October Pin it and Do It – Round Up Post

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October Pin it and Do it was a HUGE success. The amount of pins you guys completed are astounding. I really hope that you’ll take some time to visit some of these links to see the awesomeness for yourself and maybe get a few ideas of your own!!

Chrisbookarama took to the spirit of the season with a Crochet Pumpkin Pie which is not edible and Pumpkin Molasses Cookies and Pumpkin Muffins  which are both very edible. Then she made some Ward 8 and created the cutest little Vampire) Still not to be exhausted, Chris made some Crockpot Applesauce and some more crochet with these awesome Boot cuffs.

Kelly from Cobwebs, Cupcakes and Crayons also created a variety of things. First up, several DYI Halloween Decorations BOO! picture frames and Spooky Hand And Foot Prints . She also made these delicious Roasted Veggie and Black Bean Burritos. Back to Halloween, Kelly created a Pinspired Halloween Party and a cute Glitter Spider Web Craft.

Tami from Just One More Thing created a small portable ironing board (love this idea!) and a fall candle decoration. Tami also skipped ahead to Christmas and made several awesome Stocking Stuffers, and journal covers. She also made Pumpkin Pie Dip and Banana Oat Breakfast cookies and some really awesome paper crafts. See her Wrap Up for all links in one place.

Kaye from The Road Goes Ever Ever On completed several miscellaneous pins as well as a great pumpkins garden art and many pumpkin recipes. She also made an adorable baby skirt and a very cozy chennille quilt. Finally, she made a cute little Angry Birds Halloween costume.

Vicki from Zig Zagging Thru Life was busy in the kitchen! She made Parmesean Pork RoastTaco Salad and Crock Pot Lasagna.

Patty from A Tale of Three Cities also did a lot of her pins via cooking. She made beef enchiladasApple Cheesecake bars, and a delicious sounding Beef enchilada soup. See more in her wrap-up post.

Joanna @ Create Your World made Cookies! A no-butter chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm!

Caitlin from The Siren’s Tale had a variety of different things she accomplished this month. First, Baked Autumn Donuts then these awesome Halloween / Fall Coffee Filter Flowers. She also made Crockpot Sesame Chicken and Baked Apple Streusel and finally Halloween decorative bowls.

Teri from Henninsen Happenings made some pillowcases for her grandaughter!

Three Under Two from Lit and Laundry put together a Pininspired Halloween Village (which of course I adore). She also created some pumpkin recipes and a Halloween quilt.

Amanda from A Patchwork of Books first made some Mini Pumpkin Chocolate Pies. She also made Crockpot Applesauce and Sweet Potato quinoa Chili. Outside of the kitchen she was crafty making a Melted Snowman ornament for Christmas.

Hanna from Hakkingdom got her computer fixed recently so she was excited to join us again for Pin it Do it. She was very crafty this past month making Illustrated shopping bagDIY Christmas ornamentsDIY pine cone ball and a felt house. Don’t miss her wrap-up post!

Erin from Paperback Stash got into the October mood with some yummy Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes.

Linda from Silly Little Mischief always outdoes herself in the kitchen. This past month she made Nikujaga (Meat and Potatoes), Peanut Butter Fudge Pretzel BrowniesChocolate & Peanut Butter Pretzel CookiesNo Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies and Easy Thai Coconut Soup with Lemongrass!

Sara from Wordy Evidence, who calls Pinterest “a beautiful thing” made six pins in October! Cute Halloween invites, Broccoli Cheese Soup, Frittata, Painted Stairs, and more!!

JoAnn from Lakeside Musing had a Pinteresting Week where she made Hoisin and Sesame Seed Shrimp, Easy Honey-Beer Chicken, Quinoa Black Bean Burrito Bowls, Apple Cinnamon Buttermilk cake, and Baked Code with Boursin Herb Cheese. Check out her ‘Pinteresting’ Week for the links and pictures. One word…OMG.

