Right Now I Am… [11.20.13]

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First, a big huge thank you for all of your well-wishes last week and for all of those who shared my post about Basal Cell Carcinoma. Both the Mohs and the reconstruction surgeries went very well–the cancer spot ended up being the size of a dime and the dermatologist was able to remove all of the cancer in the first try (the visible spot was about the size of a cooked grain of rice). The plastic surgeon took some skin from my right eyelid and I am currently sporting a very unattractive pressure bolster (under that awesome patch) until tomorrow. Elle has stopped telling me not to scare her, but she now tells me it looks like I have spiders on my eyes and that I’m not allowed to give her butterfly kisses. Sigh. Other than that, we are all adjusting.

Listening To: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. I’m loving the back and forth dual narration–just wish I had more listening time!

Eating: My mom took Elle for a night so Scott and I (and Evie) went out for a lovely hibachi and sushi dinner. Since I ended up not needing the milk I’d been stashing for a month, I also had an awesome glass of wine. Happy mom.

Watching: I told you that we finished Breaking Bad, right? And then we blew through Orange is the New Black (loved it!), so now I’m all caught up with Grey’s Anatomy. Other than that, I half watch whatever Scott has on. I can’t wait until we can get Evie to go down the same time as Elle and I can have my evenings back.

Reading: I’m about two thirds of the way into The Joy Luck Club for book club. I’m enjoying the book but think that I’ll end up wanting more by the end! Next up is Outlander. It’s my 2013 read and I can’t believe I haven’t gotten to it yet!

Making: I’m stalled! I have been working on hexies here and there but in December I HAVE to tackle Scott’s quilt. But, I am up to 50+ hexies–probably about halfway done. They’re pretty, aren’t they? This section is about 3×3 feet. Needs more orange and brown, yes?

Planning: A family reunion in 2015 for roughly 100-130 people. ZOMG is right. I won’t be planning the whole thing all by myself, but I am spearheading the shindig. *bites nails*

Feeling: Calm. And relaxed. It feels weird. ;) (Ok, I typed that on Monday but now it’s Tuesday evening and I’m feeling back to normal.)

Loving: The autumn colors here. I swear that every year our trees become more colorful than the last.

Wanting: Too many things to list. Let’s just say that December 1st will be a bit of a relief.

Thinking: Wondering really…do you think that style is innate? I wish I had a better sense of style. Seriously–someone come dress me!

Looking Forward To: Can you believe it–putting up Christmas decorations! I’m not putting up the village this year, but I can’t wait to decorate the tree with Elle.

And since Halloween happened…  This was the best shot I captured of the girls.

Would love to hear what YOU are listening to, eating, watching, reading, making, planning, feeling, loving, wanting, thinking, and looking forward to.

22 Responses to “Right Now I Am… [11.20.13]”

  1. Decorating is the best!

    So glad to hear you’re doing good.

    Yay for E&P!
    Audios are the best.

    I need to read or listen to the Joy Luck Club. I loved it but it’s been far too many years since I’ve read it.

  2. Your quilt is SO pretty!!! I know I need to read (listen to) Rainbow Rowell… everyone raves about her books. And the picture of the girls is just adorable :-)

  3. Love your question about style–I need the same thing! I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Outlander! The girls look super cute in their little Halloween costumes! Did Elle trick or treat? I LOVE hearing the tiny little voices saying “twick or tweat” :-)

  4. I adored the audio of Eleanor and Park!!

    Is that your driveway? Your leaves are gorgeous. Ours weren’t that pretty this year – I blame all the rain and the erratic weather.

    I wonder that about style too. I bug poor Booking Mama with fashion questions all the time. I’m beginning to think that since I haven’t figured it out by now I never will.

    • I wish that was our drive! That is a little neighborhood tucked into city that we would love to live in–maybe 4 houses with barns and horses and even longhorns! So beautiful but I think it’ll eventually be cut up and subdivided. So it goes…

  5. That is too funny about your daughter telling you not to scare her! Glad to hear the surgery went well.

    I’m also looking forward to reading Eleanor and Park! I’ve never done audiobooks but I’m thinking this would be a great way to pass the time I commute to/from work.

