Resolving to E-Read – Sunday Salon 68

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Sunday Salon? Sunday Salon! I didn’t realize I haven’t posted  a Sunday Salon post since August?! Oops.

A little over six months ago I mentioned to y’all that I was the new owner of a fancy dancy e-reader. By the end of last year I had read four and a half books but all of these were free classics or borrowed—I was still driving all over town looking for books and if I couldn’t find them in the store I ordered the paper copies online. Considering some of the longer titles I’ve been reading lately, this seems silly doesn’t it? Who wants to carry around a 1,000 page hardback copy of The Stand in her purse?

The breaking point came on Christmas Day when I opened up my only bookish gift—the most gigantic paperback copy of a book ever: 11/22/63. Yes I asked for it but no I had no idea it was going to be so freaking big! My mom was reading the book on her iPad and my sister emailed me to tell me she got the Kindle version for $3.99. I was immediately jealous of their light copies and continued to look menacingly at my own brick of a book. I wrestled and wrestled with the decision and finally broke down and bought the Kindle version. After reading Bleak House I just didn’t think I could wrangle another 800+ page tome, especially when trying to read in bed.

And boy was it glorious to read this book in electronic version. It weighed nothing in my purse. I could read it in any position in bed or on the couch. I could sit it down while I was eating and not worry about the pages fanning. I could easily hold it up and flip the pages with one finger while I was working on out on the recumbent bike. Never for a second did I regret not reading that almost 900 page beast.

So–while I don’t really like making resolutions (because everyone breaks them by February anyway), I am going to go publicly announce that I am going to resolve to do more e-reading in 2013. Of course if I have the book on my shelf then I’ll go that way (yes, already planning on reading the chunksters Vanity Fair and Wind-Up Bird Chronicle), but if I read a book that I don’t already have on my shelf, I’m going to opt for the electronic version. Luckily my library has an increasingly large selection of e-books as well!

And while there are probably still some books that I’ll rather purchase to keep on my shelf–there’s always an exception to every resolution–I’m going to put that Kindle of mine to good use this year!

Do you have an e-reader? Do you forget about it like I do mine or do you read from it rather religiously? Are there some books that you still prefer to have in paper?

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

51 Responses to “Resolving to E-Read – Sunday Salon 68”

  1. I don’t have an ereader but have been considering one solely to read these chunksters. I prefer paper books but it’s so much easier to carry a 800 page book around on an ereader.

  2. Does that scale say 26 pounds?! Gracious! No wonder you wanted the kindle version! I also have a kindle. It fits in my purse, so I have it with me all the time and whenever I feel like it, I whip it out and read til I have to stop. I especially love it for when I’m on lunch at work. Also for traveling! My family all live out of state so I fly a lot, and let me tell you that it is AWESOME to have 100 books with me without having to find space for them all in my suitcase. :D I still read and buy plenty of ‘real’ books though. There’s just nothing like having a pretty cover to look at and I like holding a book in my hands. So I’m a big fan of both paperbacks and e-readers. And I do have both versions of some of my favorite books. But I usually only buy a second copy when it’s on sale. :)

  3. Since getting my e-reader about a year ago, I’ve noticed that I now have very little tolerance for heavy books, and I end up putting off reading them if it means I have to haul them around. E-reading makes it so much easier! I also almost always take an e-book to bed because I can hold and see it better (mine is a back-lit reader, which is great for my bad middle-aged eyes).

    I’ve actually started making a conscious effort to read more paper books, as I seem to have gone completely in the other direction.

  4. Ever since getting my nook a year a ago I have noticed that I prefer it over actual books. For one thing I never run out of books to read on my nook and can take it everywhere. Like others mentioned I can take it to bed and eat without having to worry about my place getting lost.

  5. I constantly forget about my nook, lol. Mostly because I have so many paper books and am ways buying more, but I always really enjoy ebooks for the reasons you mentioned! I’m trying to read Far From The Tree right now and including its notes it’s about 1000 pages and its so annoying!! Lol

  6. I have a couple eReaders that I NEVER use! Part of it is that I forget about the books there and the other part is I don’t seem to enjoy the books the same way.

  7. I don’t have an ereader. If I did, maybe I wouldn’t have stood at the bookstore yesterday going back and forth between the hardcover and the paperback of a 1500 page book (Count of Monte Cristo) — I ended up not buying either because I think I might want the durability of the hardcover, but it’s so expensive! And they’re both so very heavy. I’ve always said that chunksters and traveling would be the reasons I’d most appreciate an ereader. :-/

  8. I have a Kindle and LOVE IT. I do love to have a paper book in my hand, but sometimes I prefer my kindle. I just forget to charge it, LOL.

