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Happy Sunday!! I was going to write up a Sunday Salon post but then started to lose steam halfway through the week. By Friday I had overdone it have ended up taking it a little easier since then. Good news is I’m starting to get much of my energy back (you can tell, can’t you?), but the bad news is I still overestimate just how much energy I have. Getting there…

For today I thought I’d borrow from Suey and Lisa as I love their Sunday posts. The prompts below are a combination of their posts.

Listening To: I’ve been on a musical binge lately. Even The Sound of Music. Curious what your favorite musical is!

Eating: I’ve been trying to eat more protein (per my midwife). This is actually a lot more difficult than I thought as both my breakfast and lunch meals are typically light on protein and sometimes we’ll have pasta for dinner so not much help.

Watching: I’m slowly catching up on Smash. Not sure how I feel about this season yet. I started to watch Perks of Being a Wallflower yesterday but fell asleep. It wasn’t the movie’s fault.

Reading: Last week I finished Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and I’m still working through Vanity Fair. Shhhh…I’m losing a bit of steam and really want to start Outlander instead.

Making: If you guessed hexes, you’d be right. Also bundts. Hexes and bundts. Slowly working on the Christmas quilt here and there. And by here and there I mean pinning two pieces of fabric together and walking away.

Planning: A trip to the Arboretum for Dallas Blooms. Hopefully soon!

(from Arboretum website)

Doing: See also “Making.”  Other than some exercise in the morning, that’s pretty much all the doing I’m doing.

Feeling: More energy this week than in many weeks before! I worked out several times this week and hope to continue with next week. I could feel the effects of the week by the end, though!

Loving: The Bradford Pears in full bloom. Not loving the 30 degree nights we’ve been having but I think we’re done with them now.

Wanting: Time to work on Project Life. I have pictures printed for the last five weeks but haven’t done the journaling part. A full night of sleep would also be awesome.

Thinking: Heartburn is the pits. Also where are these ants coming from?!

Looking Forward To: Spring weather!

Would love to hear what YOU are listening to, eating, watching, reading, making, planning, doing, feeling, loving, wanting, thinking, and looking forward to.

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  1. Probably my favorite musical is West Side Story, even though my wife hates it.

    Also why couldn’t this still be a Sunday Salon post? I’d like Suey’s and Lisa’s to be a part of the Sunday Salon too. :) Of course, I’ll still read them, whatever they’re called. I just want more people “in the fold.”

  2. Ahhh, The Sound of Music :) I love that movie. I know every word from every song because my 4th grade teacher made us sing them over and over and over. I wasn’t happy about it then but I am now!

  3. I’m not sure I have a favorite musical.

    I feel your pain about the protein. When I had my annual physical last year my doctor said I need to eat more red meat. When I groaned at that, he gave me a stern look and told me to eat it once a week. I really have to make an effort to do it too.

    I love our warm days but am not a fan of the cold nights. It’s hard to dress in the morning and I wake up cold at night. Of course, we’ll be complaining about the hot nights soon.

  4. We’re big musical lovers at my house! Even the hubs, who might love them more than myself. As for Vanity Fair, definitely losing steam as well. Find myself completely zoning out at times. The last couple of chapters have been fairly interesting though since stuff has actually happened. I have about 4 hours left so I’ll push through this week. I might have also spoiled myself on the ending, oops. And yay to spring! We’re enjoying some gorgeous weather in Georgia and can’t wait for the cold to completely leave us behind.

  5. I like musicals :-) Wicked is probably my favorite to listen to while I’m in the kitchen!

    And Outlander!!! Squeeeee! It’s my favorite series ever. Is this your first time reading it? I hope you love it.

  6. I won’t lie. I adore Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I first watched it in junior high and a classmate and I even learned the dance the couples do when they first meet. Since then, I have to have seen that movie at least 50 times.

  7. Sound of Music is definitely one of my favorite musicals along with Les Miserables.

    Hoping you feel better and can find a way to work in more protein…what about the protein powder in smoothies?

    We are finally seeing some sunshine here and hope to see some flowers blooming soon. Hoping we are rid of the snow!!

  8. At this exact moment, Les Mis is my favourite musical. But then also, it’s about the only thing I’m interested in in any way. OBSESSED would be the word… I looooove The Sound of Music though (JULIE ANDREWS!)

  9. I’d have to say The Sound of Music is my favourite musical – I have so many memories wrapped up with the watching of it through the years. When my older two were younger, there were a few years where we watched it as our New Year’s Eve movie. I don’t have a tough time with protein but surprisingly, I found out last month I have a B12 deficiency. After a month of taking vitamin supplements (yay for chewable gummy B12 supplements!) I’m feeling a lot more energetic. I love this format, by the way – I hope you do it more often.