Gricel from things she said made a leaf art project as well as healthy pumpkin muffins. I’m loving all the pumpkin recipes this time around!

Kimberly from Inspirefly is a brand new blogger! For the Pinterest challenge she found several different pins to help her stay organized around the house.

Cynni from She Likes Bento finished four pins for the Pinterest challenge! She made three yummy recipes and a kitchen tip. Her recipes include a tortilla tart, vegetable omelet, and a Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna. Yum!!!

Larissa @ Like People and Butterflies not only made a Pumpkin Spice Cake, but it’s a vegan cake, too!

Kailana from The Written World chose to take advantage of her camera in October. Her pins are Pictures for Photo-A-Day and her Day-to-Day journal.

Amour and Renee at Love Notes Restyle Studio hit Pin Obsessed status in October! Check out their wrap-up including lots of restylings–bibs, onsies, SPOONS!!  Lots of cool things.

Kristi from Kristi Loves Books completed three pins this month which you can find in her wrap-up posts. She tried a Zucchini au Gratin, Tomato Basil and Cheddar Soup, and Banana, Buttermilk and Brown Sugar Muffins.

Debi from Still With Nothing of Importance definitely pinned and then did this month! She made several crafts including Black Out Poetry Card and did some cooking including veggie broth, rice pudding and soup. She couldn’t share some of the crafts because they’re gifts so I can’t wait to see what they are.

Joy Weese Moll from Joy’s Book Blog used Pinterest in order to plan her trip to Arkansas! She did 12 out of the 21 things she planned to do. Awesome!

Lisa from Books.Lists.Life made several different pins and wrote about them in her Wrap Up Post–including some crescent roll desserts, a beautiful embroidery, a million jumping jacks (ok so 300), and a few recipes.

Lisa from Lit and Life once again uses her pinboards to organize her travels (I love how she does this!). She outlines several of the places she pinned for her trip to Missouri.

Me!! This wasn’t my best month but I did manage to make four  food pins and I bought a pinned quilt pattern. I also created these little oreo mummies right at the last second!

So, most of you know now that I was out of town the last third of the month which means that I haven’t visited many of these posts yet. Eeeep! Now you know where I’ll be today! I really really hope that you’ll take a few minutes to hop around to some of these awesome posts as well.

Finally, I would LOVE if you would take a minute to answer a few questions. I’m contemplating making the challenge a monthly thing but if I do that then I don’t think I can keep up with these wrap-ups. Also, would you guys get tired of it if it was every month? We had great success in May and October but not so much in August.

14 Responses to “October Pin it and Do It – Round Up Post”

  1. Thanks for doing the wrap-up and for hosting this. It’s nice to be able to see quickly what everyone has done. That is a lot of pins!

  2. Thanks again for hosting. Learned a lot, found some coolblogs and got a lot done – and had fun! Can’t wait for the next one.

  3. For the record: I completed about fifty-five more pins (or maybe just three or four) for the massive Halloween bash, but I don’t think I managed to get any pictures (WHAT?), and I doubt I’ll double back and create a post to relive the madness. Just know that I was here in spirit if not in actual presence! Thanks.

  4. So many new recipes to try! I did a terrible job this month. I had such high hopes but got completely distracted with other things around here. Like making a cape – which I suppose I could have pinned if I’d have known I was going to make one!

  5. I totally missed this and could have definitely used a jumpstart in using Pinterest. I can’t keep up with you energetic folks, but love hearing about it all after the fact!

  6. I actually made more things and did a wrap-up post. It was fun, thanks for hosting! Now to browse
    through all of these and start re-pinning!

  7. Gah! I really should’ve officially joined. This was an unexpectedly good Pinning/Doing month for me. I think I completed 5 or 6.

  8. Wow…well done everyone!!! And Trish, darling, what an awesome wrap-up post–I absolutely can’t wait to have some time to sit and go read all the posts! Thanks again for hosting this, Trish! It was not only fun fun fun but productive as well. :)