May 2013 Pin it and Do it Round-up

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May was another great month for pinning and doing! I thought I might try to keep track of how many pins we actually did last month but I quickly lost count while reading Hannah’s posts below and decided that we did A LOT of doing!  I thought I’d try something fun this time and include pictures from the your pinning and doing–below are the projects the participants worked on! I hope you’ll take a look around and hopefully find something that you want to pin and do…

Hannah (aka) Word Lily baked some delicious looking browned butter and nutella chocolate chip cookies with her husband, threw a birthday party using circle curtain and stained glass candy polka dots and then threw a Fiber Arts party with Pinterest inspired chandelier, pompom bouquets, garland of shawls.

Becca @ Lost in Books made a fantastic looking Jamaica-Me-Crazy Chicken Tropicale dish. Pineapple and raisins and jerk sauce. What’s not to love?!

Cynni from She Likes Bento went pin-crazy in the kitchen in May with  Zuppa Caprese ; Avocado Risotto ; moist Lemon-carrot cake and bell pepper risotto (ha! separately of course) ;and a delicious sounding strawberry-rhubarb jam.

Kimberly from Inspirefly shared her Favorite Quote that she’s found on Pinterest.

Tami at Just One More Thing had a great mixture of crafty and tasty pinterest projects in May starting with Mason Jar Soap Dispensers; 10 Minute Table Runner; Lemon Fluff Freezer Cookies Tami finished up the Pinterest challenge with some cute little paper Mini dresses, mini quilts and asparagus and chicken recipes.

Lisa from Lit and Life started her May Pinterest Doing with green bean salad and then created homemade bronzer, took a trip to the ballpark, and made wood finisher. She ended the challenge with a couple of books she’s been meaning to read and a homemade cleaner.

Kat @ No Page Left Behind finished a beautiful fuax inlay dresser It began as a simple piece of furniture from IKEA but the transformation is amazing!

Teri @ Henningsen Happenings discovered some new love for her sewing machine as her sister Tami (also a participant) taught her to sew! She created a few tableloths, baby blankets, and a bandana quilt. Way to go Teri!

Linda @Silly Little Mischief was back this month and back in the kitchen. She made Sriracha and Brown Sugar Almonds; went nuts with Nutella French Toast and Nutella Cookies; Basil Peach Chicken; Spicy Honey Roasted Almonds; Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

Maria @ A Bookworm’s Life made some beautiful looking French fougasse bread. I’m so impressed!!

Ali @ Worducopia decided to use Pinterest to Pinning her way through Seattle. I seriously love when people use this challenge for their trips and excursions (hi Lisa and Joy) and I’ve been meaning to create a similar board for Dallas. When her sister came to visit, she had all of her Seattle pins organized and they had a great time seeing the sights!

Jenny @ Jenny Loves to Read made various healthy food recipes including Buffalo Style Roasted Tofu, healthy cookies, marinated chicken and overnight refrigerator oatmeal. I keep meaning to try the refrigerator oatmeal as it’s one of the first things I pinned and Jenny had a great luck with it!

Michelle @ my books. my life. used Pinterest to help with her son’s adorable Pooh inspired first birthday. She created invitations, got inspiration for a cake smash photo, made honey pots, and picture murals. So adorable!

JoAnn @ Lakeside Musing always makes the most delicious sounding recipes for the challenge. In fact I thin many of my pins come from her pinning and doing! She made a gorgeous Chocolate-Raspberry Tart, raided her Pinterest TBR, and attempted some knitting. She also found some new favorite recipes with Two Spring Salads and a New Salmon Recipe (do you also wish you had JoAnn’s luck with pins?).

Samantha/ Cy-V did a total of 18 pins for this round of Pin it and Do it! Her pins are all so creative–including solutions to strawberry runners and oven dried bananas, but the kidney bean “meatball” sandwich looks delicious!

Andi at Estella’s Revenge went food crazy with brown sugar and chili glazed salmon and noodles, cupcakes for two (ZOMG) and a healthy burrito that is freezer friendly. Seriously? cupcakes for two? Although maybe I don’t want to know… ;)

Me! Finally, I had a month of some successes and some fails. I made a couple of recipes, started a new tradition for Elle, and found the quilt pattern and fabric for Baby Billie Jean’s quilt. All in all it was a good month of pinning and doing.

A big big big thank you for all of those who participated and for those of you who hopped around and checked out all of these amazing projects. 

If ever you have a project you’ve finished from Pinterest, tag it with #PinItDoIt on twitter!

Now…what are your Pinterest plans for June?! I’m thinking Elle will love this Chicken and Rice dish!

12 Responses to “May 2013 Pin it and Do it Round-up”

  1. Those paper dresses are adorable! We made refrigerator oatmeal for the first time this month, too, and it was good. We’ll definitely be doing it again, especially in hot weather. So much pinning and doing, yay!

    Sorry my posts were so confusing; I think I did a count of the pins at the end of the posts, though, maybe even a total count of my pins for the month in the final one.

  2. I love this challenge. I find myself turning to Pinterest more and more for dinner and recipe ideas. I didn’t before you started this challenge. Thank you Trish for making this happen. You rock!