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First let’s start with giveaway winner shall we? Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to stop by this past weekend and enter my giveaway. Probably wasn’t the best idea for me to do this while out of town as I’m still swimming in emails and there’s absolutely no hope I’ll be able to return the visit for everyone who came by, but wow! Thank you guys! It’s always so much fun to see which books you’d choose and which books you love that I’ve read. Seriously varied answers! Although I think Night Circus was the most sought after book.
There were 101 entrants and when I took out the people who didn’t have an email or didn’t answer both questions, there were 78 entries. 
Hey Look! Ireland in the background! And me sitting in the wrong spot of the car. Let me tell you that this never became natural and the left side of the car took some scratches from hedges…   Ok, so pictures have all been edited (which I think might be more I can say about Hawaii?)…just gotta decide which to share. I know, I’m lame. But honestly, after I’ve sat in front of a computer all damn day, I just don’t wanna do it in the evenings. Need better solution, like mental blogging. Think it and there it posts. Right?

It was so great to come home to the chickpea this week. Scott and I had a great “adult” trip but boy did we miss her–and I think she missed us too. I have a work trip in a week and I’m heartsick over having to leave again. Elle was sick for the first part of the week and then yesterday had to endure her 18 month shots, but I think she had a pretty awesome time trick-or-treating. Also, I’m just as shocked as you are at how light her hair is. I think even though summer is over it’s still getting lighter!

Ugh. My heart.

I’ve been receiving a lot of anonymous comments lately. I don’t think that they actually post to the blog, so hopefully they aren’t bothersome to you. I honestly just don’t get what the spammers are trying to accomplish–especially when there’s no link. But one of my favorites recently was a comment that all of my other commenters seem to be brain dead. No, I’m not joking.

So, I’ve started Couch to 5K and 30 Day Shred this week. Kristi and Joy are keeping me accountable for 30 Day Shred and MJ is keeping me accountable for the C25K. Wanna join me??? I’m tired of carrying this extra 10 pounds around my gut. I lost most of the baby weight but then gained some of it back. Truthfully I haven’t been working very hard because part of me thinks there’s no point when I’ll just get fat again when pregnant. But…since I’m not pregnant yet I can’t continue to use this excuse.

Which brings me to another point which I’ve toyed about mentioning or not mentioning for a while. Yes, I thought I’d be pregnant by now. Is this something taboo to talk about? That I’m trying? Society (or parts of it) says No because what if it takes a long time or what if something happens? But what if something does happen? Or what if nothing happens? Then am I stuck in silence? And then I think that I shouldn’t air my laundry out here, but after having a miserable time through one miscarriage I’m of the general opinion that women should be more open so that we can help each other. But how do we start that dialog? Lisa shared this post with me and it’s been on my mind a lot lately.

At 7:00 am on October 31st, I was able to squeeze in one more pin…   They’re not the best looking but for 7 in the morning…whatever. :) And am I the only one who has trouble with melted chocolate? I need someone to show me how!  Even though they aren’t the most gourmet and I was too lazy to mess with photography to take a good picture, they received many compliments at work. I think that’s because most of the partakers aren’t on Pinterest.

I really really really want to write you guys up a wrap-up post, but dang ya’ll! There are 62 entries!!! Y’all rocked it this month and I know there were some others who participated but didn’t get a chance to blog it. You guys are seriously awesome.
Lastly, to appease your bookish appetites…  I have started listening to Bleak House. I’m going to have to re-read everything I’ve listened to, I’m sure. But Simon Vance does have a dreamy voice! I’m also about to start Fight Club for my work book club. I recently finished The Secret History which I did not like as much as I hoped (I know I know!!) and The Art Forger which was good but not as fantastic as some make it out to be. In a perfect world I would review all of these, but in a perfect world I also would have blogged about Europe three years ago (and now you’re all gasping at the fact that trip was so long ago).
Thank you for listening to my random rambles today.   What random rambles do you have to share?

