Dueling Monsters, RIP VII, BBAW, Ole!

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If you’re looking for hotness going on in the book blogosphere this month, this post is just for you.

In time for R.I.P challenge, I wanted to remind you about Dueling Monsters. You know–where we find two suitable literary matches and let them battle it out for the winner of greatest monster? No, doesn’t ring a bell? Well, Ms. Fizzy and Heather Age 30+ came up with the duel several years ago and this year will mark the fourth anniversary.

This year I’m helping Jilleebeene out with the challenge (which will be hosted on The Estella Society blog). And who are our fighters this year? Mr. Hannibal Lecter from Red Dragon in one corner and a very wimpy Jason Bateman from American Psycho in the other. I know I don’t need to convince you to join ME–I mean, Red Dragon is the shorter of the two, but why don’t you read both books and decide for yourself who the greatest psycho is! More details about this is coming up on September 17th so watch out–but we wanted to get the word out there for all you folks who are participating in Carl’s R.I.P.

So join us in October?? I promise it’ll be the most fun you ever had (reading Red Dragon or American Psycho). See the early buzz on twitter following Jill and my maniacal tweets using #monstermash.

Another reason for you to join my team? Well, I am one classy clownette. See here for my competition. (the things I do for this blog…).

So, speaking of Carl’s R.I.P…  Carl from Stainless Steel Droppings is hosting the seventh (yes seventh!) edition of R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril. Carl says he’s making the rules loosey goosey but basically your goal is to read (or watch or experience) something just a little bit ghastly and ghostly. Since I’m reading IT right now (see nose above) and will be reading Red Dragon and American Psycho, I’ve decided I’ve got all this covered. How about you join the other 100+ people as well?  Oh, and lookie at the pretty button:

Moving on. Next week is Book Blogger Appreciation Week! The wonderful My Friend Amy is hosting the fifth annual Book Blogger Appreciation Week and I hope you’ll join. The daily prompts are already up so that you can plan ahead. Even though this has been claimed as a scaled down version, be sure to join in as this is such a great community builder and one of my favorite ways to spread the love.

Aarti of Booklust is hosting a week of A More Diverse Universe and her goal is to highlight people of color in speculative fiction. I’m really hoping to squeeze this in between all of the monsters I’ll be dealing with this month but it’s definitely an event to check out.

Ok, getting tired here. Don’t worry–there will be a review section below. Finally but not least is Bloggiesta!!! I’m really excited for this one because I need an excuse to just play around on the blog for a day. Hoping I can get mom to watch the babe for a few hours so I can do this one guilt free. If you’re not familiar, Bloggiesta is a virtual weekend long blog party to get you motivated to work on your blog. See my pretty header? Yup, someone during the last bloggiesta made that for me! Lots of mini-challenges and fun. We like funsies, right? Danielle has the details up on her blog and Suey is her tireless cohost.

ANNNNND!!! Just announced today is Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon! October 13th! I  know I can’t do 24 hours like the olden days but I hope to play around at least a bit since I totally missed the event in the spring. Plus the fall readathon is my favorite. What do you say?!  Oh yes, now’s the time to start counting my exclamation points.

Mark your calendars for September 30-October 6th because Sheila from Book Journey is hosting Banned Book Week. Definitely not something you want to miss!

Ok, I know I threw a lot at you in this post so let’s review.

1. Dueling Monsters hosted by Jill and myself in October. Red Dragon v. American Psycho. Pick my side or wimp out and pick Jill’s. Or love us both and read all the psychos. :)  Deets TBA.

2. RIP VII Challenge hosted by Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings all Sept and Oct

3. Book Blogger Appreciation Week Sept 10-14

4. A More Diverse Universe hosted by Aarti Sept 23-29

5. Bloggiesta hosted by Danielle and Suey Sept 28-30

6. Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon Oct 13

7. Banned Book Weeks hosted at Book Journey Sept 30-Oct 6

Wow. And I was thinking September was going to be a quiet month!  So…are you planning on joining any of these?

25 Responses to “Dueling Monsters, RIP VII, BBAW, Ole!”

  1. Argh, not more fun events! I’m tentatively participating in R.I.P. VII, but not sure whether I can fit in American Psycho and Red Dragon. The fact that both of them are on my to-read list is not helping ;)

    Hahaha, what a cute photo of you as a clown, so different from the creep in IT!

  2. TRISH!!!! I love the hat nose combo. Saa-weeeet!

    And I’m all up for Dueling Monsters, but mostly because I love the #monstermash tag. Heh. My goal is to read both and truly decide who is more hideous.

  3. Yes, your books definitely have it covered and then some. Glad to have you on board for R.I.P. VII. Love the clown nose, ;) Hope you enjoy, or are enjoying, IT. It, or IT, is one of the King books I have yet to read. I haven’t read him for years but I have many fond memories of being creeped out in my younger days by his active imagination. He is quite the writer, and perfect for this time of year.

