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(my first tomato harvest. This was taken just seconds before Elle tossed the tomato on the floor. Um, Ya. I have no idea…  More on the tomatoes on Saturday)

Audiobook Week last week was fun but I’m glad to get back to regular posts. Hopefully this does not also mean no posts this week. I have ideas! I do! But sometimes I feel like writing a post takes so long. Seriously–why does it take me so long (I know this has nothing to do with how verbose I am…..)

Listening To: Sometimes I go on audio kicks, sometimes music kicks. I just finished listening to the very lengthy Under the Dome. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll listen to next–have you listened to any great audiobooks lately?

Eating: One of my “2013 Things” is to cook from a different cookbook each month. If you guessed that I’ve done this exactly zero months, you’d be correct. Haven’t been very adventrous in the kitchen lately–I think a lot of this is related to Elle’s picky eating–it’s just easier to make something I know she’ll eat. She loves rice so this tends to be a common dish lately. Luckily she doesn’t gripe if things are carefully hidden in the rice…

I did make this gorgeous cheesecake from scratch. The recipe called for sour cream, which I’ve never used in a cheesecake before, but it was delicious. Crust is made from gingersnaps. Yes my countertop is white. My dad and stepmom were over so I felt funny trying to take a bunch of pictures for my “food blog.” (Did I ever tell you about the time when Scott told me to take a picture of something he made so I could post it to my food blog?)

Watching: I finished my queue of Grey’s Anatomy, Smash, and Law and Order SVU so I haven’t been watching a whole lot of TV lately. I’m hoping to stockpile episodes of Under the Dome, though. Does anyone else stockpile shows to watch back to back?

Reading: I’ve finished 25 books so far this year! I know this might not sound like a lot but my goal for the entire year was 24 books. My reading and listening has been pretty evenly split this year. This month I’ve finished The Omnivore’s Dilemma, A Walk in the Woods, Under the Dome, and I’m working on Naked. Next week I’ll dive into A Prayer for Owen Meany for the Estella Society readalong and in July my friend Paxton and I will offer up a readalong for The Talisman. Dates pending.

Making: Christmas quilt!!! I have almost half the top sewn together and hope to have the rest of the top finished this week. I won’t quilt it until after I’ve finished the baby quilt (haven’t even started that one) and quilted Scott’s quilt. I’m still working on hexes but since I haven’t been watching TV in the evenings I haven’t been working on them as much. Everything is give and take…

Planning: I’ll tell you what I haven’t been planning. Anything to do with poor Baby Billie Jean. She doesn’t have a name yet. Her nursery is still our spare bedroom. I haven’t picked up the few odds and ends that we would like to have when she arrives. We haven’t moved Elle to her new toddler bed so that we can get her used to that. We basically haven’t done anything. Oddly I’m not worried about it.

Feeling: Worn out. I feel really good–somedays I feel like I might have more energy now that I had in some of my second trimester weeks. But I’m slow and I feel heavy (swollen feet at the end of the day doesn’t help this). But literally feeling? This baby is a crazy mover. I think possibly even more than Elle! Heaven help me.

My view looking straight down

Loving: Elle has started singing in bed before she falls asleep. And while part of me wants to holler at her to go to bed, I can’t help but just eavesdrop and laugh. Her favorites are row row, twinkle twinkle, and if I’m lucky I’ll catch her singing the ABCs (though I might be the only person in the world who could actually tell this).

Wanting: Ice cream. All the time. And it’s so hot. I’m trying to be good–I really don’t want to gain more weight than I did with Elle. But goodness gracious give me some damn ice cream!!!

Thinking: That the next 10-11 weeks are going to fly by, huh?

Looking Forward To: I know this sounds silly but I’ve been craving a really good run. We’ll see how that craving is when October rolls around…

Favorite mug. Thanks Karen Beth!

And if you haven’t seen it yet, there’s still a few days to enter my current giveaway for the Literary Giveaway Blog Hop!

Would love to hear what YOU are listening to, eating, watching, reading, making, planning, feeling, loving, wanting, thinking, and looking forward to.