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  1. Well first of all, mental blogging would be awesome! Think it and it posts? Fabulous idea! It would come in handy so often. Especially as I always have to go back through and check all my spelling and grammar. I’ve been thinking about trying the Couch to 5K app, you’ll have to let us know how it’s going. Perhaps you’ll convince me to try it finally. And your cookies are cute! I’m on pinterest a lot, but I still say yours are cute. Definitely much better than I’d be able to do I’m sure. :)

    Well after this lengthy comment, you can pretty well guess I’m a rambler myself. :)

  2. The snarky me is glad to hear someone else complain about those who enter giveaways and don’t follow simple instructions (leave your email). If I’m gonna give you a free book and pay shipping out of my own pocket, the least ya can do is follow the directions. Doh. And, if I ever don’t follow directions, well, then, I don’t need to win something either. There. I feel better.
    The chickpea is just about the most precious little ladybug evah :)

  3. That is one cute Ladybug!
    I agree that women should be more open about reproductive choices. When I try and talk about it people shut me off too. The thing is I feel uncomfortable knowing that any child I might have will have a 35 percent chance of having a mental illness and that just not somthing I am not sure I would want to do. But both topics seem to be taboo so I just keep to myself. Unless someone asks then I will be blunt but it is always followed by an awkward silence.

  4. I don’t know how a person would ever get used to driving the “wrong” way after doing it the “right” way for years! Scary!

    She is the cutest little ladybug ever :) I miss those days! My baby is 12 and doesn’t want to be cute anymore, lol. Now it’s all about dressing up as a zombie and running around with friends. Jerky kids ;)

    I’d love to hear more about the C25K..I need some inspiration. Ugh. A few months ago I was working my tail off and lost a boat load of weight. Then I hit a plateau/became discouraged. Boo!

    Air your laundry! This is your place to do just that. I’ll be crossing my fingers for you. Also, I’ll be coming on over to eat some of those yummy mummies. ;)

  5. Oh my goodness! This is the first pic where she looks more like a little girl than a baby. Adorable.

    And please post Ireland pics sooner rather than later. I had planned an Ireland trip a few years ago, and it never happened. I want to go so badly. PLEASE.

    Ok, as for trying/pregnancy/all that stuff, even though I’m not a mom, I’ve had lots of issues in that area (multiple surgeries for endometriosis and a ruptured cyst), and I think it’s ridiculous that anyone even has to think it’s taboo. I can understand wanting/needing privacy, but that’s a personal choice, not a societal dictum. I don’t know. If you need/want to talk, do it.

  6. Getting pregnant (or not) is a topic you should discuss if you want – no taboos. We were married 8 years before our first was
    born. You can find the whole long story on my blog under “Infertility”in topics list. Basically I spent years pretending I didn’t want kids to cover all the pain of not conceiving. Would have been so much easier to survive if I had people to talk to, especially other women who shared the experience. Praying you will have a second child as beautiful as the first on his/her wsy soon, but if not, feel free to share whatever you’re comfortable with and get support.

  7. The girl is growing so fast! She is just toooooooo cute. Love costume. And you mummy cakes/cookies are awesome. Good luck on the exercise programs. And well if you want to talk about being or trying to be pregnant, go for it!

  8. I know what you mean about being on the wrong side of the car. We were in the UK last year and I never got used to that feeling. I think your cookies (and precious Elle) are adorable!

  9. Adorable ladybug!

    I hear you on the lack of motivation to get in better shape when it’s likely to get “undone” in the future. I’ve used the same logic with myself about not putting it off, but so far I haven’t convinced myself to take action :-) I do own 30-Day Shred. I haven’t touched it in about 2.5 years…there’s just so many more enjoyable things to do with 20 minutes of my day :-)

  10. Mental blogging would be excellent. My site would be so much more happening!

    I’d been wondering about whether you were trying or if/when, etc. I’m still pretty conflicted on the subject, myself, which I hate (or maybe I just hate the reasons for that ambivalence).

