Right Now I Am… [4.28.2015]

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Right Now I Am...


I’m totally cheating. I’m a much more organized blogger when I have something in the hopper, but I’ve been busy and tired lately and thus not much has stayed in the hopper. I do plan to write up a post for Elle’s fourth birthday, but those posts always take a lot of time to write. Anything picture heavy takes me a long time to write. Ok, kind of anything takes me a long time to write. Do you just whip out posts or do they take you longer than they should?

A friend recently asked when I make the time to write up posts. Just like anything else I do, here and there. When an idea sparks, I try to fit it into the schedule. Ideally I would love a Sunday book post, a Tuesday book post, a Thursday personal post, and a Saturday cooking post. Obviously I follow this willy nilly! I will work on bits and pieces of a post as I find moments–especially during naptimes on Saturday and Sunday, but the rest is just filled in here and there–usually during quiet time at work or lunch. I hate to work on the computer in the evening, but this is usually when I add any pictures to a post I’ve been working on throughout the day. I always schedule my posts. If it doesn’t get written the day before (or ideally two or three days before), it doesn’t get posted.

Smiley Girls_1

two of my nieces with the birthday girl

Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these…

Listening To: Ever since the Superbowl, Elle has been obsessed with Katy Perry. We’ve been listening to a lot of Roar lately (she calls this the “Superbowl Song”) and she thinks the words are “I’ve got the eye of the tiyo, into the fiyo…because I am a camper…”  I’ve told her the real words but she refuses to listen to me. Otherwise I’m listening to Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer.

Reading: I’m halfway through An Untamed State by Roxane Gay and a quarter of the way through The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  Both are page turners in their own right and I wish I could binge read them both in one night!

Currently Reading_1

Watching: Scott and I are currently on Season 4 of Alias. I’m really enjoying the show except we are suffering from “one more episode” syndrome and more times than not I fall asleep during the last episode. Wondering what we should binge next. The Sopranos? What are you currently binge watching?

Eating: Haha! Remember the sugar reset? Well, I’m trying to continue to be mindful of what goes in my mouth. I’ve been very good about bread and pasta…except for pizza. Though I will note that I have NOT added sweetener back to my coffee! Scott is as shocked about this as I am.

Making: My craft room has been in a state of disorder lately. I’m nearly finished with one quilt top for the girls and have started on another, but I need more fabric, have to plan and do quilt math, and I’ve been avoiding it like the plague! I really need to get back to that.

Planning: Camping this weekend! It’ll be our first trip of the season and the weather looks like it’ll be perfect.


Feeling: Unfocused and all over the place. I think I just need to allow myself live on whimsy for a little while. That makes sense more in my head than it does typed out.

Loving: The green everywhere! We’ve had SO much rain lately. After being in drought conditions for a few years, our lakes are mostly all full and everything looks so lush.


Wanting: Can you guess? I bet you can guess.

Looking Forward To: Is it too early to start planning for the October readathon? Because I’m super bummed to have missed last week’s event. And I can’t wait to use my new Readathon Mug!

Would love to hear what YOU are listening to, reading, watching, eating, making, planning, feeling, loving, wanting, thinking, and looking forward to.

I’m also curious what your blogging process looks like. Do you write in the moment or draft ahead? Do you schedule time to write or just write when you can?


26 Responses to “Right Now I Am… [4.28.2015]”

  1. I started by writing in the moment, changed to drafting ahead by a week or two for a couple of years and now have gone completely back to writing in the moment (as anyone who sees my sparse posting can probably guess). I may go back at some point. I liked having regular posts up.
    What am I doing? Watching Parks and Rec (I’m in season 3), rereading Jonathan Strange, and enjoying the rare sunny day in a bunch of grey ones. We got air conditioning installed today in anticipation of a hotter than normal summer. They turn it on tomorrow. Today it was 80 degrees. Tomorrow it will be 60 degrees. Just sayin’. ;)

  2. Laura

    Now Roar is going to be in my head all day, thank you very much! Where are you camping?

    • Bob Sandlin! We would love to make it back to Beavers Bend but it’s so hard to get a campsite since most of them are first come first serve (for hook-ups). And one day I would love to go to Daingerfield! I know you’ve had good experiences there. :)

  3. Oooh – An Untamed State….now that was one I binge read, at least the first half! And – have you participated in the Readathon before? If so, I’d love to get your tips on doing that with young children around. I never have b/c of that, but would like to try in October.
    I always write posts early and schedule them – not happening otherwise! I write mostly during nap/quiet time and some list type posts I write at night. But, if I actually have to form lots of complete sentences, then it has to happen during the day. Brain is mush by 7 pm!

