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First…let me show you something:
Found in drafts. Date: June 15, 2011. Awesome.
Ok. Moving on. Yay for being able to cross something off the list!
I am a creature of habit. It absolutely drives Scott crazy that I can eat the same thing for breakfast over and over and over (maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal, if you must know–though this is amended now that I’m a bit hungrier in the morning). I love routine and if a wrench is thrown in my plans you better watch out! I think my proclivity towards habit and routine are part of the reason why I enjoy watching the same movies over and over and over again. They feel comfortable to me. I won’t go into the fact that I also love to put on Law and Order SVU to fall asleep at night–I’m not sure what that says about me… 
I really got into comfort movies when I was in college and had a little TV with a VCR but not regular cable to watch TV shows. I’d head to Walmart and pick up a video tape for $5 and then just watch the video to death. By the time I moved on to a DVD player I had quite the collection of video tapes. It was painful when my VCR died and I couldn’t find another one. It has been a slow slow process replacing my favorite movies over the years, but still, there is nothing I love more than putting on a familiar movie and watching it for the zillionth time. You’ll notice a pattern in my list below–I tend to gravitate towards the romantic comedies–probably because they’re predictable and I typically know that all will end well. Funny because my taste in comfort movies is nothing like my taste in books!

Part of me wants to explain why I love these movies so much but I don’t think I can in anyway that truly conveys my deep love for these movies. It isn’t a coincidence that Sandra Bullock is featured in three of these movies and I also have a soft spot for Hugh Grant. The Princess Bride is my absolute favorite since I was 8 years old and I’m constantly surprised by Catch and Release. Say Anything? Ok, maybe not the greatest film and High Fidelity almost made the list, but I just love John Cusack in Say Anything so dearly.

Without further ado…10 of my comfort movies. And I know that you’ll give me your comfort movies in the comments and I’ll say OMG MINE TOO! but this is the list I’m going with for right now. 

My Comfort Movies
1. While You Were Sleeping
2. When Harry Met Sally
3. The Princess Bride
4. Love Actually
5. The Holiday
6. Two Weeks Notice
7. The American President
8. Hope Floats
9. Say Anything
10. Catch and Release

Ok fine–a few more I could (and have) watch over and over–High Fidelity, Runaway Bride, Notting Hill, The Proposal. Hmmm. You know, I haven’t seen a good romantic comedy in a while. Are these still being made? Surely!

What movies provide comfort for you?

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  1. Love Actually, HIgh Fidelity and The Holiday are totally on my list too. Also Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, Empire Records, The Philadelphia Story and The Thin Man. I could keep going too. I love movies almost as much as I love books. :)

  2. There are some great ones on your list! Some other ones you might like if you haven’t seen them–13 Going on 30 (also with Jennifer Garner and a super cute Mark Ruffalo), The Wedding Singer, A Dolphin Tail (not a romantic comedy but such a total comfort movie and my daughters and I watch it all the time), Enchanted–I’m sure I’ll think of more to add but those are some favorites.

  3. I don’t do a lot of movie watching, but I definitely have my favorites. When Harry Met Sally is one of my ALL-TIME favorites. I love it.

    “Repeat after me…’Waiter…'”

  4. I love romantic comedies :) I really like The Wedding Date, though it doesn’t seem to be super popular. Debra Messsing and Dermott Mulroney (I think it his name). Also…my best friend’s wedding. :) Oh…and Just Married. Ok…done now!

  5. I’m with you sometimes you just need to be “not surprised” by the movie, you need a laugh and a cry and they lived happily ever after. I’ve only seen Two Weeks Notice (several times) I really like Practical Magic, and I love, To Kill a Mockingbird. I eat oatmeal for breakfast too.

  6. Strangely enough while I do like to watch certain romantic comedies, my comfort movies lay in the fantasy genre. Harry Potter, The Golden Compass, Avatar. That kind of thing. Also Disney movies. Yes! I can watch those over and over and over.

  7. I love some of those on your list — Princess Bride, While You Were Sleeping, When Harry Met Sally, The Holiday. (I actually didn’t like Love Actually or Catch and Release, but I know I’m in the minority, especially on Love Actually.)

