Elle Right Now. Seventeen.

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Look at me being all johnny on the spot. Had to make up for being kind of lame the past five months!

So, today the chickpea is 17 months old. Here’s Elle right now…

Elle loves birds. Might be a little obsessed with birds. When she sees a bird (or an airplane) she points and says “bod bod bod bod” over and over.

Has become quite the parrot when it comes to repeating words. This means I have to be careful what I say, especially when they are single syllable exclamations (use your imagination). We are working on her saying chickpea banana, but so far we just have the nana part. This used to be mamana.

Will one minute scream when I lie her down in the bath to rinse her hair and the next minute dunk herself. While still screaming. I sometimes can’t tell if the screaming is for fun or in protest. Ours is not a quiet household so I can never be sure.

Has started to request bows for her hair. Same with the birds except it’s “bow bow bow bow”

As soon as we go out the back door to leave for somewhere she says “ball ball ball ball ball” because she knows there’s a soccer ball and tennis ball in the grass that she loves to play with.

Belly button is behbuh. Baby is baybay. Bye bye is bay bay. Balloon is bao. Now I understand why only parents can understand their own children’s babbling. Uppa is both up and down and open. Eat is eat and light.

Notice the love for B words? In the grocery store the other day she was pointing up saying bah bah bah. Turns out there was a cut-out of a sheep on the wall. Yup, a sheep says bahhhh. A cow says moo. Kitty cat says mee. Doggy says ruh. Though she won’t do any of these on command. Ohhhhh no!

She doesn’t need toys as one of her favorite things to do is take the items from the bottom shelf of the fridge and move them all over the kitchen. She’s also fond of pulling out snacks from the pantry and holding them up for me saying “Mo mo mo mo mo” (more). It’s especially cute when she does the ASL for “more,” which I think in her mind just means “want.”

She does have a few toys that she thinks are funny, but mostly she’s not interested. She’d rather pour her puff snacks into one bowl, and then move them to another bowl, and then to another, and then back into the container.

Though every day when I pick her up from school she looks around the classroom for something that she can bring and show me. Every day.

No reciprocal hugs or kisses for mommy yet but she’ll give me eskimo kisses. She also thinks butterfly kisses are the funniest.

She still sucks her thumb when she gets hold of her blankie but will also occasionally suck her thumb without when she’s really tired. It’s always strange to me that she doesn’t really suck her thumb when she’s upset and without her blankie.

Elle will be so proud of something and get the biggest grin and clap her hands together while she says “yay.” Not yay as an exclamation but yay as a statement.

Has become quite the picky eater and will love something one day and refuse it the next but then love it again the next go round. It’s frustrating and I’m really not sure how to handle when it seems to be mostly mood related. I hate the idea of having to cater to her tastes but also realize that this is probably typical?

Is so silly. And so serious. And doesn’t miss a single beat.

Elle is down to one nap a day. This is tricky as she still gets kind of grumpy around 10:30-11ish but we try to stay busy. When on a two nap schedule, though, her first nap was too long and the second not long enough leaving her really grumpy in the evenings. Plus she’s been on one nap schedule at school for almost five months!

Toddler radio is a new discover and while Elle never did the bounce dance that so many babies do, she does her own little groove when there’s music playing—usually this involves her shaking her arms or bopping her head.

Elle loves to find her belly button, head, and nose. Also mommy’s belly button and nose. Finding nose usually involves sticking her little finger up the nose.

Cries whenever daddy leaves the room.

Grabs my hand to walk me to wherever she wants to go or to whatever she wants to show me.

Nestles her little head into the crook of my neck when I hold her. My favorite.

Never ever a dull moment. Never ever. But that’s how we like it.

I’m in total denial that next month she’ll be eighteen months.

35 Responses to “Elle Right Now. Seventeen.”

  1. She is just precious! I used to keep Vance entertained for a long time by putting a little water in the sink and giving him a few plastic bowls. He’d stand there on his little stool and play forever. Of course, he made a mess, but it was worth it! I wouldn’t make too much fuss about the food stuff – it’ll pass.

