Spring Has Sprung

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Spring Has Sprung

This post is going to be a little bit of things I’m loving on lately, springy blossoms, and some Easter pictures. And whatever other things spring into my mind while I’m typing this. Too late at night when I should be in bed reading! Um, Happy Friday??

And just so you know, none of the links are affiliate. Does that even really turn people off if they are? All of my Amazon/Indiebound links are affiliate. I mean, if you’re going to buy a book online, why not give a blogger like 10 cents? Snort! But seriously, I always seek out affiliate links of blogging friends when shopping online. If you’re an affiliate, I’d love to know!

First thing I’m loving? Picmonkey. Have you used this editing website yet? Use it to edit your photos (like adding my “watermark” to the corner of my photos below) or create designs–like the lovely image at the beginning of the post. I did recently spring for the Royale subscription and haven’t regretted it for one minute. I created Elle’s birthday invitations using PicMonkey this week and have a tutorial to share with you on the next Inspiration on Monday.

Redbud Blossoms

Except for Autumn, Spring is my favorite season. It’s a short-lived season where we live because before we know it we’re in the midst of sweltering summer heat. The past few days it has been mid-80s by the afternoon, and Elle asks me every day if it’s summer yet. Nope, but it sure feels like it!

Last week on Instagram, Maria of A Little Adventure asked her followers to share pictures of blossoms for #BlossomWeek. I’m so glad she did this because I finally got out my camera and snapped away. I love these delicate pink blossoms on the Redbud trees. Um, also go check out Maria’s feed. She lives in Oxford and every single flipping day she makes me wish that I lived there.

Redbud blossoms close-up

Don’t those tulips below look so feminine? We took the girls to a tulip farm (run by Dutch immigrants!) a little north of where we live. Sadly the fields were mostly picked over and I only got the sweet photos that I did because of extreme close-ups. Next year we’ll have to go well before Easter weekend!


Another current guilty pleasure–I bought a text and graphic bundle from The Hungry JPEG. I swear, someone should take my credit card away from me! Of course I don’t need this, but the graphics are so so so pretty that I couldn’t resist. I blame Ashley from Nose Graze (ps–if you’re looking for WordPress or Blogging tips or gorgeous templates or someone to move you to WP from Blogger, she’s your gal).

Indian Hawthorn

Our Irises didn’t bloom this year. I think maybe the soil is bad and they’re too overcrowded. I was pleased that our Indian Hawthorn (above) did as it’s been a few years since we’ve seen blooms on this bush. But my next door neighbor has purple irises in her front yard and I had to go snap a few pictures. I’m sure she was wondering what the heck I was doing in her front yard with my camera (she’s awesome and wouldn’t care).


Something else I’ve learned lately is that I should be reducing the size of my pictures before I upload them to WP (instead of uploading them and then resizing). I’ve started using JPEGmini. It is an extra step in my process, but it makes me feel a little less guilty about posting heavy picture things like today.

And seriously, this girl. Sometimes I just sit and stare at her–totally blown away.

With Tulips

And this one. So full of mischief. And spunk. And attitude. And cuddles. Since Elle rarely cuddled, I take every single damn cuddle I can get from Evie.

With Tulips 2

My mom gift the girls their Easter dresses (from Gymboree). Every single Easter when we were little, my mom bought (or made!) my sisters and me coordinating Easter dresses. I should really dig some of those pictures out. This was the best picture I could get of both girls.

Easter girls

When I tried to do better a few days after Easter, this is the best I could do. In the one of Elle standing up, Evie is to the side throwing a fit. I can’t even remember why now. Let’s just say that we were all SO HAPPY by the time it was all said and done. Sigh. The lovely floor mat is from Personal Creations. I totally have my eye on this Travel Mega Mat for camping. Which we haven’t done yet this year. Sob. It’s looking like the first weekend of May will be our first chance–and it’s likely that it’ll be too hot then!

The girls love to take pictures

Oh my girls. I love them so so so much. (my dress is Old Navy. I’m loving all of their spring collection!)

More Easter Girls

I’m sure I have other things to tell you, but my wine glass is empty and it’s about 30 minute past my bedtime. I mean, maybe more thing. I’m kind of addicted to crafting lately. Or at least buying craft-making things. Curious what your favorite Mod Podge project is? I have no idea what to use my container for. I just had to have it. Maybe someone should send help…

Happy Spring Friends!!




28 Responses to “Spring Has Sprung”

  1. Blossom week-HA! Our daffodils are just pushing their way out of the ground, but no buds yet, let alone blossoms! But I sure enjoy looking at all your lovely photos! Blossoms and girlies!

  2. I am sooo jealous!! Here in kent Ohio (45 mins from Cleveland) it FINALLY reached 60 degrees the other day. My mom was complaining that she had to turn on the ac and I was like what?!? Ohh that’s right you are in southeastern KY. Sighh.. I am sure spring will arrive here I just hope it is soon lol. I LOVE your pics!!