  4. Thanks Carl! And I’m shocked at how much I’m enjoying IT. Dare I say even more than I enjoyed The Stand? It’s definitely got me worked up but I’m loving being swept away by the story. Thanks for hosting RIP again–just wouldn’t be fall without it.

  5. Yikes! I think Dueling Monsters is a bit too much for me this year. I saw the movie version of American Psycho about a decade ago, and I still can’t think about it without feeling violently ill. Definitely NOT going to read that. I’m not sure I can stomach Hannibal, either…

  6. I don’t deal well with gruesome, and I’ve heard American Psycho is and I’d imagine Red Dragon might be too. I’ll probably pass this year, but I’m looking forward to seeing how you guys enjoy it. Either way, I’m sure the posts will be entertaining.

    I already have a crazy stack of books for RIP and I finally put IT on hold from the library. I’ll be reading The Little Stranger with Estella Society too. The book I’m most excited about, though, is We Have Always Lived in the Castle, by Shirley Jackson. I’ve heard so many good things about it and I finally got my hands on a copy.

    Love the clown nose photo. Very classy.

  7. And you claim you aren’t a book blogger. ;) These aren’t really my cup of tea, but I can’t wait to see what you guys do with them!

  8. I don’t want to disagree with you or anything, but I can’t imagine a more outright HORRIBLE character than Patrick Bateman. I’m sure Hannibal’s bad too, but… Seriously, American Psycho is MESSED UP (hence why I’m declining to read it again. Just sayin :) )

    I am SO excited about RIP though! Have just finished my first book and I’m only 5 days into it? Yeah, I’m pretty excited! Oh, and and and (comment creeper) I’m so glad that you’re enjoying IT! It’s my favourite Stephen King book! Never have so many exclamation points been used to talk about it though…

  9. Hi Trish,
    I have recently decided [as in the last couple of days] to participate in both RIP and Bloggiesta this year. I’ve always watched other bloggers participate in the past and thought, “what the heck! I should do them, too!” Of course, now I have to check out A More Diverse Universe as well.

  10. Thanks for all of the reminders – I almost forgot to sign up for BBAW. I can’t wait for Bloggiesta and Dewey’s! I’d love to join you for Dueling Monsters but I’ve got to stay on task!

  11. The hat is the perfect accessory for the nose! Or maybe it’s the other way around?

    And just so you know…Hannibal is going DOWN.

  12. Ah! Scared me with your clown pic…sorry but I gave up on IT. Details in a later post. Def doing BBAW, and not sure about the rest. Lord knows my blog needs some work done! Have a great weekend friend :)

  13. I have one more to add! Banned Book Week Sept 30 – Oct 6. I am hosting for the third year in a row a week of banned book info and inviting other bloggers to join me by reading Banned Books during that week for prizes.

  14. I’m new to your blog (new follower via email). Came over from Ms. Fizzy. I’m also doing the It-along and I’m going to do the Dueling Monsters because I’m reading American Psycho during Banned Books Week. I finally get to participate! There really is a lot going on this Fall. I love Carl’s R.I.P. I also host 4 seasonal, week long read-a-thons a year and my FrightFall RAT is October 1-7. Would love for you to join us, if you can. It’s very laid back and the focus is more on the reading and a little socializing. I don’t really like to leave links in comments because I know people frown on that, but if you’re interested, visit my blog and click on the FrightFall button in the left sidebar. =O)

  15. Amy

    The nose is pretty red and cute but the hat is da bomb! Are you selling them? Also, your hat would look amazing combined with softdrink’s multi-colored yarn ‘do, dontcha think?!

    My monsters are all for Bateman and American Psycho…Hannibal and his red dragon’ve got nuttin’ on the pyscho! I’m really looking forward to this read-off and hope I’m able to join in!

    I ‘preciate the numbered round-up at the end of this post since you covered an overwhelming amount of mega-projects, challenges etc.
    It’s gonna be a great Fall! No doubt about IT! Ha!

    {Thanks, Trish, :o) }

  16. Les

    You are the Queen of Calendars! Thanks for all the links and dates. I am the worst when it comes to joining in on challenges (love the idea and making lists, but my follow-thru sucks!), but I’ve got the Read-a-thon marked on my calendar. I could use a solid day of reading! Since I just started listening to The Passage, I should go ahead and join Carl’s RIP challenge (can’t believe it’s been running for 7 years!). BTW, I liked IT better than The Stand, although I think it scared the crap out of me even more. I can no longer look at clowns or rain gutters without feeling creeped out.

    Thanks for this informative post!

    • Les

      OK, ok. ;) It has been several years since I last joined and I’ve missed all the fun posts. And, since I’m already reading The Passage, there’s really no reason not to jump in this year. I’m also planning on The Little Stranger, which I have on audio, as well. I’ll miss Andi’s group read, but hopefully I can squeeze it in before the end of October. Thanks for the nudge, Carl. Off to grab a widget. ;)