    Some of my favorites are: Ever After, Sabrina, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail …

  8. Romantic comedies tend to be my go to movies too when I’m looking for comfort watching. I’m right there with you when it comes to While You Were Sleeping. That’s one of my number one comfort movies. I also turn to Ever After and the Bourne movies over and over. The Princess Bride is another one. Sleepless in Seattle. Grease. Independence Day.

    I have never seen Catch and Release. I really need to.

  9. I love all of these movies, except Two Weeks Notice, which I replace with The Proposal (not a Hugh Grant fan). Catch and Release and The American President are two of my favorites. I loved Catch and Release so much that I named my son Gray (if he had be a girl, he still would have been Gray).

    I also happen to love What Lies Beneath, but it’s mostly due to my soft spot for Vermont.

  10. You know mine is French Kiss :)

    Yayyy I’ve seen all these and dig your list!

    I love The Holiday.
    I want to hide in that perfect little cottage.
    I think I fell in love with the house in Hope Floats too.

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that you chose Say Anything. I adore that movie.
    That song and scene remains one of my favorite romantic scenes of all time.


  11. It’s nice to have movies you can go back to over and over again – it might mean they’re light but it also means they’re just good movies. For a while mine was 10 Things I Hate About You, it never gets old. I love While You Were Sleeping and Two Weeks Notice is pretty good too (I’ve watched the first a few times so remember it better). And Love Actually’s a lot of fun. I’ve still not watched When Harry Met Sally, but I’m getting through the “classics” slowly.

  12. Me too. My taste in movies is so different than my taste in books. I love a good depressing book, but depressing movies–not so much.

    We love many of the same movies. I finally bought Catch and Release a couple of months ago. Dude, Timothy Olyphant is lookin’ good in that one.

    I love Easy A. Emma Stone kills it in that movie. She is so hilarious.

    The best movie I’ve seen lately is Pitch Perfect. Rebel Wilson is just so funny. I don’t own it, but I know I’ll buy it when I get home and watch it over and over.

  13. My all time favorite is a really old oldie, An Affair to Remember. I’ve watched it over and over since I was a kid and cry every single time.I also love The Notebook, The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia with Dennis Quaid (love him) , When a Man Loves a Woman with Andy Garcia (love him too), The Wedding Singer (Adam Sandler is hilarious, have you seen Jack & Jill?), Music & Lyrics, and The American President.

    I’ve never seen Catch & Release, so now I have to go find it!

  14. Scott and my husband could likely commiserate on the love of routine issue.

    I have comfort movies and TV shows, which have also served me well since college days. On the movie front, Top Gun and Clue are easily my top two. Several 80s sit-coms can serve this purpose (Family Ties, Cosby Show, Golden Girls), but Little House on the Prairie is definitely #1. (I am such a nerd, I know.)

  15. I used to watch The Notebook on repeat while I was in grad school. Now that I’m married, it just kind of makes me sad. My emotions are so complex with that movie and it’s hard to have complete feel-good fun with it.

    One Fine Day (Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney) is my go-to chick flick if I’m not watching adaptations (in which case Pride & Prejudice and Persuasion are my go-tos).

    I also have watched & rewatched Now and Then a hundred times. Not romantic, but very much a feel-good girlfriend movie. I watch it when I’m missing my friends or thinking about “good old days.”

  16. I haven’t even seen most of those. I rarely watch movies and when I do I’d almost prefer them to be a movie I’ve seen before. That said, I will ALWAYS stop the channel on The Matrix and Dirty Dancing. I will almost always stop for any Harry Potter, Legally Blonde, or LotR.

  17. Catch and Release is one that I tend to grab off and on, and I always love it. :) I’m also a huge fan of Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail. Those are probably the 2 movies I watch the most!

  18. I totally agree in having comfort movies. Although, I think I’ve only seen 3 of the ones on your list… my taste for comfort movies is anything mafia-themed and Pixar movies. I could watch The Godfather, Goodfellas, or The Sopranos a million times. Same with Wall-e and The Incredibles, etc. Am I weird? ;)

  19. Love all of these. I think I’d pick: The Princess Bride, Two Weeks Notice, Notting Hill, Miss Congeniality, You’ve Got Mail, Say Anything, Philadelphia Story (standing in for all Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn movies), Sabrina (both versions), Chocolat, My Fair Lady (standing in for all musicals). Oh, darn, that does exceed ten, doesn’t it? I’m a sucker for comfort movies, too, I guess!

