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Posted 6 April, 2015 by Trish in Crafty / 35 Comments

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painted nursery letters


So how brilliant is it of me to start up an “Inspiration” link-up and then have no idea what to share with y’all for the first week? *headdesk* I haven’t really been cooking a whole lot lately (unless you count my Sugar Reset meals), and my craft room is a disaster right now. This lady needs to spend some time cleaning up!

I wandered through the house debating on what to share, I realized that I never got around to blogging about the Handpainted Nursery Letters I made for the girls’ bedrooms. And even better yet, I could remember exactly which folder I had stored the already taken pictures of Elle’s letters because I had mentally written a post about “how to create wall hangings and then blog about it 17 months after the babe is born.” For the record, Elle is now 47.5 months old.  HA!

Decorating is not my strong suit and I procrastinated decorating Elle’s nursery for months into my pregnancy and even a bit after she was born. One thing I knew I wanted for her bedroom, though, were painted letters spelling her name. I began to shop around at boutiques and on etsy and realized that I could pay about $100 to have letters made for her.

$100? Or…I could do it myself. And let me promise you that painting is not my strong suit.

DYI Painted Nursery Letters

You can buy nursery letters at most baby stores. I saved up my coupons and bought mine at Toys R Us. I don’t remember the price now, but they were under $10 each. You could likely find a large variety of designs at your local craft store or online.

Using acrylic paint and a sponge brush, paint the entire letter. I prefer Folk Art brand as it seems to be less streaky (see purple letters below for other brand).  Two to three coats gave me the desired coverage.

Acrylic Paints

painted nursery letters

Using a fine tipped brush, design away! And trust me, no one will notice any imperfections except for you.

painted nursery letters

To hang, I determined the hanging length and tied ribbon to each (using the ribbon tabs on the back of the letters). This was by far the trickiest part of the entire process!

Painted Nursery Letters2

Next we drilled screws into the wall (or you could hammer in nails), and hung the letters. Using ribbon, I tied bows (using lots of Youtube watching and tutorials) and glued onto the screws. Then I cut another piece of ribbon to create the extra set of ribbon tails.

Et Voila!

Painted Nursery Letters



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35 Responses to “Making Painted Nursery Letters | Inspiration on Monday”

  1. Oh they’re really cute and a great idea. I have some letters I had in my old apartment but now they seem a bit naff! I had DEB and BED crossing each other like a crossword puzzle. But I could paint them or so something like that….

  2. So cute. I have some canvas’ I planned on painting my daughters name on and never got round to. Now am wishing I had. Emma

  3. Those are beautiful, Trish! And, by the way, I didn’t see any imperfections. I am not at all crafty, so I’m quite impressed with not only the nice paint job, but those lovely bows. Well done!

    • Thanks! It’s actually “short” for Olivia. Don’t ask. ;) And thank you for submitting your own crafty link this week!

  4. Kay

    Very cute. Me, not so adept on the painting or the bows, but those look perfect to me. A great idea, probably as long as your kiddo’s name doesn’t have 12 letters. LOL

    • Thank you. :) And did wordpress eat my original comment about definitely not doing letters for Elizabeth (Elle’s real name?).

      • How did I not know that they are Elizabeth and Olivia?! I love Elizabeth. It was Rachel’s middle name and my cousin’s first name (and she goes by Libby).

  5. Cute letters! I assume those colors are their favorites, kinda? nice bows too!
    I used to paint wood objects before knitting and Folk Art paint was the one I liked best. Helped with any mistakes, good consistency, and great color. True color.
    I linked and used a photo of my project. love this idea :)

    • The girls definitely had NO say in the decor of their room (well, now Elle wants Frozen stuff, of course). Scott actually picked the pink walls for Elle and the yellow for Evie. I just went with it since I hate decorating!

  6. Wow, love the look! I have been thinking about how I want to decorate our little one’s nursery too but I don’t have a decorating bone in my body so it just doesn’t seem to happen. Oh well, there’s still time right?

    • Plenty of time Athira! I was still decorating well after their births…and I won’t mention the decor I bought and still haven’t put up yet… ;)

    • Thanks. They’re pretty basic brushstrokes. I can cut fabric up and sew it back together but really am not creative when it comes to paint!

  7. Ti

    My daughter has painted letters to spell out her name but she is going on 12 now and told me she doesn’t want them up anymore. Sigh.

    • Picture me now with my hands over my ears rocking back and forth repeating “my girls will never grow up, my girls will never grow up.” ;)

    • Annnnnnnd, a Google Image Search for “Death Stars” just gave me nightmares. ;) And no worries–it’ll be back in 2 weeks.

  8. Bex

    I just managed to get this post up in time! Didn’t post about any of the things I intended to but oh well, hopefully it will inspire (both me and others!). Thanks for this :-)

    Those letters are gorgeous! I’m impressed with your floral artistry. I did a similar thing with the price of those a-z prints you can get and made one for Ben when he was born, which he’s just now getting into :-p

  9. They’re beautiful and so creative, Trish! If my eldest daughter sees this she’s going to ask me to buy all the materials and let her paint it, lol. That said, that’s a wonderful project you did!

  10. What an adorable idea! Those will grow with the girls – I can see them hanging in a teenager’s room also.

    Thanks for hosting – I think this is going to be a lot of fun and I’m inspired already.

  11. So, late to the party, despite your multiple reminders! ;) Spring is my inspiration this time around, I hope you find my post appropriate. I hope to find something a little more applicable for the next one…. Thanks for hosting, and beautiful letters!

  12. These turned out so cute! You did a great job. Thank you for the reminder of Inspiration Monday. I am behind but will try to post something tonight.

  13. The letters are lovely! I like the floral pattern you painted on them. And I can’t believe I missed posting something for this first Inspiration Monday – hopefully I’ll make the next one!

  14. Those are so cute! I used to do a lot more painting for accessories for the very reason you did these – so much cheaper! And you can entirely customize them which is great.

  15. Love these! I use Folk Art paint, too. They have some great colors. I used them to make a plaque to hang over my niece’s crib with a Shakespeare quote on it. I love these kind of craft projects!