20 Responses to “Right Now I Am…”

  1. Personally, I think you should retire from book blogging and switch to a Book Blogger Quilt business. You could set up shop on this very blog, not even on Etsy (because we don’t want TOO many people competing for the quilts!) :–) And yes! Maybe some lit themes! (well, not Stephen King…)

  2. She threw the tomato on the floor? Oh no!

    I don’t think you need to stress over the new baby coming. Babies are much more flexible than we give them credit for. Vance’s nursery wasn’t ready when he was born and, somehow, he survived just fine.

  3. So many things to comment on…I’ll just pick a few :) Way to go for reading 25 books already!! I’ve been having a great reading year too, but most of my books have been fluffier than I would like to admit! Emily sings before bed too, and it’s cute (though sometimes gets a bit loud!). I say you can eat ice cream whenever you want it! You need good calcium for the growing baby and for yourself too! Your cheesecake looks AMAZING!!

  4. Each summer my wife and I pick a TV series we each want to watch and we both watch a season of it. This summer her pick was Downton Abbey. My pick was Game of Thrones. We finished the first season of Downton Abbey just yesterday and I wound up really liking it. I will definitely continue watching it.

    Watching my pick was delayed a bit because we unexpectedly received Dexter Season 7 from Netflix and had to finish that first (which was really awesome, btw). I now have Game of Thrones Season 1 at home and we should hopefully start next week (her mother is visiting and GoT is wholly inappropriate for her).

    Yeah, I have Talisman queued up for next month. Really looking forward to that.


  5. A Prayer for Owen Meany might be my all-time favorite book, and if not, then another of John Irving’s books. Enjoy it, and enjoy your tomato harvest. Ours has also just begun, and we’ll be out of town, so we’ll miss the first two weeks… Hang in there, 10 weeks will fly by!

  6. I’m sorry to hear Elle is so picky with her food. Hopefully she’ll grow out of it soon! I admit, Jason and I were extremely mean parents who forced our boys to eat everything whether or not they wanted to. :D

  7. Woah, wait, hold up- you’re NOT calling the baby Billie Jean?! Well, that’s disappointing ;)

    Aaaaaand I might be laughing for a while about Darles Chickens. I’ll just be over here. Giggling.

  8. I’m impressed with how many books you’ve read — especially big books — with all you have going on! Work it, girl! I hope you like Naked. Surprisingly, I was only “meh” about it.

  9. Woohoo! Getting close mama! I’ve got about two weeks left. My little one #2 is SUCH a mover. So different than my first pregnancy. And I’ve gained only half what I gained last time – think it’s the result of having a toddler. But my downfall is ice cream too – just not close to bedtime or the heartburn! I’ve been on audio book kick lately too – gets me motivated to do chores if I can listen to a book while I’m doing them. Where o where did you find the cheesecake recipe and can you share? Yum!

  10. Tomatoes look suspiciously like bouncy balls, I suspect. Plus, if you’re a picky eater . . . well, I didn’t eat tomatoes at that age and I wouldn’t be surprised if I threw them. People used to tell me I was the Problem Child.

    I’m not like normal people so I can’t stockpile series episodes (no cable, no satellite, no DVR) but I do occasionally stream an entire series or buy a series on DVD and watch an episode every day or two till I’m done. It’s a lot more fun than waiting a week between episodes, don’t you think?

    Like Andi, very impressed with your reading, especially given the size of those books. I keep falling behind my goal. I only know this because Goodreads doesn’t shrink from telling you, YOU’RE A BOOK BEHIND! YOU’RE TWO BOOKS BEHIND YOUR GOAL! But, my goal is 150 books and it won’t kill me if I don’t make it, even though I really wish I could read faster.

    Best wishes getting ready for Baby #2! With the second, you’ll find you’re a lot more laid-back. I was maybe too zen with my second child, but he seems to be turning out okay. ;)

  11. I’d say no stressing! Just do a little a day and I bet you all will just be fine. Stay cool (and a little ice cream won’t hurt).

  12. I love your Christmas quilt, and your tomato holding darling is so cute. It’s good you are not worried about baby Billie’s room, it will come together. I actually love that name Billie. My niece is expecting, and I keep sending her names that pop into my head, shall I do the same for you?

  13. Congrats on surpassing your reading goal! I have 20 books left on mine. And your quilt is GORG. As for stockpiling televsion, I most definitely do that by default since I don’t have cable. Now I’m forced to wait for the Netflix release or the dvd release which leads to major binging. I like it this way though! We’re about to do a huge binge on the newest season of Mad Men!!