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I want to begin this post by thanking everyone who has participated in Where in the World Are You Reading over the past several months. Lisa, Kelly, and I are so grateful for those who posted their favorite local bookstores, reading companions, reading while waiting, unusual reading spots, comfy reading spots, your libraries, coffee shops, and even holiday reading escapes. It was a lot of fun taking a glimpse into your reading lives, but we suddenly find ourselves with various life interjections and have decided to wrap up Where in the World. This will be our last month and we hope that you’ll help us go out in a bang.

The Where in the World Are You Reading for March is a bit of an open topic: Bookishness Around Town. If you didn’t participate in one of the earlier months and would love to show us your bookstores, go for it! Libraries or places where you love to read? Statues or bookish memorials around town? As long as it somehow ties into Bookishness or Reading, fit this month in however you wish and feel free to include bits that you’ve included in past months.
Dallas is not a terribly literary town. We get skipped for all of the book tours in favor of Houston (even though Dallas is by far the superior city. Just saying. Actually Fort Worth is but it’s too far for me to drive with Elle to see what bookishness I can find). There are a few bookish sites around where I live, but I would be remiss if I did not share with you the gigantic goodness that is the Half Price Books Flagship store. Unfortunately this Book Mecca (or crackhouse as Andi lovingly refers to it), is a bit far from my house to shop regularly but it’s close enough to work for a quick run-in—as long as I keep my timer on so I don’t get lost in the stacks. I wish I could convey just how ginormous this bookstore really is.

It was also my Mother’s Day wish last year to be treated to a morning in the store. I don’t know who that baby is–especially since this picture was taken only 10 months ago.

Keeping to the bookstore theme, our Borders closed down several months ago (ok, over a year ago) but the building still stands vacant. This makes me sad every time we come to this shopping center because it’s like a stab in the heart, BUT I LOVE that this quote from Joseph Addison is still on the outside of the building. I hope it stays there forever.

Finally–near my hometown’s downtown is this little statue. I’m really not sure why it’s there as it’s rather randomly placed in the park, but I adore it. I smile every time I drive past it.

Share your Bookishness Below:

What bookishness do you have around your town? I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! We’ll wrap-up on Thursday the 28th, so make sure to have your posts submitted by Wednesday 27th.

10 Responses to “Bookishness Around Town – Where in the World Are You Reading?”

  1. I’m surprised by the authors not stopping by, too! I always thought Dallas was pretty famous, more so than Houston. Good you’ve the bookstore, even if it’s not nearby your home.

  2. I still miss our Borders — even though it’s been replaced by Books-a-Million! Maybe because I worked there for a number of years . . . it’s a nice store, just not the same. Still, not really complaining: I know how lucky we are to still have a bookstore, especially after going without for almost a year! I love that quote on the side of the building, too.

  3. Ali

    I’ve really loved this feature, even though I never had a post. First, I was on hiatus, and then … um … the months were too short? (Even January). I’m determined that this’ll be the month I participate at last!

  4. Will be sad to see the monthly themes go.

    I love how you highlighted some of the literary spots in Dallas — my husband is from there and would feel the same about not having a lot going on in the city. Very cool to see some of them here.

  5. Ali

    Darn it, I was so going to do this meme at last, and then I got sick this week and couldn’t get out to get my photos taken.

  6. Oh bugger! I even took a photo of a bookstore in Reykjavik, Iceland earlier this month JUST for this month’s meme and I forgot to post about it! So sorry!!!

    Thanks so much to you, Kelly and Lisa for hosting this meme.. it’s been tons of fun.