Operation Trifle Dish

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It’s been a year since my last Operation Use My…!  Holy Hannah time passes quickly. If you’re new to Love, Laughter, Insanity, Operation Use My Kitchen Stuff began in 2012 when I made a goal to start using those pesky items in my kitchen that take up space but aren’t often used. Operation Use My Trifle is my sixth installment.

Operation Trifle was a bit tricky for me because Scott cannot eat fresh fruits. There is an abundance of recipes online for trifle desserts but so many with fruit!! Plus I wanted to stretch and see what else I could use the trifle dish for besides dessert. Overall it was a pretty successful operation and we had some yummy eating.

Lessons Learned:

  • Trifles are such a pretty way to present desserts. But people seem to be at a loss on how to dish them up. Just scoop it out folks! It doesn’t have to be pretty once it hits the plate/bowl (and it probably won’t be).
  • Trifles make for a huge dessert (or whatever you’re serving in the trifle). These babies go a long way.
  • The dishes and steps to creating a trifle. OMG. Because of the layers I often had three or four mixing bowls and so many ingredients.

The Recipes:

Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie Trifle
from How Sweets It Is

So rich, so delicious. Sinful. And not a fruit in sight.

Lemon Berry Trifle
from Barefoot and Baking

I made this trifle a little more complicated than the original recipe because I cooked the fruit over the stovetop before combining the trifle so that Scott could eat it. But so good and I ate on the leftovers for a few days. Just a spoonful here and there…

Seven Layer Salad
adapted from Allrecipes and Southern Food

I made this for a birthday party potluck and the trickiest part was digging in for that first spoonful. I received a lot of compliments but honestly I don’t think people knew how to eat it. I thought it was delicious and it was just as good the next day.

Fresh Fruit Trifle

I made this for Easter brunch last year and Elle loved “helping” me cut up the fruit–or at least taste test the fruit. From bottom to top: pineapple, bananas, kiwi, blueberries and blackberries, raspberries, strawberries.

Tortellini Trifle

Ok, so I totally made this one up. Cooked tortellini layered with spaghetti sauce and tossed with cheese. Whatever. I really wanted to make a taco salad but household allergies cross over to fresh veggies as well.

White Chocolate Tiramisu Trifle
from Rachael Ray

I forgot to take a picture before the candles and clown heads. (Clown heads thanks to Elle). This was actually one of the easier trifle desserts that I made but I was surprised to learn that the party guests (aka my family) are not big fans of mascarpone. I think if I ever made this one again I would need to make it a little sweeter.

Where Do I Go From Here?

Oh Trifle dish. You are sure do make a pretty dessert. But alas, I don’t think you’ll get a ton of use in my household. I think trifles work best for big family gatherings–which we have a fair number of–but most of these dishes were quite a bit of work. I think the trifle will be relegated to fancier affairs rather than everyday.

What’s next? Fondue Pot!!! Ok, so maybe the real reason why I’ve been slacking on the Operation Kitchen Stuff is because I know that fondue pot is one of the last things on my list. I’ve even toyed with starting all of the other operations over again since it’s been a year or two for some of them. Can you believe that the only thing we have used our fondue pot for is to heat up queso? And not even good queso–just heated up the jarred kind. I know, so sad.  Honestly I’m terrified of making fondue!!  I would love to hear if you have any suggestions or recipes you love.

What’s your favorite thing to make in a trifle dish?

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42 Responses to “Operation Trifle Dish”

  1. I honestly can’t imagine having any use for such a large serving dish, unless I was doing a fruit salad for a huge crowd. Wow–kudos to you for trying to make use of it.

  2. I like your idea to use a kitchen item or gadget that’s been sitting around. I ought to do that with my wok. The trifles are gorgeous!

  3. I do love a good trifle. I tend to use a big glass bowl rather than a specific trifle dish, but it does look so pretty in yours. Not sure about the savoury trifles though! lol

  4. I love the idea of using the trifle bowl for green salad. I don’t know why I never thought of that. So pretty. I have to try that mascarpone recipe because sounds like something we would like (not overly sweet).

  5. Oh I love your trifle variations! And yes, I think a good trifle should look pretty in the bowl but messy when served.
    Good idea using the bowl for salads and fruit salads; I would probably try a layered chicken caesar salad.

  6. Everything looks gorgeous in a trifle dish! Ha ha … And I so know about a little bite here, a little bite there. I’m TERRIBLE for that. I think I especially love it when it’s full of fresh fruit. That’s too bad Scott can’t eat it! I would be over in an instant digging in. :) Oh and that peanut butter one? YUM.

    Good luck with the fondue pot! I remember going to a friend’s for Chinese fondue, which was a lot of fun, but we’ve never really done the sweet fondue thing before. It’s always good when you have lots of people around, but if you’re doing savoury, be prepared for a LONG meal.

    Good job, Trish!

  7. I don’t even own a trifle dish because they’re so big.

    Fondue is easy to make! Carl and I actually took a fondue class one time and had a lot of fun. We don’t have it often because of his cholesterol but I did make my mom and sister eat it with me while they were here.

