Where in the World Are You..Waiting?!

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Taking a brief interlude from BBAW today to talk about Where in the World I Read…While I Wait! This month Lisa is hosting the September #WWRead (it’s ok that I’m the only one using this hashtag, I swear…I know it doesn’t make sense but I wanted to keep it short), and she’s just in time for back to school where moms seem to do a lot of waiting for kiddos. I don’t have a school-aged kiddo so that’s out for me. I did however have several appointments in August that required waiting. And then the rest I just kind of stretched my imagination.

So where do I read while I’m waiting?

 Dentist’s Office…

Hospital (Real Simple Mag)
More Medical Waiting
I also read in bed while waiting to fall asleep

Or in the car while waiting to get to work
 And on the bike while waiting to get skinny

I try reading to the babe while waiting but she wasn’t interested…

I couldn’t take great pictures of these because they involved audiobooks but I also listen to audiobooks while I’m waiting for my house to clean itself, while waiting for dinner to cook itself, and sometimes while waiting for my quilt to finish itself.

Do you read while you’re waiting? Don’t forget to hop over to Lisa’s to see some of the other posts and hopefully to leave your own as well!

14 Responses to “Where in the World Are You..Waiting?!”

  1. I spent a lot of time reading in the doctor’s office yesterday. I had a 10:30 appointment and left there at 12:30. If I hadn’t had my book with me, I would have been pretty unhappy.

  2. I also read while I’m waiting for my house to clean itself and while I’m waiting for dinner to cook itself! I hope it works out better for you than it does for me… Hahaha!

  3. I’ve been doing lots of reading while waiting for car repairs lately — first something with my engine (?), then something yesterday with my tires (nail in one, totally going flat; another was bald? I know so much about these things). That’s why I never leave home without a book! :)

  4. FUN!!! I hosp a challenge each year called Where Are You Reading and it is to see if you can read a book int he fifty states… it really is quite a challenge and I am so behind on updating my map, but hope to work on that today. :)
    As far a where I have been reading lately – as busy as life has been audio has saved me this summer and I listen while mowing, cooking, getting ready in the morning, cleaning and while riding on the back of a motorcycle.

  5. Yes, I read while waiting, waiting for a bus, waiting for a train, waiting for a son to come home from work, waiting for my mother to wake up, waiting for my tea to cool, waiting for my internet to click in… Your little Miss is growing up.

  6. And there I was, waiting, the other day and my camera on my phone was out of room. Is it bad that I kind of don’t mind when I have to go to the doctor because I know I’m going to get that reading time?!

    Clown nose in bed? Now there’s something we’ve never tried!

  7. Ohhhhh, I just want to reach through the screen and pick adorable Miss Elle up and kiss those sweet cheeks!!!! I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!!!!

    You’re pretty darn adorable with that radiant nose, too. :D

  8. “And on the bike while waiting to get skinny” LOL xD I think I should also try to read (listen) more while I wait for the dishes to clean themselves and for the blogs in my blogroll to get commented on by themselves :)

    Just joking, I love the way you worded this. So many “waiting for” moments that I never would’ve thought of!

  9. I’m waiting for my house to clean itself, too. Why won’t it cooperate??

    And I’m dying over Joanna’s “do you ever take the nose off” comment.

  10. I do a lot of that kind of reading while waiting too. Especially the waiting for things to happen by themselves. It doesn’t work so well, though. Yes for my reading, not for the things to get done. I’m still working on it, though. ;)