One Month Update – 10.1.2013

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If there’s one thing I learned from Elle, it’s that time goes by way too quickly. I can’t believe that a month has already gone by since we welcomed Evie into the world and our family. Although on the other hand I can’t believe it’s only been a month as it feels like so long ago that we went to the hospital for her arrival.

While I’ve been terrible at recordkeeping the past year, I’ve loved being able to look back at the monthly updates that I wrote for Elle and I’ve promised myself that I would do the same for Evie. Though I think that almost everything that I wrote in Elle’s one month update could certainly be said for Evie–with a few exceptions. I know I’m a few days late, but here we are at one month.

Evie is such an easy and laid back baby. Except for a few days here and there, she sleeps quite a bit–especially if she’s being held. Which I have to admit I’ve allowed myself to do quite often. There isn’t anything sweeter than a baby sleeping on your chest. I haven’t attempted to give her a nap in her crib yet–most times she sleeps in the swing or in her rock n play.

Around two weeks old I swear she started smiling. Ok, so it might have been gas but I’m just going to go ahead and say she’s been smiling since two weeks old. Now she is smiling more and more and even cooing a little bit.

Evie doesn’t like her baths and I don’t really like them either. I forgot how clumsy it is bathing a baby, especially in the awkward baby bath. It’ll be so much easier when she’s not a bobble head anymore.

She has the same dark, thick hair that Elle had and it even sticks up in the same exact spot on the right side of her head. Evie’s hair has a bit of curl to it, especially right after her bath. She has a light pink “angel kiss” above her eye and her eyelashes are starting to really lengthen. Right now her eyes are royal blue and so beautiful.

When Evie yawns she unfurls her tongue and exhales a tiny little rawr. I think she’s part cat.

She sometimes sleeps with her eyes open. This freaks me out to no end and it makes it difficult to tell if she’s actually sleeping or not. My favorite is when she laughs in her sleep. My least favorite is her grunting.

Evie was grunting so much in her sleep at night that we finally moved her to our bedroom closet at three weeks (don’t worry–it’s a ventilated walk-in). Before we moved her I was waking up quite frequently and nursing her before she was ready. Now I’m sleeping a little bit more and we usually get up every four hours (twice a night). Wish we were getting one longer stretch but she has yet to keep us up all night so I’ll take it…

Honestly we haven’t gotten into a true routine yet–not quite like I had with Elle. Maybe this is because I’m letting myself go with the flow a bit more than I did with Elle? Most mornings we go for a walk now that it’s a little bit cooler. Some days it seems Evie sleeps all day, sometimes naps are harder to come by. We just take each day as it comes.

We had quite the scare a few days shy of four weeks. Evie was running a fever so I had Scott take her to the urgent care clinic that night when she was acting out of sorts. Because her fever was high the clinic sent Scott to the ER where they had to run ever test under the sun since she was under 30 days. And she was admitted until her test cultures came back. We were in the hospital for 36 hours–her initial birth stay was only 24 hours. She ended up having viral meningitis but seeing poor Evie so sick was one of the most heartbreaking thing I have experienced as a mother. Talk about fierce love.

And to answer your question, Elle is still currently in full-time preschool. We didn’t feel like it was fair to disrupt her routine when so many other things were changing. She’s adjusted better than I expected her to, but she still has some moments where she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me, especially if I am holding Evie. But then there are other times when she does want to sit with me (mostly while I am nursing) and wants to hold Evie. I know it’s just a matter of time but that little bit of tug that I’m feeling has been difficult. It’ll especially get easier once Evie does more than just make noise (as Elle calls it).

And mommy? Emotionally much better than the first time around. I’ve had two or three days with the occasional tear but for the most part life has just had to march on. But holy cow are things busy–especially in the evenings when Elle is home. I’m usually nursing Evie around the time that Elle comes home and then I make dinner. After dinner we clean up and get Elle ready for bed. Elle and I read stories and sing songs while Scott takes Evie. Then it’s usually time to nurse Evie again. So exhausting! But otherwise I haven’t given those baby blues a second thought.

I know that can’t possibly be all, but those are the highlights. Evie is an incredibly sweet baby and I’m hoping that her laid back demeanor stays. I definitely think she’ll need to be a low key and flexible babe to hang in our nonstop household. I’m so glad that she’s here and part of our family.

Very much in love…

36 Responses to “One Month Update – 10.1.2013”

  1. Trish, thanks for taking the time to update us on life as a mom of (2). Glad things seems to be going well except for thr Evie, hospital scare (awfully stressful I’m sure).

    Stay well and enjoy each day — it goes so fast.

