Arches National Park | Roadtrip 2014

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Arches National Park

I was crushed when our trip to Yellowstone fell through. I was so scared that it meant no camping trip but Scott suggested that we revise our plan and take another trip instead. “Don’t you want to go to Moab or Lake Powell or something?”  Me: “!!!!”

I knew that we weren’t going to have enough time in Moab (Utah), and I debated and debated over what to see while we were there. Canyonlands National Park? Dead Horse Point State Park? Arches National Park? I decided that Arches would be the best bet with Evie and Elle and that we could maybe do a bit of hiking as well. I wasn’t thrilled about the prospect of being in the car again after having driven from Colorado the day before, but I figured we could play it by ear.

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I’m so glad that we decided to drive through the park. Arches National Park is absolutely amazing. I tried and tried to whittle down the pictures to share here but I couldn’t. Sorry not sorry. Hopefully the collages help.

Arches National Park

Arches NP is in Southeastern Utah–in the western part of the US. Over thousands of years the elements have shaped the landscape into a visual feast. I can honestly say that pictures cannot convey the awe that we expressed as we drove through the park. The thing that amazes me so much about Arches NP (and really all of The West) is how you can drive for 10 minutes and see an entirely different landscape on the horizon. It really is incredible.



The famous Delicate Arch above. It looks so small here (and it was smaller than I expected given that it graces most of the Utah license plates). It was a three mile hike to the arch so we snapped this from the truck.


Arches National Park

Balanced Rock above. I mean, right? How?!



Above: Me snapping pictures from the truck (often hanging out the window); Evie playing with her toes and probably singing; Elle passed out five minutes after we got into the park; Evie in the hiking carrier. She loved being in the carrier.


Arches National Park

Three Gossips. Love this one.


Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower.


Arches National Park

At The Cave of Coves and Double Arch. This was a short but great hike with the girls. Lots of sand and dirt. Elle was much more interested in finding lizards than in the arches. Oh to be three.



Fiery Furnace, Double Arch (with me and Scott), The Devil’s Garden


Arches National Park

Fiery Furnace (so named because of the color of the rocks when the sun is setting). I love all the depth in this picture–the rocks, the plateaus, the La Sal mountains in the background.


Arches National Park

The Devil’s Garden. Sadly it was so windy here that we didn’t go very far.



The drive through the park is about 14 miles–with several loops off the main track–and we were in the park for about five hours (obviously taking our time). Honestly if not for the wind near the end (and the girls), I could have spent even longer driving through the park. I imagine that even the sights that we did see look entirely different as the sun rises and sets.


Arches National Park

Double Arch. You can see the teeny tiny person on the left hand side for scale.

Seriously seriously fantastic. Seriously.




19 Responses to “Arches National Park | Roadtrip 2014”

  1. Beautiful pics of the scenery, but even more amazing are the kids. So well behaved (at least while they were having their pictures taken LOL). And growing up so fast! How does that happen?!!!

  2. I love Arches! It really is an amazing place. I was there in the 70s — when I wasn’t all that into photography (alas).

  3. That’s ONE thing that I regret about leaving Texas – we never did get around to seeing the southwest states while we were here, and it’ll be much harder now that we’ll be in Boston…

  4. I went to Arches over Easter and loved it so much. My grandmother stays in Grand Junction so it is a really short car ride. I think that is a great park for kids. It’s not very big so you can get through it in no time. The Delicate Arch is big but you have to hike up to it to really see it. I love your pictures!

  5. We did Arches National Park on the same trip as our Lake Powell camping and it was so gorgeous! I just loved seeing all the unique shapes the rock formations made. I love your photos and it looks like it was a wonderful road trip!