Where in the World Are You Reading? Cafe Style

Posted 4 October, 2012 by Trish in Reading Nook / 16 Comments

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October? October? Really? In other news October means that we have a new assignment for Where in the World Are You Reading. If you aren’t familiar with Where in the World Are You Reading yet, please check out the meme page with all of the monthly prompts. Big shout out to Kelly and Lisa for cohosting with me. The October theme is cafes or coffeeshops or teahouses or bars? or anywhere you hangout to grab a bite to eat or a drink and do some reading.

I’ll be honest. I love the idea of going to a coffeeshop to read but I don’t do this very often. I’m easily distracted by chatter and music so the weather has to be nice enough for me to sit outside on the patio. But, even though I’m not a cafe frequenter, I do go once a month before my book club meets so that I don’t have to worry about going home and heading right back out the door.

While I much prefer Starbucks coffee to Saxbys Coffee, Saxbys is right across the street from the bookstore which makes it very convenient. After investigation it appears as though there’s only five in the whole country? Surely that’s not right!

I wish that I had a really cute and unique coffee shop to show you, but maybe I’ll just have to do some “research” the rest of the month and see what else I can come up with. As you can tell from the outside, it’s a pretty non-distinct shop. (pictures taken from phone)

But the patio chairs are shockingly comfortable!
What’s even more comfortable is the couch below. 
Most comfortable couch ever.
Too bad the music was too distracting to hang out a while.

With a nice cozy view, too! 

I hope you’ll take a minute to share with us your favorite reading getaway. And feel free to get creative with your answers if you don’t have a cafe that you frequent.

We usually do a wrap-up post on the last Thursday of the month but you have a little more wiggle room this month since I’ll be out of town. Please submit your posts by Monday October 29th so I can include them in a wrap-up post.

Can’t wait to see where in the world you’re reading!

16 Responses to “Where in the World Are You Reading? Cafe Style”

  1. Amy

    For what it’s worth, I’ve never heard of Saxby’s, so maybe there are only five.

    This is going to be a hard month for me to participate in since I never go anywhere to eat by myself. We’ll see if I can get creative…

  2. I’ve never heard of Saxby’s either. I’m in a very small town, no Starbucks for miles and miles. Seriously, like a hundred miles. So the only coffee shops here are of the comfy, quaint and adorable variety. I rarely get to them though, which is sad. I’m going to make time to do that, SOON!

    PS. I want that couch!

  3. That looks like a lovely place to read. I’m too much of a homebody so I rarely read outside of the house, except for traveling or waiting.

  4. I love Starbucks, but almost never get to read in there, as most of the time I go with friends, to chat :)

    Saxbys Coffee looks cozy! And that muffin? Yum~

  5. I love the view! There aren’t really any special coffehouses or teashops around here except one. I think I’ll investigate it this month and tell you what I think! ;-)

  6. I’ve never heard of Saxby’s before, they probably don’t aim to expand to Europe ;) Starbucks is too expensive for me (and everything is so sweet o__o), my preference is the Dutch coffeeshop chain Bagels ‘n Beans, which caters to vegetarians and vegans as well (hummus bagels & soy milk :D) It’s always so crowded though, not really the ideal place to sit down with a book :S That’s perhaps the case with most coffeeshops (without a cool patio)?

  7. I used to go read at a Starbucks during Miss H’s volleyball practices because they were too far away to go back home. What a great excuse for an hour of reading with a lovely cappuccino. Going to have to think about this one a bit – I rarely find myself reading some place like this any more.

  8. Great idea for a post!
    There are two great independent coffeeshops near me, and one just opened a Juice Bar, which makes me so happy.
    But I like to read at home under a blanket, ha! Or riding the train to New York.

  9. I have a local coffee shop here in Morro Bay that I love…and a few in San Luis Obispo. This month’s topic gives me an excuse to visit them all! :-D