and publish. RAWR like a dino…LOL

  5. Wouldn’t you think we’d stop getting that eye rolling after all this time? Oh well, they can’t stop us with that nonsense!

  6. Hello and good luck with bloggiesta! I love that you took a picture of your list. I thought it was very clever and creative. Sorry I deleted my other comment! That’s to my other blog and google profile.

  7. Speaking from experience, I’ve imported a blog from blogger to wordpress and I did lose all my images, so I’d be sure to find someone who can tell you how to do it safely before you attempt it. Hopefully someone reading this has some helpful advice!

    • Beth’s comment reminded me to be more specific about my above reply regarding deleting a blog and losing images. I should have specified that BLOGGER uses picasa to store your uploaded blog photos, so if Trish’s Reading Nook is a Blogger-based blog (not wordpress), your photos will STILL be in your picasa account if you deleted the Blogger blog. I don’t know anything about how wordpress stores uploaded photos and images.

    • Yes–I know that if you delete a Picasa album then all your uploaded pictures will be deleted. That’s one of my clean-up items on the list above because I deleted the Picasa album related to my old travel/personal blog. Such a bummer!

  8. I’ve always been a WordPress user, so I have no clue, sorry :( But there’s bound to be someone who knows!
    Your to-do list is quite long, good luck tackling your items!

    It’s great fun to see everyone steaming ahead with Bloggiesta, maybe I’ll join the next round :)

  9. So I have these links on my blog that did not convert when I switched to self-hosted 6 months ago. There are about 50 of them. And they’re still dead. I just can’t be bothered. Is that horrible? I’m sorta like you, I figure there’s lots of good stuff that IS active, so it’s okay if somebody randomly stumbles across a dead link, right? That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.