  3. Kay

    Beautiful pictures! Love the blossoms. I think that it’s difficult to get the bulb flowers to bloom down here. When I was a little girl, we lived in Lubbock and we had tulips and irises (is that a word?) and wisteria and daisies. Of course, here in the Austin area, we have lots of red bud trees and azaleas and crepe myrtle and wildflowers galore. Sadly, the bluebonnets and such are so short lived. I’m think we are already at the peak or maybe even past. Sigh. I love spring here.

  4. Kay

    Beautiful pictures! Love the blossoms. I think that it’s difficult to get the bulb flowers to bloom down here. When I was a little girl, we lived in Lubbock and we had tulips and irises (is that a word?) and wisteria and daisies. Of course, here in the Austin area, we have lots of red bud trees and azaleas and crepe myrtle and wildflowers galore. Sadly, the bluebonnets and such are so short lived. I’m think we are already at the peak or maybe even past. Sigh. I love spring here.

  5. Spring is short lived here and, while I love the temperatures, I hate the pollen! I love your pictures and now I’m wondering if I should update my picmonkey subscription. Oh, by the way, I rarely buy from Amazon but, when I do, I try to buy through someone’s link.

  6. Gorgeous pictures! The girls are growing up so fast! We just now are seeing some green poking through here and there – can’t wait to see flowers like you have!

  7. A teeny tiny part of me is envious that you have two little girls! When I go shopping for the boys – usually online – I peek at the girls’ section. So pretty! How I wish I could buy a little dress! Or sweet little shoes! Instead there’s a lot of t shirts with trucks and trains and airplanes. And pants. Shorts sometimes but mostly pants. :p

    Thanks for this tips about photo apps and all. I usually take photos with my phone and sometimes just upload it directly to WordPress on the app!

  8. I really need to do some spring clothes shopping but I’m probably too late. I guess I’ll go do some summer clothes shopping! ;) And all of you are adorable as always!

  9. Oh, I love those pretty dresses that your girls are in! I am so bad with taking photos but this flower blooming season is the best of all. I am a little bummed out that we didn’t get as vibrant a Cherry Blossom season as last few years – it looks like the trees and shrubs are hurrying into the all-green phase. Still, everything looks beautiful and cheerful!

    Looking forward to your PicMonkey tutorial. I use it from time to time but I feel like there is a lot I am missing when I try to dress up some photos.

  10. Happy Spring! You have a beautiful family. Love those photos of you all and the pretty Spring blossoms.
    My wine glass was also empty last night so I just went on to bed after a bit.

  11. Gorgeous photos – makes me wish spring would get here in Wisconsin. Checking out Ashley’s blog. I need to move to WordPress one of these days.

  12. I love your post and your pictures! Today was ‘warm’ but hahaha on BLOSSOMS. At this point spring will start in July. :( Mackie and I just went on a long walk, though. I hope this means spring is really here!

  13. These are great pictures and don’t the girls look adorable in their Easter dresses! I’m with you, next to Fall, Spring is my favorite. I think I probably love them as we’re in Texas and those seasons are so fleeting! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  14. Diane

    Oh my these photos are all so awesome. I love them all but especially the one with u and the girls.

  15. First of all, thank you for the shout out. I had so much fun with Blossom Week and I loved that other people joined in! Blossom watching gives me so much happiness every day.

    Your girls look adorable in their Easter dresses. So sweet!

    Can’t wait for your PicMonkey tutorial, I like using it but I could definitely use some tips and tricks and new ideas.

  16. Susan in TX

    Love the pictures. The girls are adorable! Favorite mod podge project we ever did – when my niece was born dh made her a small bookcase and painted it. Then I took a bunch of images I had of children’s book covers that I had printed out on regular paper and mod podge’d them to the book case. He then put some sort of protective coating over the whole thing. She’s almost 16 and still has it.

    • Just north of where I live: http://www.texas-tulips.com/ Except when we got there it did NOT look like it does in those pictures on the website. Looks like they closed a week earlier than they planned to…I bet they had no idea that people would come out in droves!!

  17. Cool. Our visit to the Netherlands with coincided with tulip season, and it’s really something. I’ve heard that there are beautiful tulip fields up in Washington, but I would never associate Texas with tulips! Learn something new every day :)

  18. Beautiful flowers, beautiful girls! Love your photo essays!!

    Our redbuds and flowering crabs are in full bloom this week. Daffodils are finished but the tulips still look great. Lilacs have begun and the rhoddies shouldn’t be too far behind. Bleeding hearts are blooming, too. I love spring!! And this spring, in particular, seems especially gorgeous. Maybe because we never had a late snow/frost.

    Hope you didn’t get pounded by the terrible storms this weekend!

  19. I do most of my pic stuff on PicMonkey but haven’t really taken the time to explore it too much and never even thought of watermarking my pics! I need to do that!

    I can’t believe Evie’s chunky little cheeks – this on the girl that was so tiny for so long! Be honest, how much time to you spend every night just watching your girls sleep?!