Who in the World Am I Reading With?

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This month’s Where in the World are you Reading is actually all about WHO you are reading with. Kelly is hosting and you still have a few days to submit your links, so join the fun! (think deadline to submit links is November 28th for the wrap-up on November 30th). If you’re new to Where in the World Are You Reading, it’s a monthly themed meme hosted by Lisa, Kelly, and myself. More details on the static page.

If you would have asked me two years ago who my reading companion was, I would have said MAGGIE! Oh how I miss Maggie. I never made mention of it on the blog because it was just too much at the time, but we had to put Maggie to sleep two Decembers ago when she was suffering from kidney failure. I had had her 10 years and I loved her so. If I was on the couch and needed someone to cuddle with I’d yell Maaaaaaaaaggie and she’d come running and jump up on my stomach. I miss her.

These days I’ve been trying to read more with Elle but she’s busy! Her idea of reading is pulling ALL the books out of her little bin and playing. I’m not going to lie…her floor looks like this everyday except the day that I pick up the books to vacuum. 

What? The Doggies are upside down? Also…it’s “dah-hee.” (She’ll run after Lexi, our lab, screaming DAH-HEE! DAH-HEE! I’ve tried explaining that her name is Lexi but I also know that Ls are tough for babes to pronounce.)

But as much as I try (which honestly isn’t often), I don’t get much reading done with Elle around. She’s way too interested in what mommy’s doing. So, after she’s gone to bed and all is quiet in the house…this is my real bookish companion: 

(yes that’s Mockingjay on my nightstand. yes I’m still only halfway through)

Do you have a favorite reading companion? Join the fun and check out the other links as well–there are some fun answers/pictures this month!  December will be all about your Holiday Reading Escape (hosted by Lisa).

Happy reading!

24 Responses to “Who in the World Am I Reading With?”

  1. Oh, Maggie was beautiful! So sorry you had to go through this :(
    Elle is adorable! My niece turned 2 today and I bought her books; she loves to look at books upside down, too, and makes us repeat again and again what’s on the pictures!
    My reading companion is our cat. He’s a cuddler and though he often gets in the way of the reading, it’s always good times.

  2. Oh little Maggie…bless her dear little heart. I love the picture of her with the Poppet…Mrs. Spoon? I like your new reading companion–looks perfect at the end of a long day! Emily’s room often looks similar with books strewn about. Emily LOVES reading books, and she even reads them to her brother or the cat these days-pretty funny and cute!

  3. I have to admit, my floor in my studio looks like Elle’s room. I keep meaning to pick up… I love a holiday reading challenge, but I’m still trying to catch up with my other “soon to end” challenges.

  4. Love all those books on the floor! Hopefully we’ll have that many books for Asa soon. He’s just started really enjoying it when we read it him, especially rhyming books. :D

  5. Oops, meant to also say: I don’t get much reading done when Asa’s awake, either. I mostly read in bed, way after he’s asleep. I wish I was modeling reading for him, but so far that’s mostly taking the form of reading on the computer, mail, etc.

  6. Maggie was a beautiful cat — I know you must still miss her.

    I love the tidbits about Elle (“da-hee!”) It makes me miss that stage so much. Maybe because enough time has passed that I’ve kinda forgotten about diapers and sleep deprivation? I don’t know.

    When my kids were little, they had book baskets like that and — yes — the books were always strewn on the floor. :-)

  7. So sad about Maggie! I don’t think we ever get over the loss of a fur baby!

    Elle is adorable! My kids loved their books too!

  8. Great pictures! I am so sorry you don’t have Maggie around to read with anymore. I enjoy having Casey for company. Sadly she doesn’t come on command all that well. She used to… I think she is going through a stage. :)

  9. Love the books all over the place picture! And we are still missing our kitty too, who we had to put down in Feb. also for kidney failure. :( But she was never much of a great reading companion… now and then, though.

  10. I miss getting to read to my kids. Even when they were grade school, we used to read chapter books together at night (Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, Huckleberry Finn). On the other hand, I don’t miss the “clear the bookshelves” stage at all!

  11. GAH, your little sweetheart — Elle gets cuter all the time! Sometimes my own floor looks like that, all scattered with books, and I’m definitely 27. So, you know. I understand and relate!

  12. I found myself reading with a glass of wine this weekend and thought “I should take a picture for my Where in the World post.” I then realized that there was no camera around and I never got up to get one…

    Elle is such a doll. I love seeing her pics. I also love seeing the books strewn about. Reminds me of when Monkey was that age and of what I have to look forward to this time around.

  13. Awwww, sorry to hear about your kitty. Maggie does look like a wonderful snuggling/reading companion. Greyson is at the magical age where he really doesn’t care if I’m around or not so I get lots more reading done than ever before. Although, I do admit I’d like a bit more attention from him now and again. :)

  14. PJ won’t say our kitty’s name either. He calls her “Gah-key”, or “Kitty”. But when we ask him about Presley, he knows we are talking about the cat.

    PJ loves his books, he’ll actually pick them up, open them (right-side up), then start “reading” the book in a gibberish, sing-songy voice. It’s adorable.