Operation Bundt Pan

Posted 9 March, 2013 by Trish in In the Kitchen / 30 Comments

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You guys thought I forgot all about Operation Kitchen Stuff, huh? Operation Ice Cream ended in September and I’m not really sure how to account for the last five months except a big trip, the holidays, and a serious lack of energy. Now that things have settled back down, I’m ready to get back into the game with Operation Use My Kitchen Stuff. I’ve finally finished with Operation Bundt Pan and as you can see below it was a pretty tasty challenge. I only managed two savory dishes but I’m still calling the challenge a success.

Lessons Learned: 

  • Even if you have a “non-stick” bundt pan it’s still really helpful to grease the pan before making a cake.
  • Pouring icing from a measuring cup makes decorating a bundt cake a breeze. My dear friend recently showed me that you can melt regular frosting in the microwave in low heat and easily pour it over the bundt for simple fancying up.
  • Bundt cakes typically have a space on the bottom from the rounding. If you don’t cut the bottom of the bundt to level it (which I am way too lazy to do), you can just fill that space with cut fruit–see last picture.
That’s pretty much it. Ha! Otherwise using the bundt pan couldn’t have been easier, and the presentation beats the heck out of a regular cake from a cake pan unless you take the time to decorate and ice the cake.
The Recipes:

Pumpkin Spice Bundt with Buttermilk Icing
I learned from the recipe that it’s best to add the powdered sugar icing after the cake has cooled so that it doesn’t just melt into the cake. But still–delicious, delicious, delicious.

Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips

I wanted to see if I could make my regular banana bread recipe in the bundt pan. I doubled the recipe but I wasn’t quite sure how long to cook it for so I ended up overcooking it a bit. Still tasty but I’ll stick to the loaf pan unless I plan on having brunch for a crowd.  For the powdered sugar, pour into a sieve and lightly tap over the cake to dust.

Whole Chicken in a Bundt Pan
From Food.com

Winner winner Chicken Dinner. I will never roast a whole chicken another way again–seriously. I covered the whole of the bundt with foil and clean up was a breeze. Next time I’ll add veggies to the bottom and I did add less butter than the recipe calls for. Once more…seriously the best way to roast a chicken in your oven.

Twinkie Bundt Cake
From Pure Vanilla Cookbook

It was a lot of work to dig those tunnels to pipe in the cream, but I love the idea of a filled bundt cake. And so did everyone else who tasted it.

Pepperoni Pizza Rolls
from Foodie Bride

Really good and it really didn’t take too long to form the little pepperoni balls. Elle liked to help, but mostly to pop the cheese into her mouth. It’s the savory take on Monkey Bread (though I’ve heard that you can make regular garlic bread pull-aparts in bundt, too).

Lemon Bundt Cake
from America’s Test Kitchen
(I can’t find the original website I used for recipe)

ZOMG. And the icing? ZOMG. My brother is still asking me when I’m going to make this one again.

Regular Boxed Cake
from my pantry (Duncan Hines)

I had never tried making regular boxed cake in a bundt before and wanted to see how it would turn out. Lovely. Why bother making a cake in a pan and then have to go through the headache of frosting it?

Where Do I Go From Here?

I think it’s safe to say I’ll be making mostly desserts with my bundt pan from now on but I’m still on the hunt for savory things that can be made. Someone suggested meatloaf but honestly I just can’t imagine. Ha! Maybe with some potatoes in the middle? But mostly a big hunk of hamburger like that does nothing for me. I do want to make some monkey bread, because can you believe I’ve never made monkey bread before? And I have a few other recipes pinned to my Operation Kitchen Gadgets board that I’d like to try. But most of these are definite keepers. Win win, right?

What’s next? Trifle Dish!!! Have any recipes you love to make in the trifle? I’d love to hear about them! I’m also on the hunt for creative uses for trifle dishes and I’m also looking for some non-dessert recipes to test out. Hopefully not another five months before I share with you…

What is your favorite thing to make in a bundt pan?

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30 Responses to “Operation Bundt Pan”

  1. Can you believe I don’t own a Bundt pan? I have a recipe that’s supposed to be Starbuck’s lemon pound cake and it looks as yummy as the lemon cake you made.

  2. Wow! Every single one of those looks super duper delicious! I think I NEED to make lemon bundt cake now! I actually saw a recipe last week for homemade monkey bread (using basic sweet bread dough instead of canned biscuits), and I really want to try it out! That chicken looks funny sitting up :)

  3. My mom did a lot of bundt cakes… I am not sure I have a pan but you have inspired me to get one ;). I did not know about putting frosting in the microwave – great tip!

  4. I have two bundt cake pans, but unfortunately I’ve never made anything but fancy jello in them. I do so love bundt cakes though – so pretty.

  5. Wow, you really gave your bundt pan a workout! When we moved to a very small apartment in NYC, I had to give away most of my kitchen stuff and pare down to essentials, and unfortunately, the bundt pan didn’t make the cut. Your post is making me miss it.

  6. I’ve only ever used my bundt cake pan for bundt cakes LOL (favorite being a lemon cake from King Arthur flour). But the idea of making pull-apart garlic bread is awesome.

    About the trifle dish, I’ve seen it used for a beautiful layered taco salad!

  7. Ali

    I will definitely be trying that technique for chicken. Maybe even tonight! And I loved this post so much that I went back and found all your other Operation posts and am excited to try some of your crockpot recipes and the deep dish pizza as well. Totally inspired!

  8. I think I need to get me a bunt pan! I love love love the chicken idea. And all the cakes. Did I mention that I need to get me a bunt pan? :-)

  9. OMG I love absolutely everything you made! Lemon is the best and ATK recipes are always rave worthy. Yes! Win, win, win.

  10. I loved reading your post Trish! I have a Bundt pan and haven’t used it for a long time..years! All of the recipes sound great especially the lemon, it’s my favorite! The chicken idea stumped me and amazed it worked so well!! Now, I think I will use my bundt pan soon!!

  11. Trying to cut down on desserts here, but what an idea to roast a chicken in a Bundt pan! I’ll have to look for more details on how you do it, but I guess it’s probably hard to describe delicately. ;)

  12. Wow I am so hungry and drooling right now. I used to make a poppyseed pound cake in my mom’s bundt pan, but for some reason never tried anything else with it. That chicken looks very intriguing!

  13. I think I’ve only ever used it for bundt cakes and monkey bread too. The pepperoni pizza recipe looks yummy though! I bet Z would love that. I don’t know if you have Rhodes brand frozen rolls down there in TX but they work perfectly for monkey bread. You just thaw them a bit, cut them in half, roll them in butter and cinnamon and stack them. It’s much easier than making a homemade dough but much tastier than using a canned biscuit dough.

    And I’m really interested to see what you do with the trifle dish. I honestly think I’ve never used mine.

  14. I hadn’t heard the term before (I don’t know if that’s because we don’t use it here or I’m just ignorant!) but seeing it, we do use them. Love the look of the pizza rolls, I’m guessing the recipe is simple but it looks really elaborate. No ideas about trifle dishes except regular old trifle I’m afraid.

  15. I don’t even own a bundt pan, but I’m curious about that chicken roasting method. I’ve pinned it and will check it out once I buy one. The cake on top of strawberries looks so good. What did you use for the glaze?

  16. Ti

    I have a really nice Bundt pan but I totally forgot I had one until I saw your post. These days, my cakes are gluten free which means that the texture is always a little off. I am not sure if a bundt pan would work with a GF cake by it would be worth trying, just to switch it up a bit. And who am I kidding, even if it looked like hell my kids would still eat it.