  8. I must try that chocolate one for my son’s b day. Fondue Pots! I used mine quite a lot before I had children. I think it’s a bit of work, great for an evening with a couple of friends, and conversation. It’s an open flame, for heavens sake. I love it, might be good instead of a barbeque/cookout. I’ve done it all, Chocolate with fruit, cheese and bread cubes and steak and veggies. Wish I had used it when my husband had his cousins here from Europe, we sat and talked for hours, perfect for this kind of dish. Never thought of it. How’s that hex quilt?

  9. Love all the things you used your trifle dish for! The layered salad and fresh fruits look so beautiful in clear glass dishes. Can’t wait to see what you do for fondue — I don’t have a fondue set but I do love fondue so maybe you can convince me. :)

  10. I have never owned a trifle dish in 30 years of marriage and only occasionally wished I had one. But they do make for beautiful desserts and to serve fruit. I wondered about doing the layered salad but was it hard to dig out some of everything? Oh gracious, I have a delicious cheese fondue recipe I’ll have to find for you! Back in the original day of fondue pots, my parents used to heat oil in them and you’d cook bits of meat in them but I can’t remember what else they would have cooked in the oil.

  11. I use my trifle bowl as a decoration. :) I’m a writer, so I printed out a bunch of writing prompts on strips of paper, curled the strips and the bowl is full of them for handy inspiration. I don’t think I’ve ever used my fondue pot, so I’m looking forward to seeing what you do.

  12. A traditional English trifle: custard (which I made from scratch), followed by lady fingers, then beef-sauteed with peas and onions…know what I’m talking about?? ;-)

    Also, Pioneer Woman made a delicious looking salad in her trifle dish just a couple of weeks ago on her Food Network show :)

  13. I love making trifle, but haven’t done it a whole lot either. I did one recently for a shower we had at my house and I did notice that people were scared to be the first one to dip into it! It made me laugh. (When I make it just for my own little family, we have no problems!)

  14. A very entertaining and tasty post. I confess I love the Green Salad trifle the best.

    Janel’s got a great idea, there, with using the dish to display household or decorative items too. How about a trifle dish full of Christmas ornaments or small gourds at the holidays?

  15. Wow! You’ve done a lot with that dish! My husband bought our trifle dish and he’s the only one who’s ever used it. I think that’s because he likes big creamy desserts and I don’t, usually. Although all these that you’ve put up look delicious! I would use our trifle dish for fruit salad except we have a special half-watermelon shaped ceramic dish especially for fruit salad! (Got that as a gift. It’s nice, but it’s ONLY used for fruit salad at large gatherings, so another dish that doesn’t get much use.)

  16. Oh, that tiramisu trifle would be a hit with me! Love it. All of your trifles look amazing. Good luck this year with fondue!

  17. I don’t own one of these dishes just because I thought it might be a dust collector. I love all that you’ve done with including salads and main dishes. Very creative. I would love to try that first chocolate PB dessert most of all though!

  18. You did so well, Trish! Trifle dishes are lovely, and I often see them lookin’ fresh and pretty at baby or bridal showers . . . but rarely otherwise. Love the idea of using them more in the everyday, but I could absolutely not be left alone with a peanut butter fudge brownie trifle in our two-person household. ;)

  19. Ti

    I’ve done the seven layer salad thing and the people had no trouble completely destroying it in less than 5 minutes. It was decimated!

    You can put punch in there. I love that sherbet punch that uses 7 Up and rainbow sherbet.

    Mostly, I see it used for pudding type desserts.

  20. I love these projects so much, and I’m appalled that your family doesn’t like mascarpone! My family probably wouldn’t either, and I’d totally tell them they were crazy. Thanks for giving me some ideas if I see a trifle dish in our wedding gifts.

  21. Nice! I have a trifle dish and have used it once or twice to do a sliced banana, pudding, nilla wafer, cool whip layer combo. It’s a hit with my dad and Jason. All of yours look so yummy, especially that salad!
    I’ve never heard of anyone being allergic to fresh fruits and veggies.

  22. What all did you put in your seven layer salad? I can imagine that the first scoop would be pretty hard. I wish trifle bowls were half as tall as they are! Mine has only been used as a salad bowl thus far in our marriage of 6 yrs. It doesn’t have a stem/stand–it’s flat on the bottom, so it can be disguised as a salad bowl more readily than a tall trifle dish.

  23. We have a trifle dish that I have never used a single time though I was the one who asked for it. Our main problem is that we live in a household of three with little to no entertaining (and only super casual when we do) and no local family. It feels weird to force something just to use it and we don’t want gobs and gobs of extra food. Maybe I just need to let it go?

    And we did chocolate fondue for Valentine’s Day with the three of us at home. I used the set (electric) a couple of times (for both savory and dessert) years ago but then, with a kid, we decided it was a dangerous idea what with the cord and all until now. Z did great at The Melting Pot around Christmas time so we did the home fondue this month and it was a big success. Hubby is lactose-intolerant so cheese fondue is out but I think we’ll try an actual meat and veg version soon!

  24. The Seven Layer Trifle reminds me of the episode of Friends in which Rachel tries to make a trifle, but makes a hybrid of trifle and a Shepherd’s Pie. Probably one of my favourite scenes on TV.