Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

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Title: Me Before You
Author: Jojo Moyes
Published: 2013; Pages: 369
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 4/5
In Short: A Girl and a Boy in a small British town with a castle. I’m sorry what? Here’s a link to Goodreads. Honestly, this post doesn’t get better until the Bottom Line Section…just warning you! Thank goodness I’m not writing this post for a publisher or author. I’d be fired.
Why I Read It: For book club at A Real Bookstore. Although when it was suggested I quickly agreed because of the buzz this one has been receiving.
Thoughts in General: It was a really fun treat for me as my mom also read this book and attended book club with me. Although she doesn’t procrastinate like I do and so she had a head start on the reading. In a text she said that she liked the book but it was simple and predictable. Lovely–I began to wonder if this was another twitter buzz-book that had been way oversold by the early readers. I started the book a week before the meeting and for the first several nights I fell asleep while reading. Mom was right–it was OK but it was simple and a bit plodding.
But then something turned in the book for me and I became emotionally absorbed within the story. I had to read the last third of the book the day of my book club meeting and for the last fifty (yes 50) pages of the book I was a sobbing, heaving mess in Starbucks. Let me tell you about the strange looks that I received from on-lookers. Looks of pity and concern and ‘what the hell is wrong with you.’ I really wanted to put a sticky on the front of my book that said “emotional read – stop gawking at me” but I embraced the tears and the red face and the small tiny little gasps that escaped from within me. 
Do you like how I haven’t told you anything about this book? This is why I suck at writing book posts lately. I don’t really care to tell you about the book, I just want to tell you about my experience reading it so that maybe you can have the same experience or if know that you don’t want to have the same experience you can stay away from the book. I would totally read a book if you told me you sobbed for the last 50 pages in public. I wouldn’t even need to know what the book was about–just as I had no idea what this one was about. Thank you for stopping by; I do hope you’ll be back.
Bottom Line: I recommend Me Before You. I wish that I hadn’t spent the first 150 pages of the book restless but once the story started to come together I fell in love. The writing isn’t anything to call home about but the story is complex and the characters all developed nicely. I would also definitely recommend this for book clubs. There is a wealth of topics to discuss and we had several great conversations about the book.
First – Have you read Me Before You? Do you plan to? Thoughts?
Second – How do you feel about early buzz amongst books that make the rounds in the book blogging world? Yes, it’s a vague question probably better suited for a discussion post…

27 Responses to “Me Before You – Jojo Moyes”

  1. Nope, haven’t read it. Ha–this is the first I’ve even heard of it! So yeah, I somehow do a damn fine job of missing out on all the book buzz. I actually like it that way, though it does make me look pretty clueless. Anyway, hearing that you sobbed through the last 50 pages–yep, that’s just the kind of thing that would make me pick up a book too! :)

  2. Love this “review!” You know I was surprised at how much I loved this one. One of the most engaging, character-driven novels I’ve read lately.

  3. I received it as an ARC and put it off for a while, unsure if I wanted to “go there.” But when I finally gave it a try, I was totally impressed with the way Moyes handled the subject matter. She kept me engaged with the characters and didn’t deliberately go all maudlin for effect. It is one of those books that has stayed with me.

  4. A friend of mine brought it to our last book club meeting – she was somewhere in the middle and loving it. Since we only read books available in paperback, it might be some time before it becomes an official selection. When (if) it does, I’ll be sure to read the end at home ;-)

    I love this kind of ‘review’!

  5. I am on the waiting list for this book at our library :) I very rarely cry at books, so it will be interesting to see if this one elicits that sort of response!

  6. Rhonda

    Loved this book glad it grew on you.Telling everyone to give it a try they will be surprised.

  7. I am a total emotional reader like you. And if people weren’t so nosey then they wouldn’t be staring. Pay attention to your own coffee!
    Anyway, love that you told me nothing of the book, but the fact that the beginning had you sleepy says it all to me.
    thanks sweetie!

  8. I loved this one SO MUCH and can completely understand why you didn’t tell people much about it. I agree, if you tell me a book made you sob for the last 50 pages, I will read it no matter what it’s about.

  9. Bashing. My head. On my desk. I think this one arrived unbidden on my door stop and not knowing anything about it, and having so much I need to read, I gave it away. Stupid me!

  10. I have read it. And while I didn’t cry, it got to me. I actually gave away a copy to one of my readers in a giveaway, while mine was a library read ;) That much I liked it!

  11. Good to know that you enjoyed the book. :)

    I’ve been hearing a lot about Jojo Moyes’s books of late. Dying to read her The Last Letter From Your Lover, but not able to find a copy anywhere here. :(

  12. Ti

    I DO plan to read it at some point. BTW, I like it when a review tells me about the reading experience. I find that a lot of books make me feel a certain way. I either want to repeat that feeling or never repeat it again so it helps to know how the book made you feel.

  13. I loved this book!! I just posted my review today and have a giveaway ending tomorrow for those looking to win a copy :) I didn’t find the beginning slow but could see how the story line was slower at the beginning and then it yanks you in!! I love hearing about your reading experiences as well…we don’t need a full summary of the book…your thoughts and experiences are wonderful to hear. This will be on my list of favorites for 2013!

  14. I saw this at the library a couple weeks ago, but didn’t grab it. All I know is that it makes people cry, and I’m not up for that.

  15. I actually like reading about the reader’s reading experience with the book more than actually hearing what the book is about. And I’m totally going to read this one just because of your review…although I will save it for when I’m in the right mood :)

  16. Les

    I have the ARC of this and was planning to start it in the next week or so. I don’t have a clue what it’s about and I really don’t want to know. All I know is that a lot of my trusted friends have said it’s wonderful, so I’m going to give it a try in spite of all the hype. You said, “I would totally read a book if you told me you sobbed for the last 50 pages in public. I wouldn’t even need to know what the book was about–just as I had no idea what this one was about.” Yep, that’s me, too. If my husband were reading this over my shoulder, he’d be rolling his eyes right about now. ;) BTW, thanks for the heads-up about the slow beginning. Now I’ll be prepared to wade through those first few chapters.

  17. Your so funny. :-) I am glad you liked this one. Every time I see a positive blogger review about it, I run to Amazon and then change my mind after reading the synopsis. So, I’m still not sure I will read this one, but it’s tempting.

  18. Just finished this one! I had no idea what it was about going into it. And yes, I was wiping away tears as I read the last pages.

  19. So happy to see you gave it a 4/5. All the reviews I have seen have been gushing, and that usually means I won’t like it. :( I don’t know what the book is about, but I do have it and hope to read it this summer.

  20. I don’t generally cry when reading, but from what I’ve heard this one might make me. I have it on my nightstand, but I’m not in the mood for a crying book right now so have passed it over for lighter stories. Maybe next month. Glad to hear you liked it in the end.