New Mexico/Colorado July 2013 Roadtrip

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Holy Smokes! I tell you what–I’m shocked that I’m getting up this post just days after returning from the trip. Must be a Trish record.  Last week we took our first major roadtrip as a family. We drove to New Mexico (in the mountains between Taos and Angel Fire) and spent the night then headed to Durango, Colorado for a few days before returning back to New Mexico and finally back home.  The mileage each way is around 850 but overall we drove well over 2,000 miles (our longest stretch in the car was about 12.5 hours).
Instead of giving y’all 30 pictures, I figured I’d be nice and make collages. You can still click on them to enlarge. 
We left home at 5:30 in the morning. The plan was for Elle to fall back asleep but hahahaha. In all honesty, I was really nervous about how she’d do in the car but she was such a trooper. I asked for advice on FB for traveling with toddlers and the number one tip I received was to have small little toys and things for her to discover during the trip. We packed a big bin of toys (new and forgotten) but the only thing we pulled out was her big coloring pad. She didn’t nap well in the car, especially as I had to stop every two hours to stretch my legs, but she was so so good. So good. She did watch several movies but we also had some non-movie time as well. Unfortunately we did not get audiobook time as she never napped long enough. I did get quite a bit of hexies done, though!

Above Left-Right: Scott pretending to sleep. Flat land in the Texas Panhandle. Elle coloring, too cool for school. Finally some landscape in New Mexico.

Below Left-Right: On the drive to Colorado. We take the best family pictures. *snort*  And for the record–that tum is 34 weeks.

Scott and his brothers wanted to go off-roading in Colorado so we stayed a few nights at Purgatory ski resort outside of Durango. The mountains were absolutely stunning and Elle and I had a good time cavorting around while the boys were driving around. I was feeling pretty exhausted from two days in the car so tried to take it easy, though Elle wanted a bit more go-go-go. Luckily there was a heated pool and we went swimming several times. In the evening we “played” some mini-golf and had too much ice cream. The trip to Durango was much much too short but there is a ton to do in the area and so I suspect we’ll be back.
I adore the picture of Elle and Scott in the grass. She loves her daddy.
Once we were back in New Mexico, our vacation turned into a family affair. The purpose of the trip was to take Scott’s dad’s remains to the mountains that he loved so much. It was so great to spend some time with family that we don’t get to see often enough while taking in the beauty around us. The weather was delicious–60s and 70s during the day and cool enough for a jacket at night.
We hiked and fished, we road trails in the mountain, we stayed up way too late and ate all kinds of goodies. We visited Red River and drove up twisty curvy roads and saw more trains than we could count (tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh-choo choo said Elle). While we learned that naps are a good and necessary thing (there were a few fits during the week), it was a wonderful trip and we all had a great time. 

Above Left-Right: Fishing pond, view from the deck, cows on a mountain trail in Red River, leaving the mountains in the early dawn.

And guess who caught her first fish! On a snoopy pole! I was able to reel one in as well.

Way too much cuteness. And, ahem, I cut her bangs the night before the trip and I may have cut them a leeeettle too short. They grow back, right? Notice the foot over her carseat. A common sitting position for her.

And another attempt of a family picture in front of the Beaver Dam. One day…one day we’ll get one with all three of us smiling.

Not much else to report. I’m already longing for the cooler weather and the mountain air. Hopefully we’ll be able to head back next summer!

31 Responses to “New Mexico/Colorado July 2013 Roadtrip”

  1. Les

    Wonderful pictures, Trish!! It looks (and sounds) like you had a fabulous trip. That little miss is so absolutely adorable with her pigtails! Way to go with the fishing, too!

    I’m starting to plan our trip to Santa Fe/Taos. So excited!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Elle is so SO cute and it’s great that she did so well! Road-tripping is in here genes though, so not surprising, right? :-)

  3. Glad she made it through the trip okay – you never know how kids will react to long trips like that! And, of course, that you made it okay, because all that driving can be hell on sciatica!!! Great pics Trish!

  4. Trish the pics are beautiful. Elle is such a little cutie and her bangs are perfect (psst yes they do grow back LOL ) sounds like you had an awesome trip

  5. Such awesome photos, Trish!!! So happy to hear all went well (though honestly, I didn’t really have many doubts–I think I’ve always just taken it for granted that kiddos will be fine road-tripping and mine never proved me wrong :P ). Looks like you all had a really, really lovely time. :D And just think, next big road trip–you’ll have another car seat in there with you! :D

  6. I’m so impressed you took a trip like that with a little one in tow. Vance never did well in the car – finally, when he was a year and a half or so, we realized why – he gets carsick. Unfortunately, he inherited that from me.

  7. Great pics and your trip looked like so much fun! I’ve only ever driven through New Mexico on my road trip cross country in 2011. Really beautiful country out west.

  8. You are one brave mama taking such a massive road trip with a toddler in tow and a 34 week tummy! Looks like it was worth the effort. Elle is such a cherub.

  9. Looks like a lovely time. Spencer has gotten obsessed with New Mexico (and green chiles!) since taking a business trip out there and a good friend is moving to Clovis next year, so I have a feeling we’ll be heading out west to visit before too long!

  10. You are so brave, I don’t know that I would have ventured out so late in my pregnancy, and with sweet little Elle.

  11. That last picture is terrific, I don’t know what you’re talking about! At least she’s looking at the camera at all.

  12. Beautiful pictures! We drove from Dallas to Taos for our honeymoon and never again do I want to make that drive! haha… I’m just not one for long car trips :)

    Glad you guys had a wonderful time!

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  14. This is so awesome. I am glad y’all had fun, and the pics of Elle are just TOO cute. Those sunglasses get me every time. Greyson has several pairs that are “his size” but of course he chooses to wear the big adult ones instead. lol

  15. What a fantastic series! Just loved hearing about your trip and all your activities. That photo of Elle coloring in the car is wonderful. So glad the girl did great (for the most part).

  16. Looks like a great trip! Who’d have guessed such a busy little girl would make such a good traveler? I definitely see a lot of pics that will show up again in 16 years on her high school graduation slide show – so many adorable ones!

  17. I LOVE your photos!! I can tell you guys had a great time from all the smiles and relaxed poses. Elle is super adorable.. she smiles and the world lights up!

    Also, I LOVE YOUR BELLY!!!! okay, that probably sounds really weird, but it’s true in a really harmless way. I think I’m so in love with my pregnant friends because my first baby is going to college in a few short weeks. *sobs*