Monday, December 23, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Baby Things

A month or so ago I asked y'all if you had any post ideas for me (seriously, help a girl out!!!) and someone asked about helpful items for a second baby. I don't know if there is anything that you need for a second baby that you wouldn't need for a first baby, but I thought I'd share with you my favorite items for any baby.

I know not everyone in my audience is a mother or even a woman, but several of these make for great gifts for new mothers (or mothers having a second or third...babe). I always appreciated the more practical gifts with my babies--it's amazing how many blankets and hats and ruffly outfits one can receive.

Aden + Anais Muslin Blankets
These muslin blankets are some of my absolute favorites. I love the delicate prints and the lightweight material. While not every baby likes to be swaddled (Elle broke through these with no effort), they do make great swaddling blankets or carrier covers or a soft wrap or even a privacy blanket while nursing.

Moby Wrap
My sister gifted me the Moby Wrap with Elle and I couldn't wait to start wearing it with Evie. Yes it is somewhat complicated to put on but I love the softness of the material and always feel that the babes are so secure. This makes running errands a breeze and I also used it a lot around the house with Elle when she was colicky.

Bouncer (we use Boppy)
This bouncer resides in our kitchen--mostly on the kitchen counter but sometimes on the kitchen table; if I need to shower while the babe is awake, I take it to the bathroom as well. It is the perfect little seat for the babes (imagine a papasan chair) and I love how mobile it is. Both of my girls really liked the vibrating sensation.

Rock 'n Play
Um so Evie is almost four months old and still naps in this thing. She loves it and both girls slept well in the rock 'n play, possibly because of the elevated position and the feeling of snugness. It's also nice how light and mobile this is.

Total Baby App
When I had Elle I tracked her nursing and diapers using pen and paper for the first several weeks. I didn't like the chart that the hospital provided with me Evie and didn't feel like recreating one, so the Total Baby App was recommended to me by a few other moms on Twitter. LOVE this app. I mainly use it for nursing and pumping and the nerd in me loves that there are charts. The app can also track diapers, naps, baths, and manual items.

Baby Ddrops
One of the pitfalls of nursing is that my milk doesn't provide Vitamin D. I basically HATE giving a dropper-full of Vitamin D every day (and either I forget or it all gets spit up anyway), so I loved the discovery of these Baby Ddrops. One drop on the nipple or finger or pacifier a day and done.

SwaddleMe Wraps
I don't think they had these wraps when I had Elle and boy do I wish that I had them then! These are my new favorite baby gift recommendation because I love them so much. We call it the straight-jacket but basically it's swaddling for dummies. At almost four months we're still using them for Evie at night (we use the muslin during the day). Greatest ever.

Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Swing
Oh the swing. Elle did all of her sleeping in this lamb swing until 7 weeks old and then she did all of her napping in the swing until she was almost 5 months old. I swore we would never use it again with a subsequent babe, but alas. While Evie doesn't use the swing nearly as much as Elle did, she does like the swing and especially the glowing stars on the mobile. We were gifted a mamaroo thingy this time and rarely ever use it! Evie much prefers the old fashioned swing.

Boppy Nursing Pillow
I love this pillow so much that I travel with it. Evie is a very fussy nurser so having this pillow has been a lifesaver (though I used it with Elle too until she finally outgrew it...even when we were finished nursing). It's also great as a little seat for the babe to nestle into. I don't think there are many things a new mom needs, but this is one of those items I couldn't do without.

So, those are a few of my favorite baby things. Are they necessary? Nope, but they do make the day to day a little bit easier.

What are you favorite baby things or your favorite go-to gifts for new moms?


  1. What a great post! There were a few items this "older" woman didn't know about -- love that there are always new things out there for babies and parents.

  2. I love this post! It's been a while since I've had a new baby so I'm not aware of all of these products. My favorite go-to gifts for new moms are always onesies and diapers. You can't have enough of those.

    1. Diapering supplies is one of the best gifts for moms!

  3. I looooved my Miracle Blanket swaddlers when my baby girl was little.

  4. Nice! Next time I am invited to a baby shower I should be good to go. :)

  5. When mine were little I loved the muslin blankets & moby wrap too (although mine wasn't a moby- some other brand of baby sling- it wasn't nearly as long). I never had a nursing pillow but always thought it would be useful. A baby monitor I found very useful- it allowed me to garden outside while baby napped indoors and I could hear her if she woke & cried

  6. Wow. Apps were not a thing when I had my daughter. I tracked on paper and still have those papers somewhere. They made no sense! And with her nursing every hour for the first 4 weeks, I was incoherent and unable to keep track of which boob I had offered her last. I resorted to stickers for a short while.

  7. All great things. Gage loved to be swaddled too and we got lots of the swaddle wraps so maybe they just hadn't made their way west yet with Elle ;) I didn't know about the D drops. Gage is a little low in D (must be all that Cleveland sun, haha) and we were giving him vitamins but they were making him too hyper. That boy is so sentive to different foods and additives. Be thankful that yours aren't - it's a pain!

  8. Goodness how things have changed since my babies were babies!

  9. We have a little bouncer and my little guy loves it ... there are two little animal stuffies that hang from it and he just stares at them. It's cute! And I love that it's portable!

    I give him vitamin D and probiotics right now ... I put the drops on his soothie, which is so easy. It's just me remembering to give the drops to him that takes some time!

    Great list!


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