  11. I think your mummies look fantastic, and I’m guessing they tasted even better. I may join you on the 30 day shred, I’m just not a runner.

    There are so many difficult topics that it is taboo to talk about. Like you, I don’t understand it at all. Why is it better to suffer in silence, thinking we are the only ones going through something? If you feel like sharing here, I think you should. If you decide not to, but still need someone to share with, I’m happy to volunteer.

  12. Mental blogging would surely be nice! :)

    I think trying to get pregnant is fine to talk about. I had a miscarriage between pregnancies, and even though it only took four months to get pregnant again after that – those were the longest four months of my life. There was so much personal fear that it was just never going to happen for us again, and thankfully I had a good friend and neighbor who had gone through a similar experience who I could talk to, because no one in my family really understood. It wasn’t as if they weren’t sympathetic, but I don’t think anyone who hasn’t been through it can understand to the full depths just what it’s like. (Oh, and my sister was pregnant at the same time – two months ahead of where I would have been, so it made things painful for us for a while.)


    Yeah, I don’t get the whole taboo on talking about such things, I really don’t. I have to say I never followed that 12-week rule. After battling infertility for 3 years, having tests upon tests, having surgery, and then finally getting pregnant–well, you better believe we told everyone first chance we got! Then, when we decided to have another kiddo and battled infertility again, had more surgery, and got pregnant after 2 years we told everyone again. Only to have to then tell everyone about the miscarriage. I gotta tell you, people sometimes just are not sympathetic. My sister-in-law got pregnant almost exactly the same time I had, and within days of losing Casey she called and was complaining about how exhausted she was from her pregnancy. Any idea how badly I felt like screaming at her, telling her that I was not exactly the person she should be complaining to and that I’d gladly take exhaustion and anything else over a dead baby?!! We got to meet their baby for the first time the day before Casey’s due date. As you can imagine, it wasn’t the joyous event for Rich and I as it might have been. Of course, many people are every bit as insensitive about infertility. But you know, I don’t think people mean to be, I really don’t. I think it all stems from what you brought up–that we don’t talk about these things. How is anyone to understand how painful it is when no one is allowed to share their experiences, you know.

    Okay, time for me to shut up now. But Trish, seriously, there’s no reason you have to talk about something you don’t want to and it is equally true that you don’t need to keep quiet about something you’d like to talk about. Hope you know that I’m always here to listen. Always.

  14. Trish, I don’t think it’s taboo to talk about trying to get pregnant. I think you should talk about it. Some of us – me included- sometimes take it for granted how easy it can be to get pregnant. Talk about it and educate! :-)

    Are those cake pops? They look so cute. I have a hard time with melted chocolate too. It’s easier to just pop it in the microwave.

  15. So what’s up with all the spam comments lately? I’m getting a ton. Not at all taboo to talk about trying to get pregnant – for me the issue was always miscarriages. Share whatever you’re comfortable with. Your little ladybug is the cutest!

  16. I think there absolutely needs to be more openness around reproductive issues. A family member with one child has been having trouble having a second and there have been miscarriages and doctor visits and all of that which, of course, they aren’t really sharing with everyone. But people are always saying things like “isn’t it time for X to have a sibling?” and stuff like that. It’s really insensitive but then again, if you’re not telling people that it isn’t on purpose, how are they to know? We always hear that Z needs a sibling but then I promptly reply that we’re all quite happy as is! And anyway, if I ever want a little girl, I’m just going to steal Elle. She’s the cutest! :) Halloween is one of those times I do regret not having a girl because the costumes are so dang adorable.

  17. Glad to see you back Trish and glad you enjoyed your time away!! The Chickpea looks adorable :) So so cute!! Enjoy your time with her before you go off to your work trip. We’ll all be here when you get back!!