  20. Love your choices especially The Princess Bride which is a family favorite! Something for everyone!

    You also must watch Top Gun, Playing By Heart( best scene ever with Sean Connery), Juno and A Walk in the Cloud( great music)!!!

  21. YES to Notting Hill! love that one. And I want to ambassador a movie I can’t find anyone else to have ever seen: The Nephew. If you ever get the chance to watch this flick, watch it. I’ve seen it 3-4 times when it happened to be on one of those movie channels before they started doing their own movies. HECK, “random movie flipping channel movie watching days” seem to be so over and it is so sad. Anyway, find THE NEPHEW. You’ll LOVE it. :)

  22. oh yea (guess I’m not done) Ever After, Sabrina, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail … Ever AFter – must have seen this 1000 times. – SO GOOD. I might even have to add Die Hard (the first) – a terrific romcom for me and the hub. AND a xmas movie. Love Actually, that baseball movie with Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon and Kevin Costner!!! oh yea. Yep, almost all the Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant movies and… and French Kiss and even the first Bourne movie. the terrific Doris Day and Rock Hudson flicks – Pillow Talk is FAB. and who can resist Singing in the Rain? WHO?!

  23. I love comfort movies!!! I share a few of your’s (especially Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally and Love Actually!) I would add these to the list: You’ve Got Mail, Sabrina, Amelie, Benny & Joon, , Sense & Sensibility, The Philadelphia Story, Roman Holiday and Lord of the Rings. I know LOTR probably doesn’t match with the rest, but I could watch that trilogy over and over.

  24. Shame on me for not being on your blog in a while — loved this post!

    And so nice to meet a fellow fan of Two Weeks Notice — I love that movie.

    Have you ever seen The Lake House? It’s my favorite romantic movie.
    Have a good week!

  25. I totally hear you on comfort movies!! Love Actually and The Holiday are on my list as well and I enjoy the others. (Now that I think of it, a lot of christmas-y movies are on my list, LOL). The Proposal is another one with Sandra Bullock that I love! And don’t worry about the SVU thing… I am obsessed with that show and have also wondered at times what that says about me, LOL.

  26. We have A LOT of the same comfort movies. Like, all of them! I don’t hear too many people mention Catch and Release, but it’s definitely a fave.

  27. I can watch favorite movies over and over again too. Some of yours are on mt go-to list too. While You Were Sleeping, The Proposal and Two weeks Notice would be my Bullock picks. And The Holiday is so silly it’s good. Love Harry And Sally so much. Catch & Release is the only movie in my adult life that I went out and bought the soundtrack after seeing the movie a few times. I love them both equally. I admit that I consider The Sound of Music a comfort movie. I’ve probably watched that one more than any other over the years (except maybe The Breakfast Club).

  28. Les

    Great list! Here’s mine:

    You’ve Got Mail
    Julie & Julia
    The Hours
    One True Thing
    84 Charing Cross Road
    Fifty First Dates
    The Bridges of Madison County
    Fried Green Tomatoes
    Tortilla Soup
    Remains of the Day

  29. While You Were Sleeping is one of my all-time favorites as well, and I truly believe that Sandra Bullock was shorted by not getting nominated for something for Hope Floats. I remember thinking she did an incredible job with that. The Holiday is also a cute movie that I won’t change if it comes on and I need something right before bed.

    I recommend Spanglish, but have no fear, I’m also one of those types of people who falls asleep to something like SVU when nothing else is on… :)

  30. Ok– SERIOUSLY loved reading all of your comfort movies and had I been better about responding to comments you would have received a lot of “ya! me too!!” type responses. Thank you for sharing your comfort movies with me!

    And what about Moonstruck? Anyone? I adore that one!

  31. Les

    I had to let you know that I just watched (for the first time!) Catch & Release. I didn’t realize that Timothy Olyphant was in it until I started the movie. We’ve become quite addicted to Justified and last night I told Rod that I can’t remember the last time I had such a strong crush on an actor! ;) Thanks for the movie rec. It was great!