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Camping Lake Powell


Yup, still going through the couple hundred pictures I took on The Most Epic Roadtrip in June. Because we went to so many different places, I’ve been thinking I’d share the highlights of where we went and then do a single post on the actual camping (with kids) aspect. Best laid plans, right? Though hopefully you had a chance to check out our side trip to Arches National Park, which was the stop right before Lake Powell.

Lake Powell has long been a bucket list destination for me–though the bucket list item is to stay on an actual houseboat on the lake rather than in a camper. Even though we didn’t rent a houseboat this trip, I’m so glad that we were able to visit and take a cruise around the Wahweap Marina and even a bit of the lake. Lake Powell sits in the very southeastern part of Utah and dips down into Arizona (even though most of the lake is in Utah, our actual campground was in Page, Arizona. Looking at the picture above of our camper, the view in the back (literally all of it) is Utah while the camper sits in Arizona.

Lake Powell is the second largest man-made reservoir in the United States (behind Mead) and the length is about 185 miles long! The surroundings are quite sparse–like it was incredibly deserty driving up to the lake, but the sandstone around the lake makes for a stunning backdrop. Visitors are welcome to boat around the lake and throw up a tent onshore, sleep on the boat, or camp with facilities in various marinas.

Anyway, Lake Powell was a bit of a hike away from the rest of our camping spots, but it was worth the trip and I hope that we’ll be back again. And next time to rent one of those houseboats!

The weather was HOT and dry and we headed to the beach to swim in the water, which was nice and cool. Despite the sour faces, everyone was having a great time. Ha! One day my girls will smile for the camera, right? Pills.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell


After naps and such, we took a boat tour of Antelope Canyon. We almost didn’t take the tour because the girls were tired and I wasn’t sure how they would do, but I’m glad we did. Below you can see pictures from the trip as far as the boat could take us in the water. Seeing the erosion of the water and the wind was incredible and next time I’d love to do the actual hike through Antelope Canyon.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell

Lake Powell

Lake Powell

Lake Powell

Lake Powell

Lake Powell

That’s pretty much it! We had a lovely campsite which was incredibly clean and surprisingly they allowed us to burn fires (several of the campsites we went to did not allow open flames). I put up my hammock and read for a little after the girls went to bed and of course indulged in some s’mores.

Fun in the sun for sure!


17 Responses to “Lake Powell | Roadtrip Pictures”

  1. What beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a lot of fun. The girls may not smile but they’re cuties! If your kids are like mine the next phase you get will be the exaggerated fake smile, then you’ll get a few years of nice smiles before they become teenagers and then all bets are off. Reading in a hammock sounds like heaven!

  2. Laura

    Love the pictures! These girls will have such fond memories of these epic road trips! :)

  3. Ti

    Such pretty shots.

    I love that you document all of your trips. I don’t know when I will ever get to go anywhere with all of these activities we are always juggling.

  4. Meg

    Looks so fun — love your shots! The boat ride looks great. That’s a part of the country I haven’t made it to yet, but definitely one of these days!

  5. Looks like you had fun! We love houseboating on Lake Powell — it’s a fun, relaxing way to enjoy the water/scenery, especially if you want to stay for more than a couple days. I highly recommend it for your next trip.

  6. Great pictures, Trish! Antelope Canyon is gorgeous. I think my brothers may have been to Lake Powell when they went on a couple of canoe trips with the Boys Scouts. It’s about an 8 hour drive from San Diego, so I think I’m right. The topography reminds me a bit of our big lake in Nebraska (Lake McConaughy near Ogallala). Desolate. Hardly any trees. I’m used to Lake Shasta (central CA) and Lake Vermillion (Minnesota), which are both surrounded by forests. But, I’ll take any lake any day. Love being on the water!

    P.S. They may not always smile for your photos, but they are absolutely beautiful little girls. I love that shot of Elle with her floaties and polka-dot hat.

  7. The husband and I were talking of visiting Lake Powell sometime this year but it didn’t quite pan out. It’s definitely on the list for next year or so. The photos on the internet were just mesmerizing. Glad that you enjoyed the place too and your photos are great! Makes me want to go there sooner.

  8. OK… so I was so excited to check out these houseboats you were talking about at Lake Powell. I thought… that is perfect for my dad and I. 3 days on one is almost $3000. Ummm.. WTF. That is more then a cruise.. that is more then… well a lot of vacations. So that will never happen for my dad and I. I would like to get down to Lake Powell. I am always in Utah just up by Salt Lake so we aren’t close to Southern Utah.

  9. I’m not much one for any destination that’s deserty – this girl loves the green. But a lake and great scenery does appeal and it looks like a great place to be.