Bedtime is my Favorite

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Hold on…I don’t think this post is going where you think it will.
You’ve met my daughter. You know that she is one spunky kid who goes and goes and goes and goes. And then goes some more. For better or for worse I give her full reign as long as she’s not being destructive. So yesterday I was cleaning up the living room (which is the catch-all room where I have the computer, my books, and files) and as I was putting away papers she was emptying my desk drawers. All of them.
I don’t even bother keeping the pantry organized anymore.
And if I turn around for two seconds I’m likely to find something like this:
And while this particular picture is in focus, about 90% of the pictures I take (aka the ones you don’t see) are ones of Elle running away from me or in complete blur from the Non.Stop.Motion.
I have lots of favorite times with Elle. I love when she gets really silly and we both just die of laughter. The past month has been an absolute blast and I’m loving this stage with her. There is constant discovery and constant activity, but the key word is constant.
At bedtime, though, for a few minutes, everything stops. And this is why bedtime is my favorite. Elle isn’t a snuggler or a cuddler and refuses hugs and kisses and the general smothering that I’m apt to do. But at bedtime all bets are off and I can count on this to be the moment of the day when I can love on the babe as much as I’d like. 
Last night I held my friend’s newborn babe for the better part of an hour and the baby so peacefully slept in my arms. I couldn’t help think of my little monkey who earlier in the day had left the house in tornado condition. I arrived home just in time for bedtime and we got silly for several minutes but then I scooped her up, turned off the lights, headed to the glider and just rocked away. Bedtime is MY time with Elle.  It’s not always quiet (in fact last week Elle literally asked me for more tickles while we were rocking and that became my favorite moment in the history of favorite moments), but bedtime is still my time and sometimes I have to force myself to get off that glider and put her into her crib. 

It’s been an impossibly long time since Elle has actually fallen asleep in my arms (above at two weeks), but I’ll cherish those bedtime moments for as long as she allows me to have them. I’m hoping they’ll last for a long time to come.

What’s your favorite part of the day?

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  1. Bedtime is definitely a favorite for us too. Z gets all set and then I grab an extra pillow, prop it up next to his and slide under his blanket with him so that we can read together. It’s the time when he asks really interesting questions, where he listens quietly to the story until there’s a word he wants me to define.
    My other favorite time is when I go to wake him up in the morning. I just sit down at the end of his bed, whisper to him until he wakes up and then he pops up, turns and then flops back down with his head on my knee, still wrapped in his comforter. I can’t help but tousle his hair and get a little sad that it has to end at some point.

  2. I can’t speak as a mother, only as an aunt, but my favourite time is the morning. I suppose it’s okay for me because I don’t have to be looking after him all the time, but there have been occasions when he’s woken up, stood up, and clapped at us being there, it’s magical. After that it’s mayhem, so the quieter mornings are great.

  3. Bedtime when they are little is the perfect time. I use to love to read a special book and get all snuggly with the kids, and they of course some “me time” to look forward to afterward if I could stay awake to enjoy it:)

    Such a fun time at that age of discovery. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW…we have one cat who does the same thing with the toilet paper given the opportunity.

  4. That picture of her surrounded by toilet paper is hilarious! My youngest is 12 and I miss those little kid days…kinda ;) My favorite time of the day is probably bedtime too. Avery (my 12 year old) has never been a snuggler either. But at bedtime I can at least count on a kiss and a hug :)

  5. she is A.DORABLE!! Love that photo of her in the pantry! lol! My fav time of day is early in the morning doing my kitchen routine of dishes and making a latte. It’s so peaceful.

  6. My daughter always gave me a problem at bedtime, so it was never a quiet, peaceful affair in our house. But now it’s cute because even though she’s 12, she likes to put her head on my shoulder and just lounge right around bedtime. And if her father falls asleep in his recliner, she sneaks into bed with me. I enjoy that time, even if I do wake up with three or four stuffed animals under my back, lol.

  7. I love bedtime too. Shane doesn’t calm down until he actually lies down, so he fidgets the whole time we read stories and everything, but it’s still great.

    And wow, free reign? You’re an AMAZING mom!!! I would never have the patience for that!

  8. She’s so adorable.

    My favorite time of the day? I don’t know. Dinnter time, when we all actually sit down together. Evening, when I get to read in bed all by myself, without even the dog. The couple afternoons when the dog and I meet Amber at the bus stop and walk home with her. Hard to pick.

