Where in the World are Your Unusual Reading Spots?

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A day late and a dollar short? I’m guessing none of you noticed…huh?  I’m telling you–I’ve been SO ABSORBED with Bleak House that I haven’t even thought about reading lately. ;) Just kidding–I only have 90 pages to go and then I can go back to my old pal Stevie and 11/22/63. As I told Jill recently, since Scott is listening to IT before bed, soon we’ll both be going to bed with Stephen King!

If you’re new to the game, Where in the World Are You Reading is a monthly themed meme cohosted by Kelly, Lisa, and myself. A Linky Post will publish the first (ahem) Thursday of each month, and you can submit your post (as many as you want!) any time before the last Thursday in order to be included in the monthly wrap-up post. Posts do not have to contain pictures, but that always makes it fun. Feel free to fit it in with any other meme you’re currently participating in.

January’s theme is Unusual Reading Spots.

If I want to read, I usually have to hide away to do it. I’m easily distracted so can’t read in front of the TV or when other people are around. I have no idea how people read with toddlers–the most I can manage is a page or two in a cookbook or magazine. I don’t like reading at my desk because it just makes me feel weird (I have a cube) and people are likely to interrupt.

My first Unusual Reading Spot is an unused cube at work. It’s perfect and only one other person thinks to ever go there so it’s usually allllll mine. That stapler is pretty dang fancy, huh? Comes in handy to hold down the massive amount of pages while I eat my lunch.  Has anyone seen my stapler? We are eventually moving offices and I’m guessing that my secret reading cube hasn’t been figured into the floor plan. Not really sure what I’ll do when it’s gone!!

The second Unusual Reading Spot is in my car. In the parking garage. At work. Though these days I’m usually listening to audio. I’m not sure what is weirder–peeking into a car and seeing someone reading or hearing Bleak House blasting from the car speakers?

Lastly. The gym. I know I said I couldn’t read when noisy other people around around, but for some reason the gym doesn’t count. I can even read while music is piped in–something I can’t do in the doctor’s office. I’m not coordinated enough to walk on the treadmill and read or balanced enough for the elliptical and reading (unless it’s a magazine), but I love to read on the recumbent bike. Yup–even Bleak House.

I haven’t resorted to locking myself in the bathroom to read…but I’ve heard of people doing it!! Although I guess I do “read” in the bathroom while I’m cleaning it as I usually have an audio going…hmmm…

Do you have an unusual place that you like to read? Share it with us! Links must be submitted by Wednesday January 30th in order to be included in the wrap-up on the 31st.

Happy Reading! (I’m off to finish Bleak House…)

14 Responses to “Where in the World are Your Unusual Reading Spots?”

  1. I can’t read in front of a TV and in public places. Too many distractions!! And a big No to reading when a child is around, lol. Usually I read on the sofa in our living room, otherwise on bed but that’s rare.

  2. Excuse me, but I believe you have my stapler…

    I don’t think I could do any audiobook before bed, because I’m usually so tired that it would definitely put me to sleep right away. And Stephen King before bed has the double whammy of putting you to sleep to give you nightmares. Nope, wouldn’t be doing that. But I do want to read his latest–in the daytime, preferably in bright daylight.

  3. I read in the bathroom from time to time. Sitting on the floor against the bath isn’t the most comfortable place, but you don’t get disturbed. Otherwise my most unusual place is random spots along the hallway. I can’t imagine reading in the gym, even if you’re reclining. If it works, though, that’s a great thing.

  4. Hah! Due to my role as Kid Chauffeur, I’ve spent a lot of time reading in the car in parking lots. I also used to read while I was breastfeeding. Sounds weird, I know. But I got through Tolstoy that way. ;-)

  5. I am easily distracted as well, and need total quiet when reading. With the students off on break, yesterday I went to the Student Union and curled up of a comfy chair with my book at lunch (right in front of the fireplace). Just as I got comfortable and began to read, (3)chatty women sat there too and I ended up reading many of the same paragraphs over and over, as I couldn’t help but listen to their chatter:)

    Ughhhh [ couldn’t they tell I was anti-social?]

    • Oh Diane – I TOTALLY commiserate. There’s nothing worse than being deeply absorbed in a book when people sit down right next to you and chat–except when they’re conversation is so interesting you just “pretend” to be reading. ;) Been there…done that.

  6. Yes, well, I suck as a host. I have missed two months! And I have to figure out something for this one! Fun ideas, though. :)

  7. I read at work too – sometimes out in the open, at lunch, and other times illicitly, on the Kindle app on my phone when I’m meant to be working! I also read in my hammock in the back yard and whenever I need to wait for anything – especially for the traffic to get moving.

    Also, sorry Trish, it’s the first time I’ve used the Linky tool and I now accidentally appear twice! Oops!

    I’m new here (well, I am a long-time reader of Trish’s, but a new contributor and blogger). For those of you who are interested, please check out my blog, I need the company!:


  8. My reading spots are pretty standard. .. but like SuzieQoregon pointed out, I bet even the unusual spots people come up with won’t be so shocking to the rest of us bibliophiles. We tend to really GET each other. ;)