The Fives – Sunday Salon 78

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Happy Sunday!! While most of you are freezing, we’re experiencing some warmer than normal temps this week. So nice compared to the colder than normal temps we were having. I don’t mean to boast–the Farmer’s Almanac is calling for a hotter and drier summer than normal so I’m sure we’ll have our payback for a little taste of early spring (and I never forget that in Dallas the winter is never finished when you think it might be!

Today I’m pulling out a post from the drafts folder. Many many months ago I saw this little meme at Silly Little Mischief and thought I’d follow Linda’s prompts and play along. Feel free to borrow as well and let me know if you post your answers!

5 books I’ve recently add to my TBR pile

  • The Tempest by Shakespeare (for The Classics Spin #5)
  • A Clockwork Orange by Burgess (for Classics Club)
  • A Light in August by Faulkner (for Classics Club)
  • Labor Day by Maynard (for face to face book club next week)
  • The Golem and the Jinni by Wecker (was a Kindle Daily Deal)

5 books I’m planning to read (in the near future)
(All of these are for Comics February)

  • Castle Waiting by Linda Medley
  • Stitches by David Small
  • Ethel and Ernest by Raymond Briggs
  • Relish by Lucy Knisley
  • A Game for Swallows by Zeina Abirached

5 books I own but still haven’t read
(Totally random list. Um, and 200+ others…)

  • Sense and Sensiblity by Austen
  • Zorro by Allende
  • Lonesome Dove by McMurty
  • Blood Meridian by McCarthy
  • Amsterdam by McEwan

5 books from series that I need to continue
(some of these I may or may not continue)

  • Flavia de Luce series (read first two)
  • Stephanie Plum series (read first)
  • Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series (read first)
  • Outlander (read first)
  • Cemetery of Forgotten Books series (read first)

5 soon to be released books that I’m looking forward to reading

  • I should be fired from book blogging for having NO answer to this question! :)

It’s your turn! 

31 Responses to “The Fives – Sunday Salon 78”

  1. Lonesome Dove is great…though kinda long. I know how you love the giant books! ;) I actually have a new book I’m looking forward to releasing this year–the newest Outlander one! Is the Labor Day you’re reading for book club the same book as the movie that is releasing soon?

  2. This is a great meme! Like you I have too many books I own but haven’t read :)

    Looking forward to your review of the graphic novels. I’ve only read Relish which I loved but am curious about the others!

  3. I love the meme! From your lists, I just added The Golem and the Jinni too, I plan on reading Castle Waiting (it’s been on my shelf for over a year now), and I own Lonesome Dove as well and have yet to read it! Enjoy the reading! Suzanne @ Chick with Books

  4. You have some fantastic graphic novels awaiting you! Stitches and Ethel and Ernest are well-written. I may have to borrow this meme.

  5. I’m so glad I came across this post! I was in need of a way to procrastinate, and instead I wound up both clarifying my reading priorities and creating a list of 25 books that truly excite me.

    Added bonus: your blog is fantastic, and I’m excited to start following. Happy Sunday!

    Anna // Raking Havage

  6. Oh gosh, I need to get back to the Flavia series, too. I really enjoyed the first book, but haven’t read any more. Same deal with Divergent. I’m a series slacker!

    So many great books in this post. Enjoy!

  7. Les

    Fun meme. Might have to borrow it since I haven’t drafted any reviews and am sorely behind!

    I keep meaning to read Lonesome Dove. I hear it’s wonderful, but the size always puts me off.

    I didn’t care much for Amsterdam, but I loved Atonement and liked Saturday.

    I see you have Blood Meridan in your stacks. Have you read All the Pretty Horses? It’s very good!

  8. I never know what is soonly or newly released. Just not my style. I wouldn’t fire you! We can be the book bloggers that look back rather than forward?

  9. This is really fun! And, I mean, I never ever know which books are coming out so nooo, you shan’t be fired from book blogging, I’m afraid. I can literally think of one book that’s out this year that I’m desperate to read and that’s it.

    I’m totally going to do this though because FUN!!

  10. I forgot about Ethel & Ernest! I have been meaning to read it for a long time and this is probably as good a time as any. I hope you love Relish because I think it is a complete delight. I think you’ll also love The Golem & The Jinni – I just finished the audio and I liked it a lot, though I didn’t passionately love it. Also I work in publishing and I barely know what’s coming out from other houses unless it’s something everyone at work is talking about!

  11. I chuckled over your books you have but haven’t read comment. How many of us have many books to choose from?! It would be hard to choose just 5.

  12. This was fun to read so I just might have to do it myself. I have found that the Janet Evanovich series is much better to listen to in my opinion. They aren’t books to take seriously whatsoever but they do make me laugh out loud while I’m listening. I was sitting at my desk at work shaking with laughter one day thanks to one of these :)