  2. Kay

    Elle is such a joy to read about! Love the pics and she looks so stylin’ in the first with her lovely shades. My Sam thought the most fun thing ever was “washing” dishes at my Mom’s house. We’d go in and she’d start pulling the plastic dishes out and pulling a big chair over so that she could help her Grandma wash. And she loved mopping the floor. I think she still likes mopping the floor. LOL

  3. I bet it would be fun to compare the first picture of her with one when she is seventeen YEARS and in cool shades! LOL. And I agree with the other comments, of course – she is beyond adorable!

  4. I don’t know how, but she gets cuter every time you post more pictures! You are making me remember all the super cute little things Emily used to do or say, and it makes me excited to experience them with Nolan–those early words are SO cute and fun! As always, I love reading about what she is up to these days :)

  5. Can it be true that she’s SEVENTEEN months already? Time flies, my darling. You are learning that all too early in the process of motherhood. She is so beautiful, like her mama. well, I guess and like her daddy too. Love you.

  6. She’s wonderful. I’m so glad you are enjoying all the fun. New moms are usually so tired they forget to appreciate all those fun times. Love the photos. Thank you so much for sharing your darling with us. She sure is growing up quickly.

  7. Madison totally has the same little jumper Elle is wearing in that last picture. :)

    I can’t believe she’s 17 months already. Then again, I can’t believe Madison is 8 months. They really do grow up fast.

  8. CJ

    You so take me back to when my nieces were little; it is almost impossible for me to believe they are both now married women. The one good thing about that is there will be babies, soon.

    There is nothing sweeter than snuggling in against your shoulder… I am so envious! Enjoy those moments, doll. They are the best.

    Oh, and she is so boo-ti-ful!!


  9. She is so adorable! Love the photo of her walking down the wet sidewalk … Little independent person out to conquer the big world :)

  10. Too cute. Can just see her big eyes looking up at you, then around the room for something to share with you. Love her diva 17 look!

  11. I just can’t get over how big she is getting (and how long her hair is). I love these posts for so many reasons but mainly it has been a joy to see her grow. Just imagine how loud it is when you have three kiddos running around and no, we never EVER have dull moments either :)

  12. Sometimes I wonder if BLOGGIng makes the world turn faster. HOW can it be this much time already? Weren’t you just announcing you were pregnant? sigh…

  13. She really does have a unique personality! Sometimes I look at her and think she’s looking more and more like you…and then I look at the next picture and think she looks like her daddy with blonde hair.

  14. Ti

    So cute. I remember those days with my daughter who is now almost 9! I have an old cell phone with a video of when my daughter was 14 months old and picking a flower and every now and then, I charge it up to play it. I can’t get it off the phone since it is not a smartphone.

    Enjoy these times!

  15. Those first word-like-things are the best! Morrigan was full of them. In particular, he put “na” on the end of all sweet things. “Cookie” was “cooookie-na,” ice cream was “i-ene-na,” candy was “key-na.” And when he wanted to emphasize it, he just added a bunch of nas. “Cooookie-nananananananana!” :D

  16. I loved this post. LOOOOOOVED it. So fun to see pictures of your gorgeous girl and hear all about the things she’s getting into these days! It sounds like such a fun age! My favorite part is that she grabs your hand whenever she wants to show you something. What a sweet girl. I love your little blondie!!

  17. Such a beautiful post, Trish! I remember when was first born. It’s amazing how fast they grow, especially during those early years. Our babies are turning into big girls!

  18. Trish she is so adorable and getting so big!!! My goodness, time flies. Love the Elle words and the adults having to watch what they say. I’m sure there will be some funny stories down the road :)
    Kiss those cheeks for me.

  19. She is so cute and she is at such a fun age. The eating thing is normal. All of my kids were that way. There are very few things that my kids won’t eat, but whether or not they eat is really mood related. She’s probably just stubborn like all of mine!

  20. SO adorable!! b words are popular here, still at almost 24 months. She’s in the fun time, so I here. Gage has started with some tantrums and still cries to get what he wants but mostly it’s fun :) Mealtimes piss me off more than any other part of the day. With dairy and peanut allergies I struggle to find new things for Gage to eat. And, like Elle, every other day he will resist foods he likes. Toddlers!