  18. I kind of accidentally participated in Pin It Do It, which tells me that I should probably always sign up to do it cause there’s always going to be something AWESOME like cookie dough cupcakes (!) to make! So yeah.

    Those cookies look AWESOME, even if you did have chocolate melting issues (which you can’t really tell, just so you know!) My chocolate melting tip is to always use a microwave, and to melt the chocolate until there are just some teeny bits of solid chocolate left, and then you just stir them in and everything’s melty! Hope that helps.

    Elle is just the CUTEST, by the way. You probably know this already, but still, awwwwww :)

  19. Great article by Lisa and I totally agree! And no, no, no, you are TOTALLY not the only one who has trouble with melted chocolate. Everything affects it, from the temperature in the room to the temperature of your hands to the speed of processing! It’s very tricky!!!

  20. I absolutely think talking about pregnancy, miscarriage, and trying needs to be more prevalent. As you know, I had two miscarriages, and I am surprised by how uncomfortable other people get when I mention it. Like I should just completely ignore they happened.

    As for trying, sometimes it takes a day, sometimes years, but why should we be embarrassed about it either way, right?

  21. I absolutely agree with Trisha’s post, above. My first child was stillborn. Then we tried for a second living child when my older daughter was small, just as you’re doing. :) We weren’t able to conceive for a year, then the following year we had two miscarriages. (Later we had two more healthy children).

    I deliberately work against the code of silence people have built around these issues and I still — 15 years after my last miscarriage — refer openly to having been pregnant 6 times. It freaks people out a bit, but those pregnancies are still a part of me, if you know what I mean. (((Hugs))) Keep talking trying to conceive, even if it makes some people uncomfortable. I think it’s important for all of us, as women and mothers, to promote openness about these experiences.

    On another note, that little ladybug is just ridiculously stinking cute. :)

  22. 1. But I AM brain dead…your anonymous commenter has a valid point. ;-)
    2. Why shouldn’t you be able to talk about trying to get pregnant? Obviously, lots of people are doin’ it, otherwise the world would’ve ended long ago.
    3. Ireland pictures…bring ’em on!
    4. Elle. Gawd, that is one adorable child.

  23. I’m sorry that you’ve had a bad experience talking about trying to get pregnant. It shouldn’t be taboo, but for some reason most people don’t want to know what’s really happening in peoples lives. When someone asks “how are you doing?” We’re supposed to say I’m fine and move on. They don’t really want an honest answer. It’s sad, and not fair.

    I get tired of being asked if I’m having more kids. I’m not, and there is a health reason for that. I explained it to one friend once who had asked and she acted really uncomfortable about what I told her. I don’t want people’s pity, but I hide my health problem because most people act like it’s an affront to them if you tell them something sad. Whew! Sorry for the rant.

    I think your cookies turned out great, and Elle is adorable, as always. I love the costume. Looking forward to your Ireland pictures!

    And I still walk to the wrong side of the car sometimes and I’ve been here over 2 years. Once I’m in the car, I’m fine, but old habits die hard as they say. It definitely takes getting used to and now when I visit home, I feel weird on the other side. My family was making fun of me for riding the right line.

  24. Can’t wait to see your Ireland pics and hear about your trip! Also, I too struggled with getting the last 10 pounds off, and still had it when I got pregnant with Nolan. Now I’ve gotten all but 2-3 pounds off from that pregnancy, with 10 to go from Emily. Ugh.

    I’m sorry it’s taking longer than you hoped to get pregnant again. It’s frustrating to have so little control over something so huge and life-changing. Hope it happens soon for you!

    I think your cookies are REALLY cute!

    I think your rambling posts about anything and everything are my fav :)

  25. Debi is so right – as long as we don’t talk about certain subjects, we will never learn how to talk about them. I suppose that will probably also mean that we are going to have to give each other permission to say “I don’t want to talk about it right now,” “That really hurts me when you say that,” and “This is what I need from you now” (without feeling guilty about it.