    • I’ve participated in the readathon many many times (all the way back to the first ones with Dewey) but I’ve only partially participated since kids–doesn’t help that it falls near Elle’s birthday every April. I tried in October last year but Scott left that afternoon for a business trip and my mom couldn’t help. I read as much as I could in the morning hours and did audiobooks when I could the remainder of the time (walked around the neighborhood with the girls and gave them my ipod for music while I listened to my book). Then after the girls went to bed I read a bit more and then did cheerleading the rest of the time (truthfully where ALL the fun is). ;) My suggestion is it plan ahead so everyone knows that you’re participating…get meals prepped, house cleaned, etc; enlist help, get your kids involved by encouraging them to read while you do, start reading a few hours earlier than the start time (especially since you have an 8 am start), maybe suggest a daddy-kiddo date? And above all, don’t stress or get discouraged if it doesn’t turn out like you plan. Every time I try to participate I just try to read even just a little bit.

  4. I spend a lot less time on blog posts than I used to and it shows. I just don’t have the time or energy for it that I used to and, to be honest, I don’t think anyone really reads them anyway.

    I love Elle’s words to Roar!

    We’ve had tons of rain too and it’s supposed to start back tomorrow. I am over it!

    I’m trying to figure out what you’re wanting – more time? sleep?

    • Time. Always time. ;) But then I’d get more time and I’d just want MORE! I hear you on the rain. I’m grateful for it but I also miss the sunshine!!

  5. Did I tell you how lovely Elle looks in her pictures?
    Ok, let’s do this:
    Listening to: The Tin Drum…I just got to the second part, where everyone says it picks up, and I sure hope so, because the first part has been hard to get engaged with.
    Reading: The Canterbury Sisters (e-galley)…after the readathon I wanted something light and (dare I say it) predictable.
    Watching: nothing really
    Eating: after our sugar talk (;)) I also checked what I was eating, and realized I was having too much carbs in general, so I am working on that, trying to make it more balanced.
    Making: I started a new cross stitching project, smaller than the last, but so far it looks nice :)
    Planing: a weekend away with A!
    Feeling: Proud of A (he nailed his PhD defense ans now is officially a doctor) and a bit lonely since he’s been away since Sunday and won’t come back until late Friday :/
    Loving: that it’s sunny and sort of warm again.
    Wanting: sour gummy worms…they are my doom
    Looking forward: 2 things: a congress in June that will allow me to take a bigger step towards my (hopefully) career, and going back to Colombia for the Holidays!
    Have a lovely week!

  6. I really want to read The Tidying Up book. The whole streamlined simplicity idea appeals to me in theory if not in actual practice. I’m feeling a little unfocused as well and it’s driving me crazy! I’m attempting to do weekly to do lists to see if that helps get me prioritized. Enjoy your camping trip!

  7. Susan in TX

    I hear you on the living by whimsy – that’s exactly where I am right now. The weekend was WAY too packed, leaving very little read-a-thon time, which was more disappointing than I had expected (and the girls and I even got the shirts for it). I read the Kondo book in January, and I’m still waiting to make the time to start my de-cluttering process. We’ll get there eventually. Oldest dd finishes year 1 of college in 2 weeks and moves home for the summer and graduation for second dd is 4 weeks away. I’m starting to feel a tiny bit overwhelmed, but this too shall pass. :) Have a great week!

  8. I want to read the Magic of Tidying Up too. So much. I need to get it.

    And pizza just has to be in the rotation. The bf and I get it once a week (yikes) from a local place that is AMAZING. It’s our TV night, so we drink wine, eat, and watch our shows. But I will say we have deviated and have been watching one episode of Daredevil a night. It’s super dark, though, so no binging. I want to watch The Americans, though, and as our shows wrap up their seasons, that’s what I’m going to push for.

  9. Ti

    I have no blogging process right now. I post when I want to and that’s about it. I, too, am very distracted lately. I think I need a good nap. A really good nap would fix me up. Now, for your questions:

    Listening to: Silence. My days in this office are numbered and I am going to miss the silence.

    Reading: The Children’s Crusade. Not a fan.

    Watching: Addicted to Mad Men. I am halway through season 3 and I started what, a month ago?

    Eating: Nothing good. Had some cream cheese on a piece of GF toast. I pretended it was a bagel. It wasn’t.

    The rest? I am loosey goosey on the rest. I am waiting to hear if the girl made choir and it’s making me crazy!! She left the audition and didn’t even think to ask when or WHERE the list would be posted.