  9. I have a Kindle, and I use it about 50% of the time. Interestingly, I’d rather read the big books in paper form, and read smaller books on the Kindle. I love fat books. :)

  10. Great post and I love that picture! I thought I was crazy for considering re-purchasing chunkster books for my e-reader just so that I didn’t have to hold up a five pound “real” book. Thanks for letting me know others are in the same boat ;)

  11. I have a Nook and sometimes I forget I own it, while other times I read everything on it. When it comes to fictional chunksters, I have to read them on my Nook. The wrist pain isn’t worth it. But I do read non-fiction chunksters in print, since I take a lot of notes.

  12. Do you have an e-reader? Yes. Actually a Kindle, a Nook and a Nexus. Do you forget about it like I do mine or do you read from it rather religiously? Never forget about them. Not religiously, but definitely close. Are there some books that you still prefer to have in paper? Thinking there might be some, with graphic novels, but not sure yet.

  13. I read on my iPad, but this has been detrimental to my reading. I find that instead of books I’m reading blogs and email – with a real book in hand I get more reading done. That being said, the pad is much more convenient for reading with children. I can read late without a light, while nursing, while busy with other stuff, and the bookmarks don’t get lost, the kids don’t spill food on my ‘book’ and I can easily take it with anywhere.

  14. I have a Kindle (I named him Kinny)that I use mainly for when I leave the house. You never know when you’re going to be sitting, waiting, and it’s a whole lot easier to carry Kinny around than it is a book. I also love it because my wrist used to get really sore from reading a heavy book in bed. And, no more bookmarks that fall etc. Still, I plan on using it more in 2013 too.

  15. I was resistant to the idea of e-books for a long time, but they are more inexpensive and easier on my middle-aged eyes. :-) I just bought a relatively expensive Kindle so I don’t have to keep reading e-books for Kindle on my PC. :-)

  16. I’m always forgetting to get my Kindle out, even though I have several titles on it that I both want to read, and need to read.

    It’s great for waiting rooms, but I haven’t had any appointments lately. ;-)

  17. I’m bad too, I’ve only read 2 books on my e reader. I need to do more, I just find that the cost of e books is not that much different from the hard copy, but I need to learn to use it more too.

  18. I don’t have an ereader but would love to have one, especially for the large books. Plus there are so many free books for the kindle and my library has a great selection that I would get faster than the paper copies. ;-)


  19. Ti

    I use my Kindle for galleys and library books primarily but I tend to read much faster on them as it’s super easy to flip through pages quickly. I also like not having to have two hands free to read. I tend to eat my lunch with one hand and flipping pages with my other.

  20. My husband bought me my first Kindle for Christmas. I am having a lot of fun with it! I’ve read at least 5 free novels from Amazon so far this month, and I certainly haven’t read 5 books in print in a period of 3 weeks in a long, long time. It has also reacquainted me with current trends in fiction since I’ve been stuck in nineteenth-century English literature for the past seven years! But, I LOVE that my Victorian novels are all free on the Kindle since they’re public domain now. I hope I won’t forget about my Kindle once the newness wears off–I love it!

  21. rhonda

    I have a kindle fire so I use it all the time.I still mix book reading with ebook reading.I also will mostly read heavy books om my kindle.I don’t like lugging them around and saves space On my bookshelves.

  22. I am the worst with my ereader… But then, I am the worst with reading in general! I have read a fair bit on it, but I tend to forget about it most of the time…

  23. I have a nook and I absolutely LOVE it :D I switch it up though….I read some things on there and some things I like the physical copies. Like you, I’d MUCH rather chunksters in ereader form…I like magazines on the ereader…stories I don’t want to pay $30 for I’ll buy on the ereader….if I want to read with the lights off in bed I’ll use the ereader. It all just depends. I love having the option though :)

  24. Well you already know I e-read, but I have gotten to the point that I pretty much insist that big honkers be digital copies. Case in point: all the Outlander novels! Although, lately, I have been craving paper books.

  25. Great post and great pic! I love my Kindle, but I probably use the Kindle app on my iPhone even more than I use the actual Kindle – it’s convenient as my iPhone is backlit and I always have it with me, so I can pull it out anywhere. If I wake up in the middle of the night and need to read before falling back to sleep, I can use my phone without waking my husband by turning on the light or getting out of bed. I think the Kindle app is amazing; I love that it doesn’t matter what device I read on, I can pick up whichever is closest to me at the time and it will sync to the furthest location read and save my highlights and notes etc.