  2. Les

    In that first photo, it looks like she’s saying, “Wow! One month already?!” ;)

    Creepy about her sleeping with her eyes open. That’s what you get for reading all those Stephen King books while pregnant. ;)

    I’m glad she’s feeling better now and it sounds like you have this “second baby” care thing down quite nicely. Go with the flow. Nothing wrong with letting her call the shots. Enjoy the coming months. Yes, they do fly, don’t they?

    Adorable photos, by the way. Love the way Elle is looking at her baby sister in one of them. :)

  3. I’m so glad you’re doing these monthly updates again; I loved following along with Elle. My kids are older now but I miss some of the new-baby things sometimes- the sleeping on my chest was particularly wonderful, I remember… Wonderful photos. I like the last one especially.

  4. I’m so glad you’re doing the same thing for the second you did for the first. I was a second, and got quite neglected with the thrill having (apparently) worn off! LOL

  5. I’m so glad the transition from 1-2 has been smoother than you expected! Evie looks and sounds like such a sweet little baby and I’m glad she’s feeling better! Love the monthly updates and photos :-)

  6. Love the updates on Evie and Elle and your family. You are doing great! My girls were 4.5 when I had Nick and so they wanted to help all the time, too much actually. I was thankful they were in PreK and gone much of the day so I could just snuggle with Nick. It will all fall in place, and you have such a beautiful family!!

  7. Sounds like Evie is a doll and that Elle is handling things well! I’m glad you’re feeling better this time around.

  8. Awww, Trish, what a sweet, lovely post. And what sweet, lovely girls you’ve got there. So beautiful–both of them!!! Of course, they’ve got a beautiful Mama, so that’s hardly surprising. You’re doing it right, dear lady, soaking up every ounce of just being together you can get. Yep, just so happy for you all! :D

  9. OMG waay toooo cute. And yes, surprising how much more relaxed you are with number 2 — and how much crazier life is with 4 in the house.

  10. I can imagine how busy your life is just now, don’t forget to look after yourself. Thank you for the update. Great pictures.

  11. I love these Elle, Evie updates!! Both girls are adorable and I love that one has blond hair and the other dark. Wonder if Evie’s will change? Glad Evie is ok!!

    I’ve slept with my eyes open on and off since I was born and it used to freak my mom out. My husband and kids get freaked out too.

  12. So sweet! So glad that you feel more able to go with the flow. Maybe that’s part of what makes this go round a bit different? And whoa – already a sick scare? No fun. Love seeing a glimpse into your sweet family. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Ti

    Elle does not look impressed in that one pic where she is holding her sis. LOL. But she looks REALLY freakin’ happy to be sitting in the font seat of the stroller. Haha! I love that you took the time to document the first month. It’s so hard to make time for stuff like this but you will be glad you did a few years from now.

    Sounds like you are doing just fine. I hope you have been able to get some rest. I am so glad that Evie is better now. I had mine in the hospital after a choking episode when she was 15 months old but at just four weeks you must have been terrified!

  14. I didn’t find out about the scare until after the fact, but I’m SO glad everything is ok now. I can’t even imagine how freaked out you must’ve been. I’m glad things are going pretty smoothly all the way around! See ya tonight!

  15. So sweet. Glad things are going smoothly for the most part, though the meningitis must have given you a scare! Much love to you guys.

  16. Beautiful baby and photos of your family, Trish! Thank you so much for sharing. The viral meningitis must have been so scary to go through, very happy that she’s ok now. Thanks for taking the time to update us. Having had two in two years, I’ve been there, and know how busy it can get, so I really appreciate the time out to say hi to us. Hi back, and thinking of you all.

  17. Oh goodness, that’s awful that she was so sick. Poor little one. Glad she’s all well now and your family is doing great!

  18. Isn’t amazing how your heart has expanded?! I think keeping Elle in preschool was a great idea, for both her and for you. So much easier for you and Evie to bond and for you to be able to rest when you can. The good news about those little twinges of guilt you have? Elle will never remember that she ever felt neglected or jealous; she will only grow up feeling deeply loved.

  19. A month? Already? No kidding time flies! What cute kids. Enjoy! But it sounds like you are and doing it all perfectly! :)

  20. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a month, already! She’s a little beauty. Love the shot of both kidlets in the stroller with big sis grinning!!

  21. When Evie yawns she unfurls her tongue and exhales a tiny little rawr. I think she’s part cat.
    A cat-like baby with such a cute smile, I’d sign up for that! =D The sleeping-with-her-eyes-open not so much though. Eep!

    Glad that she recovered from the meningitis, can’t imagine how scary that must’ve been! -hugs-

  22. She is adorable, Trish. I am glad this experience has been easier than the last. I can only imagine though how frightened you were when Evie was so sick. I am glad she is doing better.

    You almost make me want another baby. :-) Then I think, no, I’m much too old now. LOL