  6. So glad your surgeries went well AND that you got a well deserved glass of wine! LOVE the girls’ costumes! They are SO cute!!! And I’m ecstatic that you are loving Eleanor & Park!!

  7. I’m glad surgery is OVER and went well! And I’m sorry The Joy Luck Club is not really blowing your skirt up. I felt like it really came to a satisfying end with June’s last story. I hope you feel the same! See you tomorrow night.

  8. Ti

    I have style when it comes to helping others but not myself. LOL.

    I am glad that your surgery went well. I know you were a little worried about the reconstruction piece so I think the spidery eyes is a good sign that all is on the mend.

    I love that last pic of Elle and Evie. Everytime Elle is in a pic with Evie she literally takes possession of her! Like a football or something. Evie always looks so sweet, like she is thinking “Man, this kid is too much!” LOL.

    No village this year? I wanted to put our stuff up this weekend so we’d have the tree for Thanksgiving but the kids said no. Tradition says that is reserved for the day after thanksgiving so that is what we plan to do. Although, my nephew, his wife and his three young daughters are coming the day after for a visit so I am not sure when the decorating will get done.

  9. I am glad your recovery is going well! One round of MOHs! You lucky duck!
    I really enjoyed listening to Eleanor and Park and hoping to listen to Fangirl sometime in the future. I remember enjoying Joy Luck Club as well as all of Tan’s other books. I think Joy might be her first or at least one of her earliest.

    I just started listening to American Dervish and so far I like it. Haven’t been reading much lately. when I do it’s Elinor Lipmans new essay/ memoir that I got signed by her at BEA last May. So happy they opened it up to Book Lovers!!

    Been busy preparing for Thanksgiving. Expecting 26! Right now I have a chinchilla and a long haired hamster living on my dining room table!

    Hexies seem to be coming along nicely! Girls of course are adorable and your self portraits always make me smile!!

  10. Such an adorable picture of the girls!

    Beautiful quilt, wow, you’re talented.

    I’m so happy things went well for you last week. I’m glad you’re feeling calm and relaxed…good place to be.

    I could use some help with A sense of style, too!

  11. I’m a fashion moron – I blame it on not having sisters. Love the quilt but agree that it needs more orange and brown for balance. So happy that the surgery was successful.

  12. I’m glad you’re healing! Love Breaking Bad, Grey’s and Orange is the New Black. The Huz and I are watching Sopranos for the first time right now. I’m also organizing the family reunion for my extended fam for July 2014. It’s a lot of work! Hexes are gorgeous too!

  13. Fun fun post! I need to pick up my hex quilt again. I sure dropped that one cold, didn’t I?

    You are going to have a blast this Christmas with two little girls! At this house, we are starting in a whole new phase ourselves, introducing a future daughter in law to all our traditions! Here’s hoping she loves them and will be happy to participate with us now and forever in the future! :)

    As for fashion, I say bah. Who needs it? I never have and probably never will.

  14. First, I’m so glad that your skin cancer was taken care of. I had a good friend who had it done a bit further down on her nose and it was fine after a while. It didn’t happen overnight but it did happen!
    I remember that first glass of wine after Gage – glad you enjoyed it.
    And, sadly, I do think that style is innate. I wish What Not To Wear would let me nominate myself!

  15. Glad to hear things went well! (Although I knew that anyway, but I will pretend for commenting purposes I never talk to you. haha) Anyway. the quilt looks awesome! I actually like quilting, but I still don’t think we really have room for it. We are putting up a tree! Lorrie and I have NEVER put up a tree. I am really excited even if he wouldn’t let me go real. :( Conversation: I want a real tree. Him: … You are allergic to real trees… Me: Well, but, it’s Christmas! Him: You will be sick the entire time… Me: Fine. Fake then. (Stupid logic.)

  16. glad to hear your surgery went well, I really need to learn to audio read, any recommendations on how I should approach, I don’t drive so listening in the car is out. I pod?