A Christmas Village – 2012 Virtual Advent Tour

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Three years ago I participated in my first Virtual Advent Tour. Virtual Advent is put together every December by Marg and Kelly as a way to spread the holiday cheer from around the world. Handfuls of bloggers participate every year and share their holiday traditions, recipes, memories, stories, and more. Definitely make sure you visit the Virtual Advent site for all of the goodness.

The very first year I participated, I showed you my and Scott’s dueling Christmas villages. If you haven’t been following since then the short story is I wanted Scott to share my new hobby and his response was that he would start his own village and make his better. Both are Department 56—his Christmas in the City and mine New England.

After three years I have finally conceded defeat and his Christmas in the City has taken over. The honest truth is that I love some of my pieces dearly (and so I’ve incorporated them into the display), but his are just down right cool. But the best part is that we can find a little bit of ourselves in all of the pieces—from a bookstore, candy shoppe, and bakery for me (and who am I kidding—Radio City Music Hall) to the Harley Davidson and Cadillac dealerships and Coke buildings for Scott.

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. I couldn’t get the entire village in one shot because I used my 50mm prime lens but you get the idea…   And yes, it’s the same platform as my Halloween Village.



 Three on the right are not Christmas in the City…but do you blame me? Adore!
 Also part of the New England Series. I’m still trying to figure out how to fit in my lighthouse!



It’s a pop-up book!!

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Life has been busy the past couple of weeks (I do want you to know that I have completed my Christmas shopping…and I’ve started A Christmas Carol), but if I can get things together it will be like Christmas threw up on the blog. I got lotsa ideas–just need the few minutes to post em.  :)  Happy Holidays!!!

Do you have any Christmas Decorations that you treasure?


36 Responses to “A Christmas Village – 2012 Virtual Advent Tour”

    • Joanna – It took me a couple of nights to put this together but mostly because I hadn’t put it up in three years and I was using a new platform. Next year it will be much easier because I’ll be able to reference pictures to set it up quickly. The hardest part is taking the pieces out of the boxes and putting them away. Honestly it’s a pain! ;)

  1. So beautiful! Thinking the same as Joanna, it must be difficult to make sure nothing tips over when you’re working on another part of it. We’ve bought a cute children’s train scene for the nephew, but it’s not got a patch on your village.

    • Charlie – The village sits on a large piece of plywood with a couple of sawhorses underneath so it’s pretty stable. The styrofoam then is on top of the plywood. I do have holes drilled through for cords but it would take quite a bit of weight coming from underneath to tip it over. Trains are so much fun! Wish I had room for one!

  2. Love, love, love it! And you’ll just have to pretend the New England village (including lighthouse) is Long Island (or across the water in Connecticut).

  3. So pretty! And tons of fun, I’m sure. I think we’ll eventually have a train for under the tree or some such, Paul has such fond memories of the one he had growing up. I love how, with a thing like this, Christmas really takes over your house. We’ve got our tree up, and stockings, and a few other touches, but it doesn’t really feel all that Christmas-i-fied, if you know what I mean. (I’m participating in the Advent tour for the first time this year.)

  4. Ti

    I love Christmas villages! There is a shop near me who dedicates an entire room to the village displays and my kids and I have a good time checking them out. I like to pretend I am tiny and I can fit inside. LOL.

    There is this one of a 60’s diner that I would love to have. It even has kids dancing inside to the jukebox!

    BYW…I am penciling you in the the Wind-Up read-along. Yay!

  5. So stinkin’ cute. And huge! I love the expansiveness of it and the little details really make it special. Good job!

  6. Oh, it’s so nice to see others still have Christmas villages! My grandfather still puts out an elaborate display each year, and my sister and I have been forming our own villages at the family home since we were kids. Now that my sis and I are both engaged, I’d imagine we’ll start buying pieces for our future tree to put out next year! :) It’s so much fun. And heck, just put out that lighthouse… ours is a total mish-mash of fun buildings with no real theme, haha!

  7. I love this. I don’t have a village or a train and have been pondering getting one. I think you may have convinced me to start collecting!

  8. I love these! When I was a little girl, my grandmother’s living room was filled with a tiny village. I used to love looking at it and imagining the ongoings of the village. What a great holiday addition :)

  9. So cool! How long does it take to get the whole thing set up? Do you try to buy a new piece for it every year? I wonder if Elle will want to play with it when she is a little older?

    • Laura – It took a few nights to set up the village but mostly because I had to do a lot of reconfiguring. I haven’t put it up in years!! And haven’t bought any pieces in years either. Many were gifts and others were ones we bought after the holidays on after-Christmas sales. Can’t beat the prices!!

  10. Wow, that is totally gorgeous. I’ve never heard of Department 56 and was so revved up to look them up that I almost forgot to leave a comment. LOL Love the details of those pieces!

  11. This is so fantastic, I love it! My dad has a village as well that he puts up right after Thanksgiving and it stays up until he feels like taking it down in like, February, LOL.

    Thanks for sharing it! :D

  12. I love looking at these villages. Each piece is so delicate and full of detail. It amazes me.
    My favorite Christmas piece is a Rudolph Reindeer piece I painted from scratch. It’s form AC Moore many years ago, and it’s just a wood cut out. I painted everything free hand following directions, and it was so hard!
    I will keep it forever.

  13. This is so awesome, Trish!! I REALLY want a Christmas village but we don’t have a good place to set one up. Not to mention a certain furball is a bit too curious at times… I keep saying I should at least start buying them, but I don’t seem to do that either…

  14. That village is so awesome, Trish! I want to come over and play with it! lol Really, it’s marvelous, like a store window. Well done to both of you!!

  15. I LOVE your collections! We don’t have a Christmas village, so I’m very glad you’ve shared yours and Scott’s. I’m looking around the condo right now, trying to figure out if we’d have room if I started collecting now :)

  16. Lisa

    This is beautiful! I have quite a large (and still growing) collection of Dept 56 New England and Christmas in the City pieces. I think they actually go quite well together if you kind of group them in different areas. The problem is I am so NOT creative when it comes to displays, so I need all the help I can get. Thanks so much for sharing your display!!

    • Thanks for your comment Lisa! If you can find large pieces of foam board and a hot wire tool, you can sculpt all sorts of landscapes. It’s been years since I created this platform (which I also use for my Halloween village), but a little spray paint, spray adhesive, and fine powder grass/snow really helped make a difference!