  10. I don’t really listen to music, I start out thinking I’ll put some on and get to doing some quiet paper work, and then I start to dance, and that’s the end of that. I’m sort of trying not to eat meat as much, thinking I’ll eat more vegetables, and that’s not really working for me. My family is complaining. Now that Downton Abbey is over for the season, I seem to be not “really” watching anything. I finished reading In The Bleak Mid Winter, earlier this week and went on to reading The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, so far I’m enjoying it, I’ll be interested to see how it wraps up. I’m always planning on making thins, it’s the doing that gets in the way. However, I’ve gotten quite a way into my latest furniture recovery project, and I should be priming a piece for a fundraising luncheon we are having in the later part of April. We are on a March break week here, and my GOAL is to completely clean my basement, AND see to some medical appointments I’ve been putting off. Getting old sucks.

  11. I love all musicals, but I want to mention Sweet Charity as one of my faves. The songs have so much oomph.
    When I need to increase protein I boil eggs and buy smoked salmon, can’t get enough of the stuff.
    I love this format too, I’ve done a few posts in this style and they are fun I write too.

  12. Glad you’re getting you’re energy back. For protein, try scrambled eggs in the morning, greek yogurt, or low fat cheese sticks, preferably mozzarella. They have quite a bit of protein those little suckers!

  13. I’m having mixed feelings about Smash this season, too. Although I am excited to see that Ellis is back in the mix. That boy’s causing trouble!

    So glad you’ve got your energy back but heartburn again this time? No fun!

  14. Ali

    I love this post format, too. Glad you’re starting to get some of your energy back!

    I use a fruit smoothie with a little protein powder and yogurt added in as an easy way to add some protein. We also like Greek yogurt sundaes with fresh fruit and granola on top, for breakfast.

  15. Yay! Fun post. I think I need to add some –ings to my posts. Heartburn IS the pits. And yep I’m losing a bit of steam with VF (if I ever had any) and I’m SO SO far behind you!

  16. Hope you feel better soon Trish! Have you tried Prilosec for the heartburn. It is amazing medicine and you can get it over the counter now. I love your questions in this post and if it’s okay I will taken them back to my blog and answer them there – I’ll come back and let you know the link when I’m done. Always love your postings!

  17. I’m losing steam with Moby Dick. which is sad because I was really into it for the first third. now I’m just impatient that it aint over yet! Fun post. Happy hexing and bundting.

  18. I love musicals! I think Les Mis, RENT and Wicked are probably my favorites. I think having a time to blow my way through a bunch of Vanity Fair on audio during a cleaning/painting weekend. It helped the slow part go by quickly.

  19. I LOVE The Sound of Music. I sing songs from it to help Gage fall asleep sometimes (a trick recommended by Bookfan Mary, I think). I never got heartburn with Gage til the very end so I can imagine how much it would suck to have it so early.

  20. Ti

    Since my kids are part of a musical theatre group, we listen to a lot of musicals in my house. Right now, we are blasting Beauty and the Beast to prepare for the show. My fave? I can’t list just one! I love Annie, Grease and Wicked!

  21. For you, Trish, the Pax Edition:

    Eating: Anything that’s not nailed down. Why am I so hungry?!

    Watching: My 2 year old son turn into awesomeness personified.

    Reading: Star Wars: Scoundrels by Timothy Zahn. About 200 pgs to go.

    Making: Life seem more awesome by just being me.

    Planning: For the blog, a Man of Steel Week this summer and preparing for AWESOME-tober-fest 2013. It’s zombies, btw.

    Doing: Everything I can to not work while I’m at work.

    Feeling: Tired, my 2 month old is only just starting to sleep through the night. And I ran a 15K this weekend.

    Loving: My wife and kids. They are seriously the greatest family EVA.

    Wanting: To watch the new Oz movie. And lunch. I’m still hungry.

    Thinking: About running a marathon in December.

    Looking Forward To: Going home and playing with my kids. And eating lunch.


  22. Les

    Favorite musical? Crazy For You! I need to dig the cd out and pop it in my Bose. I love that soundtrack. Even more than Les Mis!

    I would love to go back to the Dallas Arboretum in the spring! We have a nice one in Omaha. Must make the time to go before summer!

    No flowering trees yet, but I saw a crocus yesterday! Spring is almost here! Yay!

    Please don’t count all my exclamation points, ok? ;)