  10. Writing: I usually do it in the moment, when impressions of a book just finished are fresh in my mind. But I’ll write and go back to it a few hours later or at end of the day, to read anew and catch typos or awkward phrases out. If it’s another kind of post like for the additions I often write those and save as draft to post on a day when I don’t have a book finished recently. If I’m going to be traveling I write up several posts to schedule and come up while I’m gone, to keep the blog active.

  11. I’m lucky enough to be on a 7AM-4PM schedule at work, so lately I’ve been taking the first hour or so that I’m home and using it to write about whatever it is I’ve been thinking about that day. I can’t draft ahead for sh*t, though. Whenever I do, I come back to it later and end up junking the whole thing in a fit of insecurity and indecision.

    Wish California could have some of that rain. :-\ I read this morning that my city has started rationing water.

  12. Kay

    I can’t believe the temperature outside right this minute. It’s 55 degrees and my feet are cold. It’s the end of April. And it’s cloudy/rainy. But, the flowers have been luscious, as have the weeds. And the bugs – although I haven’t seen a scorpion yet. Soon, I’m sure. Your pictures are amazing as usual and Happy Birthday to the little miss 4-year-old.

    And I write and schedule my posts ahead of time. Of course, I don’t have kids at home, but it just makes me feel better. Have a good camping trip this weekend.

  13. I like to schedule them. Then they actually get written and published. I’ve learned that if posts aren’t done by bedtime Sunday, they aren’t going to happen.

  14. Ha – I love your daughter’s lyrics better! Now I can’t get those words out of my head lol!

    I schedule my posts too but on the day before. I’m not much of a schedule 2-3 days in advance mostly because that rarely works for me, time-wise. I try to post on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Some weeks, there’s only one post and I’m okay with that. I try to at least have that one post out otherwise I’ll find it incredibly hard to come back.

  15. Does camping allow you that whimsy-living time?
    My approach to blogging is to write when I feel like it, and usually prompted by needing to review that last book read. I do not schedule nor do I pay attention to days or how long it has been. Sometimes, I get a wild hair and post a random “something”. I write from the hip, no plan usually.
    Am currently in the airport to fly home and am TRYING to reformat a review of The Good Lord Bird but photos = GRRrrrrrrr (frustration) (iPad woes). So I think I will go back to my book and read (The Luminaries).

    • Camping allows me to not stress about the house for a few days. Or cooking. Or anything. So I guess yes! :) Have a safe flight home.

  16. It’s usually been so long since my last post that I pretty much hit publish if I ever manage to finish a draft post in the morning. Otherwise, I usually schedule it for the following morning. I dream about always having two weeks’ posts scheduled and ready to go, but it’s been almost six years now and that has never happened, not even once.

  17. I think sometimes you worry too much. Just post when you post and don’t get so caught up in it because all of your posts are perfect…well, without the hand-wringing. :) Myself? I usually post once a week and schedule at least a day in advance, sometimes more, depending on if and when the inspiration hits. There are rare “asides” that I post whenever the mood strikes but those are few and far between.

    As for what I’m listening to, reading, watching, eating, making, planning, feeling, loving, wanting, thinking, and looking forward to? Right now Martin Gore, keyboardist from Depeche Mode, solo album titled “MG.” Friends. Fried chicken, potato salad, sweet tea. Not making anything but trouble for my wife usually ;). Planning for my birthday in June already, a few days off and a winery bus trip with my wife on the weekend after. Feeling sort of blah, thanks to allergies. Loving? Besides my wife, my cat. Wanting these allergies to go away. Thinking, too much. Looking forward to: the weekend and hoping I don’t get called for jury duty next week although I don’t do my civic duty if called, of course.

  18. Cute pics of those kiddos. Enjoy your camping trip. I haven’t been camping in ages. Would love to go. Maybe this summer here in Alaska. Add a little possible wildlife excitement to the trip.

  19. I try to write the title of the post and then at least it’s a reminder. I’m trying to blog or visit 30 minutes a day. that started this week. i have high hopes this will work. otherwise, i’m too busy at work to fit it in there. Weekends…i try but I’m usually catching up in TV.

    more importantly, cute photos, and hope the party went well. i see face painting and that’s always a big hit. Yay for not adding sweetner back to coffee. i caved and went back to half a packet per cup. and pizza, well no one can turn down pizza. don’t beat yourself up chica :) Gotta Treat Yoself every now and then.

  20. My blogging is much more willy-nilly than it used to be. I do always try to do a Sunday post just because they are the easiest for me to do since I have the template. I have a whole list of other things I can work ideas into but I don’t do any of them regularly. Because, yup, they all take so long! Time, time, time – won’t more of it be nice??