Gone Camping!

Posted 17 March, 2014 by Trish in Life, Road Trip / 26 Comments

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Well, the title should actually be “Went Camping” as we’re already done, but that doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it.

For years Scott and I have talked about getting a camper. Talk talk talk. We both enjoy being outdoors and there is such a short window of camping time in Texas because of the extreme summer heat, so tent camping only takes us so far. Plus, you know, the kids. I know we could camp in tents with kids, but we’re kind of wimpy that way.

Finally, after enough talk, we got a small camper a few weeks ago. We took our first trip this past weekend to Beavers Bend State Park in southeastern Oklahoma, about three hours from home. Sunshine was in the forecast when we planned the trip, but unfortunately the rain sent us home a night early. We took advantage of the dry time that we did have and had a blast. I can’t wait until we can go on our next trip. I’m hoping there are many adventures and memories ahead for our little family.

Beavers Bend is a gorgeous park but the RV sites are first come, first serve with very few reserved spots (which are reserved out for weeks). What we are finding is that our “fly by the seat” travel philosophy doesn’t fit well with camping as spots go quickly. We are having this trouble with Yellowstone for this summer as people have been reserving for a year! I think the weather thwarted many campers’ plans this weekend, though, and we got lucky with a lovely riverside campsite.

The girls did great camping. Elle loved it and we “hiked” out to the different playgrounds and a little stream down the way. Elle loves exploring and has no qualms with getting a little (or a lot) dirty. The fresh air did us all amazing good. Our one oversight was not bringing a baby carrier other than the hefty hiking pack or bringing anywhere to set her down outside. She hung out in the hiking pack much of the time but it wasn’t ideal.

Both girls slept well in the camper–Evie was so tired that she ended up sleeping until 10:30 the next morning after one early morning nursing. I wondered how she would sleep in the pack and play but she didn’t make a single peep after I put her down for sleep. On Saturday we cooked breakfast (outdoor cooking might just be my favorite part of camping), played outside, and then drove around the park exploring while it rained. We ate pizza at a local restaurant before deciding to pack up and head back to Dallas as a huge storm was headed our way. I’m sad our trip got caught a little short but it was a wonderful time together.

26 Responses to “Gone Camping!”

  1. It looks so pretty there! I camped with my family as a kid but hubby is not a fan so I’m not sure we’ll ever do it. That’s okay though because I like hotels and rental homes too. ;) Sometimes I get a bit jealous of campers though. I’m glad you all had fun!

  2. A camper is so great when the weather is bad — you can stay dry and warm inside and play games. It’s so much harder to be with kids in a tent.

  3. Les

    I love everything about this post! Such great photos. I love the way Elle is hugging you tight in that one shot and laughing in the other with you and Evie. Scott must have a strong back to carry Evie in the pack and hold Elle!

    You are going to have so much fun with that camper. This is a dream of Rod’s and mine. We better start making serious plans before too much more time gets away from us…

  4. My grandparents had an RV, and I absolutely loved crawling above the driver’s seat to read or nap in the little nook. They’re both gone now, but I still remember the days of watching MASH late at night with a bowl of grahams and milk as a bedtime treat. So glad you guys are able to do this together.

  5. Ti

    You guys had the whole place to yourselves! So lovely. I am glad it went well for you. Were you worried about Elle being so close to the water? I freaked about that stuff when my kids were young.

  6. This looks like so much fun!! This last summer, we hit the road in a rented RV and toured a few days in Yellowstone and some ghost towns. It was so much fun, but my husband missed out. I’m hoping for some camping fun to happen this summer, especially since we are moving back to a part of the country that I know for camping!!

  7. Love the photos! The girls are so cute!
    My parents took me and my brother camping all the time when we were growing up and we also went camping with the boy/girl scouts so I’ve always loved camping. When we were about 11 they bought a cabin on a lake and we went camping there for a few years before they decided to build on to it and we moved there permanently. Your post brings back lots of good memories!

  8. What fun! The pictures are great Trish. It’s so much fun inroducing kids to things like camping. As a kid I spent half my life at campgrounds and still have great memories of it.

  9. This makes me so happy! I’m glad you had a wonderful weekend. The Huz and I love trips like this and it’s so encouraging to see that you can still do them after having kids!

  10. What a fun trip! I adore camping.. there’s something special about being out in all that open air, with freshness surrounding you. Glad you guys had a great weekend!

  11. This looks really fun. And yes… Yellowstone is reserved a year out. We went last September 2013 and I reserved in May of 2012!!! No joke. I called on the day the reservations opened.

  12. It looks like you had a great time! I am not a big camper, so no camping dreams here, but it would be better to see more places if you brought your own place to sleep!