Dueling Monsters is Back!

Posted 18 September, 2012 by Trish in Reading Nook / 14 Comments


I’m going to let Ms. Fizzy Jill’s button speak for itself. It’s fantastic isn’t it? I think she made this clay men by herself!

Oh ok, I’ll add just a few words.

For the fourth edition of Dueling Monsters (brain child of Heather and Jill), we decided to pit Hannibal Lecter of…well…Hannibal Lecter fame against Patrick Bateman of American Psycho fame in the wrestling ring. This is the type of readalong where you pick a side (Red Dragon by Thomas Harris or American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis) and we determine who is the greatest monster (or psycho) of them all. If you’re feeling especially brave, read them both and truly be able to decide. Either way it’ll be a bashing duel you won’t want to miss.

This year the duel will be hosted on The Estella Society blog and I’ll be your Hannibal Lecter ring leader while Jill will be trying to manhandle Patrick Batemen. Ya–I can’t decide who you should feel more sorry for either.

So, join us??? It’ll be rollicking fun. See all the details and sign up on The Estella Society and follow the madness on twitter with #monstermash.

14 Responses to “Dueling Monsters is Back!”

  1. Read them both. Red Dragon is miles better. Bret Easton Ellis is just not for me. He’s very stream of consciousness. I need some focus when I read a book. I also tried to read Ellis’ Rules of Attraction and gave up after 15-20 pages. The book makes little sense.

    And even in the movie versions of these books, Hopkins’ Lecter is much better than Bale’s Bateman. I’m not going to lie, I almost wrote “Bale’s Batman”. It’s only 1 letter off.

    So, Lecter, hands down.


    PS-Trish, I have to say I’m intrigued that you’ve been loving It by King.

    • Pax – I have no idea what happened to me this year?! Was replaced by someone…not me. Yes, I’m loving IT and I mostly have the audiobook to thank for that–it’s fantastic. Seriously.

      In terms of these books, both were movies where I specifically remember having to close my eyes in the movie theater so it’ll be interesting. I see lots of daytime reading in my future…

  2. Okay, so my immediate thought was Talking Heads…. “Pyscho killer… fa fa fa fafafa…” hahaha

    I’d join if I thought I had the time… but this time around, I think I will be a spectator! Cheering from the sidelines with my movie vision of the books since I’ve never read either (but do hope to do so sometime)

  3. I think I’ve located a copy of Red Dragon – now to decide…oh wait, I just noticed Jenna’s comment, and like an ADD kid, I’ve completely forgotten what I was going to say. “Run run run run run run run run away!”

  4. OK, maybe I need to better understand the criteria. Do we vote for the better book? writing, etc or by sheer force/scariness etc of the character?

    • Well…in my eyes Hannibal will be the winner. For any good reason. Or no good reason. ;) But you can vote however you choose–best book, best writing, worst villain. It’s totally open! (I know…doesn’t make it easy huh?)

  5. I will be reading American Psycho since I’ve already read Red Dragon. That isn’t to say I’ll be rooting for Bateman as the head monster. That’s still undetermined! Hannibal is a tough act to beat.

  6. Which reminds me. Why is no one talking about the original movie based on Red Dragon?? That’s the version I saw first–Manhunter, I think it’s called.