Cook it Up! A Cookbook Challenge Link-up 7

Posted 7 February, 2015 by Trish in In the Kitchen / 13 Comments

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Cook It Up Challenge


Welcome to the Seventh Edition of Cook It Up! Feel free to join in the challenge at any time, any month. The idea is to pull those cookbooks off your shelves and use them. These can be cookbooks that you already own or cookbooks that you’d like to check out from the library (or borrow from a friend?). You can cook from one cookbook over the course of the month or pick and choose recipes from different cookbooks. And feel free to make a dozen recipes or just one. You make the rules!

For the month of January (and some of December) I cooked from Dinner: A Love Story. I’m actually still making my way through the cookbook as there are so many good things here. So you might see DALS again for me for the next link-up. The highlight was certainly the pork ragu, but we’ve found a few other keepers in the cookbook and I just loved Jenny’s words and wisdom and confessions on parenthood and bringing the family together at dinner.

Dinner: A Love Story


Since writing my original post for DALS, we cooked her Grandma Jody’s Chicken (also found under Chicken with Asparagus Ketchup on her website). The chicken was tender and juicy (thanks Les for the tip on Smart Chicken!), and the panko provided a nice crispy crust. The chicken itself was bland but I made an impromptu pan sauce of lemon, white wine, and butter. That gave the chicken all the flavoring it needed! Sorry for the lame picture–I had already foiled the leftover with the roasted cauliflower…


Crispy Chicken

More of Dinner: A Love Story linked below…



Please link up any Cook it Up posts you’ve written since the last link-up below: (in other words, anything you cooked up since January 2nd)


I am toying around with the idea of hosting a more inclusive weekly link-up–something for cooking, crafting, creating, making, doing, etc. Kind of like PinItDoIt but without the Pinterest angle. I’m super nervous about this as my active readers are like 99% book bloggers (hello silent readers!), though I know there are plenty of you creators out there. What do you think?? I think the monthly link-up is problematic because people forget–but weekly scares me because it means pressure for me to come up with something.

The next Cook It Up link-up will be Saturday, March 7th. See you back then!




13 Responses to “Cook it Up! A Cookbook Challenge Link-up 7”

  1. Yay! Glad you could find some Smart Chicken. For a long time, it was only available in and around Nebraska. I now see that I can get it in Oregon, so I’m going to stock up when we go visit my mom this summer. It’s super juicy and tender for things likes chicken tacos and chicken Parmesan.

    I decided to link up to one of my recipes from last month, since I’ve been “cooking-the-book” with Skinnytaste. Even edited the older post, adding your widget and intro blurb. I love focusing on a single cookbook at a time, especially one like Skinnytaste, which has so many good recipes. Tomorrow I’m trying her pork carnitas recipe for the crockpot. Mmmm!

    Definitely adding Dinner: A Love Story to my wishlist!

    • I’m glad you added the recipe from Skinnytaste–I was hoping that you would! I really enjoyed the soup and still have two more bags in the freezer for a rainy day. And I’m so glad you pushed me towards the Smart Chicken. I’ve seen it many times but it is a bit more expensive. I’ll probably stick with the Tyson (I know I know) when making crockpot recipes, but if we’re going to eat a chicken dish I’ll definitely spring for the Smart Chicken.

      • Yeah, it is more expensive. I’ve gotten spoiled, but it is just the two of us, so we almost always wind up with leftovers, even when I just use a package of 3 chicken breasts. If I can get another meal out of it (or even lunch), I feel I can justify the extra cost. :) Crazy how 1 package of 3 boneless skinless breasts can cost close to (or over) $10! I usually stock up when it goes on sale.

    • Some of the recipes are things I’m not sure I can get my kids on board with (seafood is a bad word here), but we did have some hits and definitely found her thoughts very relevant to where I am in life now! If you pick it up, start reading it from the front cover and see what you think. You’ll get a pretty good idea early on if it’s one to keep going or to ditch.

  2. I did it! I made it on time. I probably can’t be counted on for a weekly link-up, but I love to look! I enjoyed reading DALS, but some of the dishes are not our style– they should be tho, as they are healthier! I bought her book “the Playlist” also.

  3. I’m sure I couldn’t keep up with a weekly link-up, but would be happy to join in on a crafty link-up , mostly from my quilt blog, when I could. Dinner a Love Story sounds cool — I’m adding it to my tbr list.

  4. A weekly make it, do it link up sounds lovely! No pressure though. I know how tough it can be coming up with something for a feature every week. I have absolutely no discipline for something like that!

  5. I completely understand the pressure that a weekly link may put on you. Maybe a bi-weekly post would work? It wouldn’t add too much pressure, but it would add some more of the frequency you want. I would link up with you. I think most of us readers are crafty in some way =)