  9. Look at little tiny Elle! Such a sweet picture! You are a much more laid back mama than I am–it would not fly in my house to unroll the toilet paper or mess up the pantry! To make me sound like a worse mother, I would say bedtime is my favorite time of day too, but because it means I can have a few hours kid-free before I go to bed. :) But I do like the snuggles and book-reading before bed with Emily. She still likes to rock and she’s 2.5!

  10. Ooooh I completely understand this post!! I used to rock my son to sleep every single night, probably until he was about a year old. Now, it’s read a book and then he wants to hop right in the crib. But the other night his nose was stuffy, so at 2am I scooped him up and rocked him for about 45 minutes. I didn’t even care that I was tired the next day–it was worth it!!

  11. Ti

    My son was not a cuddler. I was told that the doctor that he was so skinny and angular that it wasn’t comfortable for him! The my daughter came along, the little chunk. She WAS a cuddler. I think he was right.

  12. I loved this post! My kids are always getting into something especially my youngest two. I love the fact that they are really close to each other but man get they cause some chaos together :) In fact, I usually can guess when they are up to something because the house gets just a bit too quiet. My favorite time is at night as well when they fall asleep one by one. I treasure the time when they allow me to cuddle with them and the quiet when they are all in bed :)

  13. Oh Trish…these posts just kill me. In a good way. So damn sweet. And make me want to be a daddy so bad. She’s just so precious!!

  14. Such wonderful memories, you are creating! I love snuggle time with Mouse. Bedtimes are a fight for us, so not usually my favorite time. I love mornings though: Mouse’s good morning kisses and smile.

  15. Getting home from work. PJ has been waiting for me to get home so we can chase each other around and wrestle. Also, any moments when I get to spend a few hours hanging out with PJ. Just the two of us.

    I had Monday off and Steph had a dentist appt so I watched PJ for a few hours. We played cars, we chased each other, we wrestled, we watched Charlie Brown Christmas and Prep & Landing. Around lunch time I told him it’s time to go meet Mommy and Kappy (grandma) at the mall to get a pic with Santa. In response shook his head and said, “Stay with Daddy”.

    What else do I say to that? That’s why I can’t imagine not being a dad.


  16. What a sweet post, Trish! It’s a nice thing to have a blog just to have these posts to look back on when they get older… :)

    It’s funny… I also have toilet paper everywhere, food knocked down, and instead of paper, cardboard everywhere, and I don’t even have a kid… (hm, someone, who is currently sleeping peacefully, just seemed to figure out I was talking about her…)

  17. What a lovely, wonderful post, Trish! I loved, loved going to bed time – even when they were not in cribs any more, I laid down with all 3 of my kids until they were 8 or so for a while when they went to bed. I sang to them, we talked one on one, I had special kissing routines for each of them. It kind of broke my heart each time one of them outgrew it.

    I’d forgotten how dark Elle’s hair used to be!

  18. This gave me chills. You wrote it so beautifully, and I feel the same with my daughter who never ever stops: when she calms down, and all there’s left is all the love and tenderness, in that magical time of the day.

  19. Thank you all for your sweet sweet comments. I guess I should have clarified “free reign” a bit more because you guys went all wacko when I mentioned that. ;) I guess all is within reason but if Elle wants to take all of the plastic cups out of the cupboard? Fine…go for it. The toilet paper thing I do not encourage–the picture is actually several months old. Like I said–I discourage destruction. Ha!!

    I love hearing about all of your favorite routines–either personally or with your kids. Sometimes we all just need to stop and take it in, right?

  20. I just read your 19 month update and couldn’t help but laugh because she sounds so much like my little guy. He doesn’t cuddle either except at night. Or sometimes he’ll run up and give me a hug. So jealous she says yes! My guy has no down pat and has no interest in saying yes. Everything is no. I have a problem with him flinging food. The other day he got applesauce all over our dog. Good to know other mamas have very few non-blurry photos too!

  21. My favorite part of the day is when I get Greyson home in the evenings. We have dinner and we play and we chill out and watch a movie, usually. He likes to snuggle and give hugs, and will eventually fall asleep on a pallet in the floor before I plunk him (I try to be gentle, but he’s heavy) down in his crib.

    Elle is such a cutie. Cherish those bedtime moments. :)