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Day in the Life Event


It’s here! It’s here! I cannot tell you all how excited I’ve been by all of your excitement and interest in this little Day in the Life event. In the past couple of months I’ve posted two of my own days (linked below) and several people said that they would love to record their own day. I kept thinking how fun it would be to have anyone interested to share a look into any given day, and I’m thrilled that the idea caught on.

The most common comment I received as buzz about the event was building was how boring people felt their lives were. Please do not look at this as a competition of who has the most interesting life. There’s something intimate about reading about another person’s day and what might seem boring to you, because you live it day in and day out, might be incredibly novel to someone else. We all have struggles throughout the day, and hopefully we have some triumphs, too. We all perform the perfunctory tasks that make us the habitual humans that we are. And I can bet you that not one single day below is just like anyone else’s.

So, here’s to celebrating our differences and finding our similarities. Here’s to sharing a little piece of our own “behind the scenes” and connecting with someone else on a deeper level. Here’s to coming together as a community. Here’s to cheesy music in my head and group hugs. Ha! Just kidding. Really maybe this was just an excuse to be nosy. ;)


What Does a Day in Your Life Look Like?



Thank you so much for joining in the fun and sharing your day! If you didn’t have a chance to write up a post, feel free to share in the comments what your typical day looks like.



57 Responses to “A Day in the Life – Event Link-up”

  1. Kay

    This was fun. I’ll enjoy taking a look at everyone “day”. My husband asked if I had included the picture of the buzzard that sat on our back porch for most of a day. Ick. No, I told him I did not. Perhaps I should do a “day in the life of the country and the creatures we see” post. LOL

    Thanks for inspiring us all, Trish!

  2. I’ve already read three posts for this event today and I’m loving it. I really wish I did this too, but what with being on vacation for two weeks and spending most of this week trying to recover from that, I didn’t quite get a chance. Great event!

  3. Hi Trish, I ended up not participating because while thinking about what I was going to write I realized everything was so… boring. Now I regret it a bit, especially after seeing everyone else’s posts. Great fun! My main conclusion is that everyone seems to get up about 1-2 hours before I do, but everyone also goes to bed 1-2 hours before I do!

    • I think I might do another one of these in the fall. Several people felt the same–that their day would be boring. I absolutely know what you (they) mean, but I promise it’s not boring. ;) And I hate to generalize, but I wonder if that might be more typical of Europeans? I know when my sister lived in Spain (and even Argentina, her days started really late and she was often eating dinner at 9-10 at night when I’m almost in bed!).

      • Hey Trish, first of all, thanks for hosting this, mostly because I only just discovered your blog through the posts on other people’s blogs (I’ve been living under a rock, apparently). I’d be keen to participate in a second round too!
        And like Alex, I was struck by how early people start and finish their days in the US! I live in Germany, where I start work at 9 (which is quite late for Germans, many start at 8), usually don’t get out of the office until 6 or 7, and then head out to do exercise or meet friends – so I don’t often make it home until about 8 or 9pm. Cool to get a glimpse into other people’s lives :)

    • Glad you stopped by Nicole. If you write something up in the next few days, include it! And I think I’ll do another in the fall if there’s enough interest. :)

  4. I am learning a lot of lessons today: Get up earlier. Every stage of parenting is busy in its own way. Traffic sucks everywhere. Audiobooks are great. Everyone loves Gilmore Girls.

  5. Just reading through a few already and noticing patterns. 7 hours or less sleep. Books are our comfort food of choice. We like wine. We don’t like to talk about work, not specifically anyway. Sometimes I can’t even figure out what it is a person really does from reading about their day. Other times, I do get hints. Anyway, just what I’m noticing so far…

  6. I didn’t know about this, but I am going to keep track of my day Monday and link up. I really feel like I’m getting to know people through this.

  7. Thanks for hosting Trish! I am so nosey, I loved getting a peek into other peoples days. Everyone seems to get up way earlier than me though, but I don’t manage to stay up late either. I’d definitely take part again if you did another link up in the fall as you mention above in another comment :)

  8. I linked today. I was away for a few days. Look at all of these participants! congratulations on hosting such a fab event Trish.

  9. I love reading all the posts, and thank you so much for hosting this, Trish! I’d wanted to participate but gave it a miss, knowing how my boring schedule would be like… bringing my girls to and from school, cooking and doing chores, as well as supervising their school work. Nothing exciting, lol, unless they throw tantrums and ask for things.

    Finally, congratulations for this successful event! It was fun reading all the posts!

  10. TRISH! I just have to tell you, I am constantly impressed and amazed at your blogging mojo and wealth of ideas. This was so fun, although I haven’t gotten through all of the posts but I’m working on it. I am loving reading about everyone’s days and getting to know new bloggers. Thanks so much for doing this!!

  11. These posts were so fun to read. I wish I’d realized what was happening in time to participate! We should do it again sometime. Thanks, Trish, for organizing!

  12. Just catching up here… what a great event! I would have loved to do it this time but March was crazy and awful, and I don’t have a smartphone so images might be a challenge for me. I’ll have to keep my eye out for the fall link up. Thanks and congrats!

  13. Finally posted my link! I’m glad I did this, I learned that I’m much more productive in the beginning of the day. And I get more done that I think! Thanks for doing this, it was a lot of fun!

  14. This is such an awesome event, Trish! I’m so bummed I miss it, but I’ve already started taking photos and drafting a post so I can participate next time around. Maybe this summer?? My weekdays are pretty much the same throughout the year, only the weather changes. ;)

    Off to visit some of the bloggers who were able to participate!