Pin it and Do It: October 2013 Starting Line

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The Pin It and Do It Challenge starts today! If you haven’t joined up yet, please go read the “rules” and join at any time. But basically, during the month of October DO those things you’ve been pinning! Link up any progress reports you have throughout the month. If you aren’t keep track via some type of blogging, tell us in the comments section what you’ve been up to (please don’t link to actual pins in the Mister Linky).

To sum, the game is a simple one. Just pick some things that you’ve pinned to Pinterest and do them! They can be things you pinned a year ago, things you pinned yesterday, and I’ll never know if you do something and then pin it. It’s just about having fun while doing something new or different.

In the linky below, make sure you link to your permanent url so people can easily find your post–please also include your project. In your blog updates, please link to the pin or actual web address somewhere so that those interested can have access to what you’re doing (and give credit where credit is due). Here’s an example from a previous round and all the links from the others. If you need help with any of this, please let me know. Don’t forget to leave a comment to let us know how you’re doing!

Example: Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity (Hydrogen Peroxide Uses)

I haven’t decide yet if I’ll do a wrap-up post or not. Honestly, it just depends on how that baby naps (or doesn’t) in a month. You can greatly help me out by visiting the other participants throughout the month and cheering them on.

Happy Pinning and Doing! Don’t forget to tag your post or progress with #PinItDoIt on Twitter.

14 Responses to “Pin it and Do It: October 2013 Starting Line”

  1. I just posted about the autumn wreath I made last weekend :) I also did a recipe, but that will be posted on my other blog :) Now I have to see what else I want to pin and do. I want to try some recipes with pear this month :)

  2. I’m not quite ready to join this challenge since I don’t know Pinterest well enough yet to find crafts and things I’d like to do. I have found some recipes but I’d like to do more than that. I’m going to ‘spectate’ this challenge and get prepared in case you do this challenge again in a few months. You amaze me Trish, with your energy and ambition, having just had a baby and taking care of an almost 2-year old and now you’re hosting this challenge which requires some time and attention. Good luck, Trish and have fun! I’m looking forward to your Pinterest choices!

  3. So, submitted my second Pin :) I still need to blog about that recipe, and tomorrow I will make another recipe from Pinterest! But blogging about it all, that seems the challenge for now.

  4. Here is another one from me :) From the other blog: gnocchi ovendish :) Maybe something for you to try too. It is really sweet, maybe even Elle will like it :)

  5. Another food pin from me, this time it is sushi! :D I still need to blog more recipes which I have done, and October is nearing it’s end. Oh dear ;)