    The cookies are adorable – how fun they would be for school parties. If schools were still allowed to have parties. And sweet treats. Argh.

    And talk about sweet – Elle looks absolutely adorable in her costume!

  26. Les

    I love your rambling posts! And I can’t wait to see your photos from Ireland. I’m still working on some from Hawaii… and Oregon… and Nashville. Sigh.

    Elle is an adorable ladybug! And her hair looks like it’s turning strawberry blonde. So sweet!

    I’ve been getting a lot of spam comments since I turned off the word verification, but I monitor the comments, so hopefully nothing is coming through on my blog either.

    I didn’t officially sign up for your Pinterest Challenge, but I’m happy to report that I’ve actually tried a few recipes and will post a wrap-up later this week. Unfortunately, none were winners. :(

    Excellent post by Lisa! I think it’s a tremendous help to be able to talk to your friends and family about your concerns about getting pregnant and have never understood the rationale behind waiting 12 weeks to share your news once you do conceive. Feel free to lean on us anytime you need to, Trish. That’s what friends are for.


  27. I agree with you about breaking taboos so that women can help each other more. Too many things that I found hard in life could have been a lot easier if they were easier to talk about.

  28. Soooo glad you’re back! I missed seeing your sweet, smiley face in my Twitter feed. And I am the queen of “no taboos” because if we write about the truth, it will resonate. Just sayin’.


  29. First of all, I wanna say I love your rambling posts, Trish! Some of them inspired me (honestly!) and not to mention allow me to think about things which I haven’t thought about in the first place! :-)

    As always, little Elle is adorable!! They grow up too fast, huh.

    And I don’t think it’s taboo to talk about the pregnancy issue, no matter if it’s a first timer or not. I think we should be more open (and tactful, of course) to discuss sensitive issues like that, but I suppose some simply just don’t know what to say or how to react when such issues are thrown at them. Nevertheless, just wanna let you know that I’ll be around should you need a listening ear. *hugs*

  30. Preganancy thing: up to you. I’m your friend and I’ll listen, but totally get the other issues that go along with it. But as they say, the more you “try” the less it happens, so just go with the flow and let life happen. Co-worker went through IVf and took tow times for it to work.

    Adult trip is awesome for you two, but of course you missed your baby! Is that an Irish sweater in that picture?

    Oh Fight Club…haven’t seen the movie in ages so I should read the book.

    Mummy cookies yummy!

    I’ve lost like 15 pounds but want to lose another 10. So I’ll help push you along…have you tried low carb meals. As if you’re diabetic? That worked for me.

    Alright chat with you later :)

  31. Where do I begin? I feel your pain when it comes to the pregnancy thing…and obviously there are so many of us out there that have gone through similar things. I lost a baby in between my oldest son and my daughter so I know how much it hurts. And how much what happened lingers in your memory when it comes to getting pregnant again. I’m going to echo those who have said to just let it happen and take it easy. But I’ll add in a few prayers for you too :)

    I’m back to working out as well. Some days it goes really well and others I struggle to find the time to fit a workout in. It would probably be easier if I was a morning person but alas I am not. Good luck with this! I will be cheering you on while trying to do it all myself too :)

  32. Trish, Elle gets cuter everytime we see her! I’m jealous of your adult Ireland trip. I can’t even imagine the freedom…but can imagine the worry of being so far away.
    I wish you a speedy pregnancy. Not that wishing makes it happen any faster, but it can’t hurt. I didn’t tell anyone I was pregnant the first time around, there was no time really, but I did share the miscarriage with the people I cared about after the fact and that’s when I realized how many women suffer the same thing. Now I don’t hesitate to bring it up if a friend is trying. I don’t want her to feel so alone if it happens and it happens so often. I had a friend who when I told her told me that it had happened to her. When I asked why she didn’t tell me she said that she thought she was supposed to forget about it. (she was here from another country and I felt like a terrible friend)