A Day in the Life – Blogger Event Annoucement

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Day in the Life Event

Ever since I wrote about my days in the life (as a stay at home mom and as a working mom), I’ve heard others mention that they’d like to keep track of their day. I wondered out loud (on Twitter, as one does) whether others would be interested in a link-up where everyone could submit their own days in the life. Sometimes talking on twitter can feel like talking to oneself (which I don’t always mind), but I was thrilled to have several enthusiastic responses.

A Day in the Life Blogger Event – March 27 2015

I would love if you would join me on Friday, March 27th to post about your Day in the Life. Hopefully this will give you a couple of weeks to pick a day–and if Friday doesn’t work for you to post, feel free to post a little early and just link up on (or around) that date.

What is A Day in the Life?  Of course you can share anything you would like to but I would recommend picking a normal day and record how that day goes. Everyone’s day will look completely different–when I logged my day as a working mom, my day from 9-4 was largely blank, but when at home 9-4 were some of the most active hours. Share as many or as few of the details as you’d like–with pictures or without pictures.

Tips for Recording the Day? I have an smartphone so I use the Notes app to record short little reminders of what happened at what time. I like the microphone to quickly speak my notes, especially if I have littles hanging off my legs and I’m afraid I’ll forget a detail. Of course I’m also a picture snapper. At the end of the day I just email that Note to myself and copy it into a new post (or email it to draft). It’s certainly easier for me to make all of my notes that same day so I don’t forget! No smartphone? paper and pencil work just as well!

Why? Oh y’all–there’s so many different whys, and probably some I haven’t even thought about. I recorded my two days so that I would have something to look back on in a few years. To remember how I did it when I was at home with two little girls or how I managed a working day. I wish I kept a diary but truth is that the blog is the closest I have. For me this is the biggest reason to do a Day in the Life.

Other reasons? Funsies. A way to connect with others. To see and explore how we do it all (or don’t do it all). To learn from one another. To offer support. To laugh. To recognize that we’re all just people doing the best that we can. To recognize our similarities and our differences and to celebrate our uniqueness. And to share just a little bit of ourselves–to see a little bit of the behind the scene of the blog.

Any questions? Help me spread the word?


I hope you’ll join the fun! 



54 Responses to “A Day in the Life – Blogger Event Annoucement”

  1. I actually did this about a week ago. I had been keeping track of Carter’s eating/puking/pooping schedule (the glamour of being a mother), and for kicks I kept track of Madison’s doings as well (of the non-puking/pooping variety). Maybe I’ll use that day, and then one of my work days as I head back on Monday. Love the idea.

  2. I totally want to do this except I feel like my life is not AT ALL exciting! But it does sound fun to read everyone else’s so I bet there is someone out there who may be interested in mine. I think I’ll join. :)

  3. I’m so glad you’re doing this! I think it will be great fun and so so interesting. A very good community-building activity! I might record down a couple of days and see which one is more typical for me.

  4. This sounds fun! I’m in though my day isn’t particularly interesting. I’ll probably do mine on Thursday because I do some other linkups on Friday but I’ll be sure to linkup. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else’s day is like.

  5. This is such a great idea! Some days just fly by and it’s easy to forget how much I get done because it’s small things. I also use the notes app and use voice memos to keep track of to do lists and notes on books I’m reading.

  6. I was documenting (sort of) Friday so I’d be able to do a post for this, but around 10:00 I got so busy at work I completely forgot I was doing it. Going to try again this week, but I may end up having pieces of different days!

  7. I wish I had seen this earlier. My daughter is out of town for spring break this week. Ah, well. It’ll just be a very non-typical day of the life for me. :)

  8. Ah, thanks for tweeting this again, I was so busy last week I forgot to check this out as I am interested. I will try to keep track of tomorrow and get it posted Friday. I know I will like to look back on it and see how my days went with a little one… things change so quickly at this age.