Inspiration on Monday – Introduction to Creativity

Posted 23 March, 2015 by Trish in Crafty / 24 Comments


Inspiration on Monday

Introducing Inspiration on Monday!

I’ve been teasing about Inspiration on Monday for several weeks now and I’d like to finally formally introduce y’all to this new creative link-up. Many of you know that when I’m not blogging (or mommying) I love to keep my hands busy by cooking, sewing, exercising, and just plain dreaming about things I would love to create or things I would love to implement.

Over the blogging years I’ve held a few different creative type link-ups–Pin it and Do it was my longest running link-up and Cook it Up my most recent. I love both of these events but I wanted something a little bit more all-encompassing.

What kinds of post can you link-up?

I want to provide a forum where we can share things that we’ve created (food, crafty, lifestyle, DIY) and things that we are doing that could help inspire others (exercise, organizing). Post about projects in progress, or finished projects, or tutorials and how-tos. In many ways this new link-up will be similar to the Pin it and Do it angle except you don’t have to get your ideas from Pinterest. If you aren’t sure whether a certain topic would fit the (very loose and open) criteria, just let me know!

Of course current posts would be awesome–because inspiration and creating would be ongoing–but if you find yourself without anything going on during a current week, feel free to link up an older post that fits the mood of the link-up.

When will Inspiration on Monday take place?

The other challenge I faced with my monthly link-ups was that people (including me!) would forget. I love the idea of a weekly link-up, but I don’t know if there’s enough interest and I cannot commit to every single week with my own life schedule. To start, Inspiration on Monday will take place the first and third Monday of the month.

I really hope you’ll join me on this little endeavor. I know that I’m looking forward to receiving a bit of inspiration in the creative department!


The first Inspiration on Monday will be on April 6th. Hope to see you then!



24 Responses to “Inspiration on Monday – Introduction to Creativity”

  1. Bex

    Yaaaaaay! I’ll be there,I will give me an opportunity to actually blog about some of the crafty stuff I’m doing! Thanks :-)

  2. Kay

    Hmmmm….non-creative person here. So non-creative. And I’m not kidding. But…I might link up my exercise updates – whenever I do any. I need to do one about my rowing machine. I love it, but I don’t do it often enough. Maybe a challenge for the next 2 weeks and then a post on the 6th. There you go. I’ll look forward to reading what others do. I love hearing about creative stuff, even if I’m not much of that mindset myself. Now, if you’d like someone to do your taxes for you? I’m your girl. LOL

  3. Love the idea of this. I’m currently learning the (harder than I thought) art of knitting so maybe something to link in if i get beyond knit one, purl one.


  4. I’m in! I do cross-stitch, but I don’t talk about it a lot, and I’ve been very patchy with it – maybe blogging about it will help. It can’t hurt!

  5. Ooh I love this! Yes, please do a reminder post so I can get my act together and post something crafty! Can’t wait to see what others blog about!