Tales from the Crib

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When Scott and I were looking for baby monitors during my pregnancy with Elle, Scott tried to talk me into the most expensive baby monitor on the market. Of course he did. Frugal me thought we could get by with just a regular non-video sound monitor. Although we didn’t go with the most expensive model, Scott won the fight and we ended up with a video monitoring system.

To this day it is one of the best baby purchases we have made. With Elle (and now Evie) sleeping on a different floor from us, the video has provided peace of mind more times than I can count. And sure, I might be a tad obsessive at checking the monitor to make sure all is ok, but I love love love looking at the monitor and seeing my babes blissfully sleeping.

Besides peace of mind, though, the monitor has provided us with endless amounts of entertainment. We’ve watched Elle singing nursery rhymes while waving her blankie in the air and we’ve laughed about the various sleep positions in the crib (my favorite is when knees are tucked under so the little bobo is raised in the air). Since I usually put my babies down for nap when they are sleepy but still awake, from time to time I’ve watched the monitor with great exasperation while the babes chatted themselves to sleep.

The first video below is Elle. I can’t remember how old she is but not old enough to be pulling up on the crib yet. She had just learned to blow raspberries and on this particular nap day she thought it would be more fun to make noise than sleep. After I took the video I did have to go up and rock her a bit but I remember her taking a great nap that afternoon.  The second video is of Evie a few weeks ago (just after 5 months) when we finally stopped swaddling her during naps. Talk talk talk talk–ooooh, toes in my mouth! (apologies for the iphone recording of the monitor–and warning that there is baby screeching in both videos)

I’ll never ever ever forget, though, the first time that Elle discovered the camera sitting on top of her crib. Scott and I were watching as she pulled up her little head so her eyes were right in front of the monitor. She looked at it ever so curiously and then swiped it to the ground. We nearly died of laughter but promptly mounted the camera to the wall the next day.

Almost every night since we’ve had babies, I check the monitor before putting my head on the pillow to go to sleep. Every single time it melts my heart to see my sleeping babes. And every time I pass the monitor over to Scott and ask “Look! don’t you just love them?” There are few things that are sweeter than a sleeping babe.

Do you have any tales from the crib?

I was invited by the folks behind Dropcam to share my tales from the crib. Even though my monitor isn’t dropcam and I have no affiliation with Dropcam, it was fun reminiscing. This is not a paid post. The kind folks a Dropcam invite you to share your own tales from the crib–if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll pass on the contact information.

18 Responses to “Tales from the Crib”

  1. So cute :) We didn’t have any monitor for our kids, and I kinda feel like I missed out on hours of entertainment!

  2. Ti

    They are a lot alike with all that rolling around! LOL.
    And can I tell you, I love you even more because used the word Wonky in that first one? I use that word all the time.

    We never had a video monitor but my son always went down, no fuss but the girl only slept when I was at the mall. No kidding! I am still paying off the debt incurred from shopping every day until she was oh… age 4. As soon as I popped into the mall, she would fall into a deep sleep and as soon as I stepped into the parking lot, didn’t matter if it was an hour later or three, she’d wake. To this day, she asks me to go to the mall at least three times a week.

  3. What wonderful memories! Our first monitor was an audio only one, but when that malfunctioned, I talked my husband into a visual/audio one. It didn’t have a recording feature, unfortunately. Truth be told though, it was a waste of money, both of them. It did bring comfort, seeing her in her crib, but her room wasn’t so far away that I couldn’t hear her cry or call out when she woke up.

  4. So funny! My problem is when do you take the monitor out of their room? The Tornado is 4 and I still like to check in on him just to make sure everything’s okay!

  5. How I wish that we had had these when my babies were babies! What wonderful memories. There really is nothing better than looking at your babies sleeping – washes away the worst of days!

  6. Aww, I love it! My little guy is really good for bedtime, but it’s naps where he talks and talks. It just happened recently where he’ll ooh and ahh at his mobile and just natter on to himself getting louder and louder, not yet angry, but just happy and content. Then, of course, he gets mad after he realizes I’ve left him in there for a nap and I have to go soothe him, but I love watching him on the monitor as he talks to everything around his crib. And yes, like you, I turn on the video at night before I go to sleep. I just love watching him sleep!

  7. When I was pregnant, I was convinced that video monitors were just plain creepy. Then, you guessed it, I bought one and now I love on it pretty hard. I can’t imagine not being able to look and see what’s going on in the room; and I’m reasonably sure that if I didn’t have video, I would be peeking my head in the room. We recently moved Madison to a “big girl bed” and now I can’t fully see her when it is dark in the room, and it is driving me nuts. I can only see her if she’s rolled on her side (on her back, she blends into the bed).

    And my favorite position was always the bobo in the air one too, especially when she put her arms straight down her sides too (just looks hilarious to me).

  8. How adorable!
    I don’t even think they had these when my babies were babies. If I had one now I’d get one for sure.

  9. Love it! So, Gage is 3 and yes, we could get rid of the monitor, but it’s the peace of mind that keeps me turning it on. No longer for naps, but at night. He tends to get up and there’s really no telling what he’d get into if he had free rein of the house. I know I could give it up, but I just don’t want to!