October Pin It and Do It Update

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You guys. I’m in total denial that today is the 18th of October. Or Thursday. Seriously, what the heck.

Good news is that I’ve managed to get at least a few pins done. Even better news is that you guys have been rocking the Pin it and Do it challenge! And the best news? There are still two weeks left in the month for y’all to start doing those things you’ve pinned.

So what have I been up to? Mostly reading. Tonight is book club night and we’re discussing The Secret History. I’m having to listen to the audiobook in addition to reading so that I can squeeze it all in (as of drafting this Wednesday night I still have 140 pages left) and the audiobook is terrible. Terrible.

On to more tasty things…

As part of Operation Bundt Pan, I made a Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake. And it was DELICIOUS. I want to share with you for Weekend Cooking but just haven’t had the time to get it together (sorry dear friend who has been asking). Original Pin. Originally from Epicurious.

Chris shared the original link for these Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas and I’m so glad he did. YUMMMMM.  I absolutely loved these. I skipped the onion and cilantro because I was lazy, but they were so flavorful. Scott rated them a 3/5 and they ended up being too spicy for Elle to eat (I also used her homemade taco seasoning but will cut the cayenne next time). Will make these again. I did not attempt to freeze as I didn’t have enough to make the effort (used bigger tortillas than she did) Original Pin. Originally from Budget Bytes.

Ever since Scott and I had our month of Eating Naturally, I’ve been meaning to cook beans in order to freeze them. I used Annie’s Eats method to soak the beans overnight and then cook them until tender. The skins from my beans split open–is this because I used cheap Target Brand beans? Regardless, I have four 1.5 cup bags in the freezer now.  Original Pin. Originally from Annie’s Eats. Dear Annie’s Eats–wish your photos were more pinnable! Especially as you have Pin It buttons on your blog…Just sayin’.

I had a zucchini that needed cooking up so I decided to make Zucchini Chips. I was too lazy to follow the recipe closely so these ended up being too much breaded flour Scott actually liked the breading but I picked all mine off and just ate the zucchini. Would definitely try again but will season the zucchini first before applying the breading. And, you know, maybe follow directions more closely? Original Pin. Originally from The Naked Kitchen.

First–thanks to everyone who took my Reader Survey. I had about 20% of my subscribers respond which I’m considering pretty dang good. Second–I’m perplexed by the folks who said they wanted less quilting/sewing stuff–an option they had to write-in–considering I can’t remember the last time I wrote about quilting/sewing. Anywho, I purchased a quilt pattern per the below, which is something I pinned. I’ve only cut out about 1/4 of the fabric (ok, probably less), but the pin wasn’t the actual finished quilt but the pattern. Ok, so I’m totally cheating. :P In case you’re wondering, I was inspired to buy the pattern thanks to this quilt by Angela at Fussy Cut.

Source: etsy.com via Trish on Pinterest
Alright…now that I’ve exhausted myself, I’m off to read more of The Secret History
Have you tackled any awesomeness from Pinterest lately? I still want to do some Halloween type pins, but not sure how that’ll pan out with busyness the rest of the month. Is it really halfway to November?

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18 Responses to “October Pin It and Do It Update”

  1. Those look delicious!! I really want to try some cooking but I Live in a studio apt with a kitchenette. Next Month I move into an apt with a real kitchen so I am looking forward to that!

  2. Wait til you see the Halloween hat I bought which a friend made. I forgot to ask her if she got the idea from Pinterest but I think not, she is just that kind of creative.

  3. The cake looks great, makes me really wish I had the time to join you all this month – I think I’ll pin it myself for later. The quesadillas look good too. Well done on the continuing to eat more naturally, especially as you want to make the food yourself!

  4. I’m completely bombing this one as well. I’ve made 1 of my pins (fried green tomatoes) and have yet to post about it. Love that quilt!

  5. Ugh, I so wanted to do this and the whole month just got away from me. Between R.I.P. and Dewey and tons of work stuff I just didn’t do it. Next time though I will be Pintastic!

    p.s. That bundt cake looks amazing!

  6. I’ve never, ever soaked beans. I just add them to canned veggie broth and cook the hell out of them (in my world, that’s 2-3 hours simmering on the stove). Then I take the immersion blender to them and have either very thick black bean soup or slightly runny fake refried beans.

  7. You didn’t do anything wrong. Some recipes tell you to cook until the skins burst. Sometimes I boil the bean, sometimes pressure cook them, and sometimes cook in the slow cooker. In any case, pulling your own from the freezer is better all round for you and your family. Go you on using your pins.

  8. Ooh, thanks for mentioning Halloween pins, I saw something that involved finger painting and making ghosts or something that I really wanted to do with Shane. I can’t believe it’s already late October!!

  9. I also have recipes in whihc I do not follow directions. Loved some of the sassy comments throughout as well. I like the quilting, since it’s somehting I can’t do. Maybe people misread the question???
    Good luck with your book :)

  10. Oeh, I might need to try that with the beans too. I have some bags of dried beans but I always make them on the day. This is an awesome idea. I actually finished my minimum of 4 pins for the challenge, but who knows, maybe I can fit in more before the wrap up ;)

  11. Les

    I tried one recipe that I pinned and one from one of my favorite cookbooks and both were a bust. :( But, hey! At least I tried, right? ;)

    I stumbled upon a new foodie blog that looks pretty good. I wound up pinning quite a few of her fall recipes. Now to try them out!

    I’m sorry to hear that the audio of The Secret History is awful. I have the book on my shelf and will try to remember to read it and skip the audio. I’m currently listening to The Little Stranger and so far, so good. It’s not creepy…yet.

  12. I think those zucchini chips look really crunchy and good! To me there’s no such thing as too much breading ;) I’ll definitely try that quesadilla recipe too, it looks delicious!

  13. I am so glad that you mentioned The Secret History audio is terrible. I listened to it many years ago and liked it but didn’t get all the hype. Probably would have been better reading it.