Cook it Up! October Link-Up

Posted 4 October, 2014 by Trish in In the Kitchen / 8 Comments


Cook It Up Challenge


Welcome to the October Edition of Cook It Up! Feel free to join in the challenge at any time, any month. The idea is to pull those cookbooks of your shelves and use them. These can be cookbooks that you already own or cookbooks that you’d like to check out from the library (or borrow from a friend?). You can cook from one cookbook over the course of the month or pick and choose recipes from different cookbooks. And feel free to make a dozen recipes or just one. You make the rules!

My September FLEW by. I’m not even convinced that September actually happened or what I cooked. Funny because this is the first month in a long time that we didn’t have any family trips, though I guess Scott had two business trips and I can’t be bothered to cook anything involved when he’s gone. On the very last day of September I managed to cook two recipes from Tiny Food Party. I’m thinking for October I might break out the crockpot and some slow cooked recipes. I have my fingers crossed that October doesn’t go by as quickly as September does. Because then Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years MAKE IT STOP.

Please link up any Cook it Up posts you’ve written since the last link-up below: (in other words, anything you cooked up since September 6th)

Any successes or difficulties last month? Anyone else eager to reach for some of those soup/slow cooker cookbooks this month?

The next Cook It Up link-up will be Saturday, November 1st. See you back then!




8 Responses to “Cook it Up! October Link-Up”

  1. I don’t end up cooking anything involved when J’s gone either. I might do a baked pasta but that’s about as complicated as it gets. The Tiny Foods cookbook looks so fun. I also vote that October slows down. Right now I’m on top of things but if October goes as quickly as September went I’m going to be way behind!

  2. September did fly by! It was definitely too busy for complicated recipes with pages of ingredients, which is why I cooked very little from my chosen book this month.

  3. Ti

    I have three crock pots but none with a timer. I need a timer. I leave at 5am and do not return until 5pm so most things are way overdone by the time I get home. I once left it to The Teen to turn it down for me when he got home but he turned it UP and it was burnt to a crisp.

  4. I am so excited to have found you! I have been slowly making my way thru my over 200 cookbooks. I need all the motivation I can get, so I’ll be coming back to link up every month.
    I’ve also been looking thru your blog—your philosophy is similar to mine. (although I could be your mother–LOL) Love to cook, love to read, love to talk about my life, family and friends. That’s what I like to blog about.
    I’ll be back. Have a good week.

    • Thanks for visiting Debbie! And yes, join in with the cookbook cooking and come back on November 1st for the next link-up! And thank you for your sweet sweet words–sounds like we have a lot in common.