    I probably buy more e-books at the moment than hard copy books, but only because they are cheaper and buying them is so convenient as Amazon is with me everywhere… plus some of the books I have looked for lately are out of print but available as e-books. I generally prefer to read genre fiction such as chick lit as e-books and more substantial books in hard copy. This is because I like to keep the hard copy books of reads I have greatly enjoyed; if I read a book on my Kindle that I absolutely love, I will buy a hard copy version too so that I can sit it on my bookshelf and pick it up and flip through it whenever I want to. But I’m weird that way -if I really, REALLY love a book I might even buy a different edition of it when I see it in print while I’m traveling, even if I already own a hard copy at home; I guess I’m a bit of a collector.

    But nothing beats an e-reader when you’re struggling with huge books. I need a hard copy book to fit in my handbag otherwise it’s not coming out with me! I am planning to read Infinite Jest and some of Proust this year, and even though I already have hard copy versions of both I have bought the e-books because I know they won’t get read if I need to lug them around with me!

  26. I have a Sony Reader and a Kindle Touch, but honestly, the only reason I have them is because I won them (the Sony almost 4 years ago and the Kindle last year). Expensive electronic devices have not really been in the budget in the past…well, for many years. Anyway, I am just like you. I forget it’s there quite a bit, but that doesn’t stop me from mindlessly obtaining free books from Amazon (I’ve slowed down a bit because it’s getting full). Over the past year, I’ve really only read review books on it and I have listened to a couple of audio books. I joined the eBook reading challenge this year so I can start reading some of those free titles I’ve “purchased”. Poor Anne (yes, I named my Kindle after Anne Rice) is feeling neglected and Koobe (my Sony) isn’t even speaking to me. LOL!

    • Obtaining review copies for the Kindle is great. Has definitely cut down on all the books taking up residence on my shelves, and I’m pretty much using it exclusively for review copies myself!

  27. I have a Kindle, but haven’t fully accepted the e-book as a reading method yet. I’m one of those stubborn holdouts who still prefers paper ! Not sure what my deal is – I have read many books on my Kindle and enjoyed them. I think it has something to do with not being able to put the finished book on my physical bookshelves. I can always do both – buy a physical copy and an e-reader copy. Decisions, decisions! I fully support your proposal, however, and wish you the best on your e-book endeavor!

  28. Les

    Ha! I love that photo! :) I, personally, do not own an e-reader, but my husband does. He has a Nook Simple Touch that I gave him a year ago Christmas. He has owned a Kindle, Nook, as well as a tablet and an iPad. He prefers to read on the iPad, so the Simple Touch is in a drawer with a dead battery. I should probably use it, but I have so many books on my shelves, thanks to all the comp copies I’ve received over the years, as well as ARCs and books I’ve purchased. I’m really trying to focus on those books before buying anything new. That said, I think I’ll use the Simple Touch for chunksters such as 11/22/63. I have the ARC of Justin Cronin’s The Twelve (and an audio download on my Nano), but that’s another that would do well to read on the Simple Touch. Especially now that I’ve made a plan to get on the treadmill after work NO MATTER WHAT!

  29. I received my first e-reader — a Kindle Paperwhite — from my parents for Christmas… and I’m definitely loving it! I was a hold-out, I’ll admit, because I own so many physical copies of books. I was worried I’d forget about my “real” novels and become obsessed with reading on a device, but so far I’ve done well!

    My reading has been split pretty fifty-fifty between physical books and e-books in the last month, and the biggest advantage is — as you so beautifully illustrate — how lightweight it is. I tend to read bigger books, too, and not having to lug those hardcovers around in my already-ridiculously-heavy purse is awesome. I won’t ever give up my “real” books completely, but having the option to e-read has been great.

  30. I forget about mine all the time. I usually tend to do bookclub books on my iPad, though but most of the titles I’ve downloaded, if I didn’t do so specifically to start reading right then and there, I just never go back to.

  31. I have a love and hate affair with my Kindle. Don’t like its looks, and I need the feeling of paper, but I just love how useful it is, and the fact that I can bring it everywhere and read heavy books in a light way.
    Also much easier to read next to a sleeping baby with a Kindle, or when you have only one free hand!

  32. Okay, you are officially an enabler. I had no idea I could pick up that book for $3.99. I’ve been saying I’m going to read and listen to it. Now I have to because I just bought it! I don’t read nearly enough on my Kindle.I used it a lot while I was nursing as it was easier to hold, but I got away from it. Here’s to more e reading!

