Elle Right Now. Nineteenish Months

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Ok so I’m a few days late on 19 months and skipped 18 completely. We are at a point where while Elle is constantly developing and changing it doesn’t feel as new. It’s just more. The same as her 17 month update but more. More of the laughter, more of the tantrums, more of the curiosity, more of the snuggles, more of the talking, more more more. But, the act of writing these things down is important to me and I definitely don’t want to drop the habit.

Elle is so incredibly observant and spots everything and anything–trash on the ground to a tiny airplane in the sky (airpay). She knows the moon and the sun and laughed when I pointed out cows the other day. Moo she said.

She isn’t terribly interested in sitting through books but sometimes will indulge me if I ask her to point out things for me. She was thrilled when I pulled down the pop-up books, though. I keep them on the top shelf in her closet so they don’t get destroyed. She’s good about patiently looking and not touching, but we both excitedly say WHOA when I flip the page. Winter’s Tale is a favorite right now.

We had so much fun on Halloween trick-or-treating with Elle’s cousin Emma (age 3.5). They held hands upon request and when Elle got to the door she just looked up at the folks with complete wonder…until she realized that if she held out her hand she would receive a treat.

I’ve become my mother who must know how she can’t like something if she doesn’t taste it. This is so frustrating! So, still lots of pasta (unless there’s offending spinach), fruits, some veggies, and ham. Maybe turkey. Definitely not chicken or beef. I’m not sure whose child this is. Her absolute favorite? Cheese. She asks for it all.the.time. When she says cheese it also sounds a lot like please so this can be confusing.

As her vocabulary increases, so does the ability to always understand what she means. Open and Help and Apple sound the same (eppa) and Up means both up and down. Dah-hee means doggie and daddy–you can see how that would be confusing! And we haven’t figured out what mamamamama really means because it definitely doesn’t always mean ME.

I feel so lucky that Elle is such a great sleeper during the nighttime. There have only been a very very very few times when I’ve put her in bed and she’s cried or fussed. When it’s bedtime I sometimes read her a story or sing her some songs while I give her some milk (she’ll tell me “all done” and push the bottle away when she doesn’t want anymore) and put her in her crib and walk away. It’s magic. Sometimes naps are as easy but not always. Most times she’ll fuss for a minute or two and then finally settle down for two and a half hours. Sometimes shorter but sometimes longer.

Elle is now using yes (or yah) and no when we ask her questions which means that I really need to stop asking her questions that I don’t want to hear no. “Can you eat your green beans?” “No!” But I love when she nods her little head or she excitedly says Ya! And I have to admit it’s pretty cute when she says no, even if it’s normally not the answer I was looking for. This week it seems she’s forgotten what yes means as every answer is no. I’ll say “yes?” and she’ll say Ya!

Throws food on the floor when she’s mad. This also makes me mad. It’s no good for either of us and I’m not sure what to do.

Loves baths, especially pouring water on herself, doing flips, and playing with her toys. Many times I end up as soaking wet as she does.

Is most ticklish under her armpit. I especially love the right one.

Feeds herself well with a spoon and fork but still makes quite the mess.

Loves dogs. She’ll chase Lexi around the backyard (or house) screaming Da-hee! Da-hee! Lexi is so great about letting Elle pull her tail and ears.

Actually lets me snuggle with her sometimes. I adore this of course.

I have major hair envy of this little gal. The curls in the back are my favorite.

Doesn’t sit still for a second.

And is silly and so much fun. For all of the moments where she is beginning to test me (although I have to say that there have been less tantrums in public), there are so many more moments of pure joy. The past couple of months have been bittersweet because I’m realizing that my baby isn’t a baby anymore. She’s a little girl. But, she still lets me rock her before bed and sing her songs and nibble on her toes and I’ll take what I can get while the taking’s good.

The other day while we were driving home in the afternoon I was singing her the chickpea banana song and she just died laughing. I love that.

36 Responses to “Elle Right Now. Nineteenish Months”

  1. I just love these updates and the photos that go with them… it’ll keep me smiling for the rest of the day!

  2. She is seriously adorable. I love reading these updates and wish I’d written more about Greyson along the way. :) Luckily, I have lots of video to watch. We did pretty good on that front.

  3. Elle is absolutely beautiful!! I love that you’re keeping a record of the different ages and stages on your blog. You’ll not only have it to look back on for years to come but we get to see her grow too!

  4. She is so cute! My kids were never great at sitting through books either. That will change. Baths were always the best part of our nightly routine. Glad Elle enjoys hers.

  5. CJ

    I absolutely adore your updates. Elle is such a cutie and your updates always bring a smile to my face in part because they make me remember when my nieces were little. That, my dear, is a blessing. For example, Teresa always called cows ‘moos’. She knew they were cows but if you asked ‘What’s that?” her answer would be “Moo.” And it would be “There’s a moo.” when we were driving down a road and she saw them.

    It’s clear she’s a happy, loving, normal little girl which means you’re doing a bang-up job!


  6. Prettier and prettier. I love your sweet observations – and your hair envy. :)

    And man, I wish I could have a 2.5 hour nap each day. The world would be a better place.

  7. Nan

    Oh, I loved this. You are so wise to write these reports because they change so fast that it is hard to remember later just when a certain thing was going on.
    Do you pronounce her name ‘Ell’ or ‘Ellie’

  8. Ahhhh thank you guys. I’d love to one day have these posts published into a little book as a keepsake.

    And Nan–to answer your question, we pronounce her name like the letter L. We don’t often call her Ellie unless it is followed by something like P Jellie or Belly Boop. :)

  9. I love her little Farrah flip-out hair style. She is soooo adorable, and I’m SO EXCITED to spend time with her over Christmas!!!! Love you!

  10. She is SO cute! You know, Shane threw food on the floor (and across the room etc) a lot and I would get crazy angry but it wouldn’t help. Eventually he just grew out of it. All you do is tell her it’s wrong, we don’t do that and hope the phase passes quickly.

    I love it when they die laughing. That’s the best thing ever.

  11. She is SO utterly adorable! Love this post. I had lunch with my daughter today (she’s almost 19) and I could still see so much of my little girl in her – that never, ever changes. It just keeps getting better and better, Trish! Thanks so much for sharing your updates.

  12. Les

    Wonderful, wonderful photos and anecdotes, Trish. She is such a sweet, adorable little girl. And she sounds like my kiddo who didn’t like any kind of meat (chicken, beef, pork, etc.). Still isn’t much of a fan, but she loves mussels, sushi, scallops, etc. ;) Thanks so much for sharing your little girl with us. She has a beautiful smile that makes my heart sing.

  13. I’m so glad you are keeping up recording these wonderful times, it’s a pleasure to be part of this. Thank You so much.

  14. I just can’t get over how big she is getting! I’ve always loved these posts that you do for her…I’m sure that one day she will cherish them as well :)