Teriyaki Glazed Salmon

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Teriyaki Glazed Salmon

Fish is something I don’t cook often. I don’t really know how to buy good fish or where to buy it. I don’t know what to look for or even really how to cook it. I enjoy fish (I don’t love it, unless it’s sushi), but I do really like salmon. It wasn’t until Scott and I had been married for several years that I came across this easy looking Teriyaki Glazed Salmon recipe and first cooked fish. But really, we have fish so rarely that the girls don’t know what to do with it when they’re served it somewhere other than home. Oops!!

Last month, though, when I was doing the Sugar Reset, I started to get bored with all of the protein options. I bought myself a salmon fillet to cook with the thought that I would offer everyone a taste (required) without the expectation that anyone would want more. Obviously I cooked them something separate that night.

I was shocked when Evie ended up eating half of my salmon fillet. I couldn’t flake pieces off fast enough to satisfy her demands! Elle begrudgingly took one bite and didn’t want any more, but she did mention she didn’t hate it. Ha! After this “success,” I decided to start adding in salmon to our rotation at least every once in a while (rather than never). I was more than happy to revisit one of our old favorites!

Teriyaki Glazed Salmon

This is my favorite way to cook salmon in the kitchen (rather than the grill)…likely because it’s the only way I’ve cooked it and it’s so fast. This is slightly adapted from Better Crocker Low-Fat, Low Cholesterol Cooking. I reduced the amount of brown sugar by half and I don’t usually remove the skin, but the rest is the same).

Serves 2 hungry people or 4 moderately hungry people
Prep Time: 70 minutes (includes marinading)  | Cook Time: 10 minutes tops


  • Salmon Fillet (1 Pound)
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 1/3 cup dry white wine
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon ground ginger


  1. Remove the skin from the salmon and cut the fillet into four equal parts (I’ve used smaller fillets and kept them whole with success. I do not remove the skin).
  2. Mix together the soy sauce, wine, brown sugar, and ginger in a shallow bowl.
  3. Add the salmon to the bowl and marinade in the refrigerator for an hour.
  4. When ready to cook the salmon, set the oven to the broiler setting.
  5. Spray the broiler pan with cooking spray.
  6. Place the fish on the broiler pan and brush with marinade.
  7. Cook about 4 inches from the heat for 5-6 minutes or until the salmon easily flakes with a fork and is opaque throughout.

What is your favorite way to cook salmon? I think the sweetness of this recipe is more enticing to the littles than the savory versions, but I’m ready to try more!





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26 Responses to “Teriyaki Glazed Salmon”

  1. Ti

    I cook it three different ways:

    Plain old grilled
    Brushed with Dijon and brown sugar and then pan seared.
    Or, wrapped in paper with lemon, and then baked.

    LOVE salmon.

  2. I love fish! Growing up on a Mediterranean island meant that I was used to having seafood often, from a very young age. My favourites are trout, sea bream, and salmon. My boyfriend is English and wasn’t used to having fish at all, certainly not whole fish with bones still in, so it took a while for him to open up to it but now he really enjoys cooking and eating seafood. This makes me very happy!

    Anyway, salmon is so delicious it really doesn’t take a lot to make a meal out of it. My favourite way is to just rub some olive oil on a fillet (always with skin on!), a bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper and just put it on a griddle pan for 4 minutes on each side. I also like it wrapped in paper, on a bed of couscous with olive oil, lemon, parsley and chilli. My mum bakes it in the oven, I think it’s just olive oil and seasoning, topped with chopped onions and tomatoes.

    Of course, I now have a salmon craving. :)

  3. Kay

    I love salmon. Love it. I order it a lot when we eat out, instead of steak. At home, my husband is not quite as much of a fan as I am. We mostly just grill it. I get him a steak and me a salmon piece and off we go. I do sometimes bake in the oven and I actually like it as a leftover and I eat it cold. Yum. I also like rainbow trout a lot. My second favorite fish. I can eat salmon with other sauces, rubs, whatever, but mostly, I just love it grilled.

    By the way, if that is your plate in the picture, I have those same plates. :-)

  4. Oh I love salmon! Preferably as sashimi! :)
    But I do cook it at home sometimes, wrapping it in foil or parchment on a bed of herbs, and baking the whole package in the oven. It’s really moist and flavorful this way.

    But my absolute favorite way of cooking fish is a whole steamed pomfret Teochew-style with pickled plum, tomatoes, ginger, tofu and coriander leaves. Too bad I’m the only one who likes this which means I only get to eat it when my parents or in-laws visit!

  5. These are the kind of recipes that make me really wish I liked salmon. I’ve really really tried but we don’t get along. That’s great that Evie loves it! It’s always fun when they decide they love something randomly healthy and interesting. Emma decided she loved crab about that age. It was the only thing she willing ate.

  6. This does look awesome! We love salmon, although we’re not huge fish lovers. We use a spice rub and grill it and eat it almost every week. It’s the *only* dish I make on a regular basis.

  7. I’ve tried salmon a few times but just don’t like it. That’s not surprising since there are only a few types of fish I do like.

  8. Being in Florida we have access to lots of fresh fish and shellfish. I love the salmon but haven’t had it in ages. The salmon we can buy is from Alaska and it’s delicious.
    I really like how you cooked yours and I love those plates too!

  9. YUM! We don’t eat fish nearly as much as we should. Costco has these stuffed salmon filets that are really good, so we got those and the boy ate a TON of it! He’d never had salmon before but was stealing chunks off the husband’s plate and eating them like it was no big thing. I should pick some up and do this! We also like maple salmon, too. It always smells (and tastes) sooooo good!

  10. I love salmon. My favorite way to cook it is poached in milk with herbs- you can get so many different flavors by just varying which fresh herbs go in. Your recipe looks good- I’m going to try it!

  11. We don’t eat a lot of fish – it’s weirdly expensive here, given that New Zealand is basically … islands, but that sounds amazing. I wonder if the glaze would work with chicken or pork?

  12. Ooh I haven’t done soy sauce mixed with brown sugar, that sounds awesome. Fish is great cause it is so fast to cook!