  33. Ever since I got my new phone, a Galaxy S3, I’ve found that I rarely use my ereader anymore, because I just read it all on my phone. All my ebooks are with me all the time and it’s especially handy when I’m on a crowded subway train and I don’t want to be that obnoxious girl with a book. I mean, I’m often that girl, but now with my phone, I just read my current ebook. It’s nice! The screen on this phone is big enough and it’s even smaller and lighter than my Kindle. Plus, it’s one less thing I have to rmember in the morning.

  34. I think you should have also asked, “Do you collect or hoard books?” I borrow 99% of mine from the library or get them at netgalley. I only buy the occasional paper copy of books at the thrift store. So I’m completely ok with mine being e-books because I don’t have pretty shelves full of books anyway. I DID, before we moved, but I got rid of a lot and the rest are still in storage, and I just don’t miss them. I have one small set of shelves that I unpacked, but I’m not even sure I’ll unpack those when we move again. So, if I were buying books, I’d always opt for the e-book.

  35. I was a major hold-out on the whole e-reading thing, but I finally gave in and let my parents get me a Kindle for Christmas. I’ll never give up paper, but as it turns out, reading off a screen (more than I already do) doesn’t bother me like I thought it would. At the moment, I’m mostly using it for continued book hoarding (but hey, they take up less space), but I’m kind of excited at the prospect of all the chunksters I can easily tote to work to read on my lunch break now. It’s definitely going to be great for huge books and for traveling, too, I think. I might just be won over…sort of. ;-)

  36. I love my reader because of how much room it saves and how light it is in my purse. If you keep reading those Stephen King novels, I can see why you had to convert. They are whoppers.

  37. I got a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas and am loving it! I thought I would only use it for classics, but over vacation I started reading a hardcover copy of Fall of Giants I found lying around the condo. It’s 1000 pages long and very HEAVY, so I ended up purchasing the kindle edition. It’s so much easier to read, plus I love the glow-light feature that lets me read in bed without a book light. There will be more e-reading in 2013 for me, too!

  38. I’ll be reading Vanity Fair with you guys and even though I have the hard copy, the one that’s been BEGGING to be read for years, I have a feeling I’ll get the free ebook and do most of my reading there. It’s a ton easier! And gasp, I can’t believe I’m actually say that!

  39. I have lots of classics on my phone and my iPad but I seriously ALWAYS forget about them and never read on either device. I wish I could remember, especially when I’m out somewhere and I’ve forgotten a book and I end up spending time getting annoyed at random crap people post on Twitter and Facebook. I could be reading something with staying power instead! I figure that I’ll buy an e-reader at the point that I actually remember that ebooks exist on my existing electronics.

  40. My Nook has increased my reading. I have quirky tastes and it has given me access to books I can’t find or afford in paper. And I have a hard copy of all my poetry, even if I have it on the Nook. I always have my Nook with me. I even have a cover that forms an easel so I can read it hands free.

    I don’t have a room not packed with book cases, except the bathroom that is, and I think my husband’s hope was that an ereader would cut down on that. Silly man! It just increased the possibilities!

  41. I have a kindle and I keep forgetting about it! I always reach for a “real” book first. My library started offering rentals through kindle last year and I have definitely used it more because of that.

  42. I have a Kindle, but read almost all eBooks on my iPad! It was true love at first sight. :) Your picture is the perfect example for using an eReader. It’s absolutely wonderful to take a library with you on vacation (or anywhere for that matter)!

  43. Yeah, I got my Nook in Xmas 2011. So I had it when we did our Stand-along and I STILL got the paperback. Huge mistake. Then, I read the damn HARDBACK of 11/22/63 only because I found it at a library sale for less than $2.

    I really wish I would’ve read the Stand on my Nook. But I too am resolving to read more ebooks moving forward. I got the ebook of Riordan’s Mark of Athena and it was glorious to read virtually instead of a 500 pg book.

    The other problem is that many of my TBR are already bought paperbacks.

  44. Good golly, I’m with ya, sister. I’m reading “Persuasion” right now out of a book that has all of Jane Austen’s novels in it. Sooooo heavy. And I could just have downloaded the damn thing for free!

  45. I am not buying an ereader until I read my shelves almost clear. Seriously. But I understand not wanting to tote around a chunkster. They are difficult to read almost everywhere.
    Once I clear my shelves, I’m sticking with the library and hopefully an ereader. This clearing will take me quite a while, I think ;)

  46. I’ve been reading tons on my kindle since I joined a library that has kindle books. Instant gratification and free! It’s great for big books too – I avoided reading The Mists of Avalon for example because it’s too heavy to carry around and read it on the kindle in the end, great experience.