Where in the World? Holiday Reading Escape

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This month’s Where in the World Are You Reading theme is Holiday Reading Escape. You see, Kelly, Lisa, and I brainstormed these topics months ago and I kind of think that Lisa was living in a romantic fantasy lala-land when she picked Reading Escape for this month’s theme. (I can say this because she knows that I dearly love her). I don’t know about you, but I just realized that today is the 13th, I haven’t done a stitch of holiday shopping (by not a stitch I literally mean none), I’ve barely gotten the house decorated, and I haven’t baked one damn cookie yet.

Tis the Season!
I’m afraid it’s not going to get any better either. Office party is today, Christmas shopping must happen on Saturday (or else), Sunday is our Annual Bake Day, next week my sister comes home!, and then it’s Christmas. You know, with a few days sprinkled in here and there. But if I have free time lying around, it’s going to working off all the goodies I’ve been eating at work.  Doesn’t sound very relaxing, huh?
I was lamenting the fact that I didn’t have any material for this post considering I probably won’t allow myself any time for a Holiday Reading Escape when I received an email from Audible with the daily deals—Christmas books! And what was included? A Christmas Carol narrated by Tim Curry! The audio is only three plus hours and I was able to find an illustrated copy of the book for my Kindle (it’s just the free version from Amazon).

Edited: Beth of Too Fond drew my attention to Dickens in December–including a readalong of A Christmas Carol. You should check it out, too!!

Why yes the village is up! I’ll give you full view next Tuesday for Advent.
And now I have plans for what to read for my Holiday Reading Escape. The location will probably be my bedroom in the evenings and now I just need to work on the beverage. I’m thinking this Junior Mint Hot Chocolate. Doesn’t that look to die for?

Who wants to give me three hours for my Holiday Reading Escape?
Lisa asks: “what does your Christmas Reading Escape look like? Do you enjoy Christmas themed books? Are you already sick of the Christmas spirit? (If you are, you probably haven’t read this far down this post!)  Do you enjoy a nice glass of spiked egg nog with your books? Post about it, and then link up!”

Please tell me you’ve got some holiday reading planned? And note that you do not have to read anything holiday related this month for the meme! Think of it more about escaping the insanity of the holidays to get a little quiet reading in. Sounds nice, doesn’t it??

12 Responses to “Where in the World? Holiday Reading Escape”

  1. I’ve still a lot of people I’ve no clue what gifts to buy for. I’m thinking most of my December reading will take place over Christmas itself while we’re all too stuffed to do anything, and I plan to read A Christmas Carol too. Reading a short book (and the hot chocolate looks great!) is a good idea.

  2. We’re reading Wally Lamb’s WISHIN’ AND HOPIN’ for #TuesBookTalk (a holiday-themed book), and it’s really good so far. It’s pretty humorous.

    I haven’t done one bit of Christmas shopping, either, but we finally got our tree yesterday. We are going with potted trees (that we can plant afterwards) from now on, so we have to get them earlier than we would get a cut tree. They seem to be sold out faster.

  3. I don’t stress myself out with lots of holiday shopping. We buy more of a giftcards, but there are a few smaller gifts I still need to figure out. Fortunately we are off work (Christmas break 12/22 – 1/2/2013) so I hope to relax, go to movies and read that week.

  4. The junior mint hot chocolate looks fantastic – and I unfortunately have no holiday reading escape as everywhere is packed including my house! I have the holiday spirit in over-abundance and so sometimes it seems like a lot of work – stringing a thousand lights on the tree in the front yard – decorating every room & all that.

  5. Holy cats does that hot chocolate look GOOD! Yum.

    If I had 3 hours to spare I’d give them to you Trish! I lucked out on the baking this year. My mom and sister got together to do it all when I wasn’t available. This girl gets to show up and just nom nom nom. ;)

  6. Ti

    A Christmas Carol was added to my Kindle three Christmases ago and it still hasn’t been read! I need to listen to it on audio. I think I’d enjoy it more.

    That drink looks absolutely sinful! Which translates to delish.

    I am nearly done with shopping only because I ran out of money. My family and a couple of close friends take an annual Christmas light tour piled into my van and each year, the cookie requests come in. Last year I made these giant molasses cookies and this year, I forgot what they asked for. It’s hard to bake when you are gluten free and can’t eat any of it.

  7. I all ready have my scene in my head. We are also posting on the Virtual Advent blog, though, so I need to think of a second option… Maybe Popper the Poppet? (haha, so random if you don’t follow me on Instagram, I know!)

    Great picture, though. I LOVE A Christmas Carol! I have this really nice hardcover edition that my mother got me for Christmas one year. It also includes his two other Christmas novels… hm, now I want to go dig around in my books and read them! Maybe I don’t have my escape entirely figured out… (I really should use audible, but I am worried I won’t actually listen…)

  8. I’m planning to read A Christmas Carol, too. Can I ask where you found an illustrated e-book? I never know which version to pick as you can’t really see the differences to compare them…

    • Beth – I downloaded the free version of A Christmas Carol from Amazon. Since I bought the audiobook without using a credit I decided to go with the basic e-book.

  9. Bahaha, not one damn cookie. My OCD craziness means I’m done with Christmas shopping, but things are still crazy at my house. I’m also headed to my work Christmas party tonight. Also, I meant to get my post up for this month’s Where in the World already, but I just realized the month is half over (when did that happen?!?!) and I haven’t even written it yet. Boo.

  10. I haven’t gotten much reading done this month myself. But I have two long days of flying coming up soon, so I’m planning to get several books read then. Airplanes and my Kindle make great companions. :) Perhaps I’ll join you with a post after my trip. Are we allowed to link up late? If not, no biggie. :)

  11. I hit absolutely crazy this morning. SO much to get done THIS WEEKEND. Much of what has to be done early enough to be completely dry in order to put in the mail on Monday. Worst part is that I’ve been steadily working on this stuff all week and I’m still out of time.