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Recipe Scrapbook

Do you have a giant stack of printed recipes in your kitchen? I did–they were all shoved in a folder and I’d have to sort through them every time I wanted to cook a favorite recipe. I’d then have the piece of paper in the midst of my cooking and the page would eventually become so stained that I’d have to reprint it.

I suppose the easy solution is to just look up the recipe online and use an iPad or other device, but sometimes it’s a pain to find the recipe again and I don’t like having my devices so close to my cooking…and my dirty hands.

Too many printed recipes from the Internet!

A few years ago I shared my Recipe Scrapbook containing all of the recipe cut-outs from magazines. At first I thought about including the recipes I printed from online in this same scrapbook, but I didn’t really like the way that they looked with the magazine recipes–it was too hard to cut the recipes down to size to put the nice cardstock behind the recipe.

To streamline, I decided to make a separate Recipe Scrapbook for any recipes I print online, recipes that are emailed to me, and recipes that I’ve typed up myself (either from my creations or family recipes).

Recipe Scrapbook

The process is simple. I used file folders for my section dividers, and I slip the recipes into page protectors. This way I can pull out the page when I’m cooking the recipe and not have to worry about spills and stained pages–the page protectors are so easy to wipe clean (though don’t ask me how I know that they also melt when too close to a burner…).

Because the recipes aren’t glued down, they’re easy to move around and I can pull the paper out of the protector to jot down my notes. When pulling up a recipe online, I can never remember what modifications I made the last time I cooked the recipe.

I love Target’s selection of bright and colorful binders and everything stays nice and neat within the binder.

Recipe Scrapbook Binder


Couldn’t be easier!! What is your method for organizing recipes you’ve printed from the Internet?


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31 Responses to “Recipe Scrapbook | Inspiration on Monday”

  1. Ok now I’m really inspired (and a bit jealous) because currently my recipe organisation system is non-existent. I have a lot of my favourite recipes pinned on Pinterest, I have some saved as online bookmarks, I have folded pages in cookbooks, and stacks of print-outs among the cookbooks. In other words, it’s a mess!

    Ideally, I think I’d like to have all of the recipes that I turn to often, and the family recipes passed down to me, written on nice, thick cardstock and kept in a pretty recipe box. Of course, I’ve been saying this for years and haven’t actually started on it yet. I do print out a lot of recipes I want to try, as I worry when I have my laptop or tablet too close to the cooking action, and I think your folder system is perfect for that. And it looks so cute!

  2. That’s a great idea! I used to just either write out recipes or paste them from magazines into a scrapbook. It got very messy very quickly! I love the bright colours too :)

  3. Kay

    I think this idea is brilliant! And I really love page protectors for all kind of things. Don’t know why I didn’t think of putting recipes in there. I am inspired to do the same thing instead of having the stack of printed recipes that I have to shuffle through each time I want to cook something. Thanks so much!!

  4. Yes, I’ve just been filing my recipes in a kitchen drawer! I need to take the time to organize them, and I love bright folders and binders. I’ve also thought about keeping notes about the date and occasion of certain recipes.

  5. Do you include recipes you haven’t actually tried yet? That’s my biggest problem. I don’t like to add the recipes I rip out of magazines (I usually don’t print them from the internet until I am ready to try them) to my system until I know they’re “keepers.” Problem is that means I still have a stack literally six inches high of torn out recipes shoved in ugly folders in my cupboard. And yes, I do realize that even if I tried one of those recipes every day for the rest of my life that I’d still never get through them all. So really, that does give me my answer–what I need most is a serious culling, huh? ;)

    • For this binder, yes I only include recipes that I’ve tried–only because they’re things that I’ve printed from the Internet/email with the specific purpose of cooking right then and there. I do have a second recipe binder (actually two of them–one just for desserts!) that are all articles torn from magazines ( This does include recipes I have not cooked because like you mention–if I waited until I cooked the recipe, the binder would NEVER EVER get made. :) There have been a few that I didn’t love after I cooked them and I just tore to recipe off the page (glue sticks make this fairly easy).

      I say, do a serious culling and then just make the damn thing! Better than having to sort through the six inch stack, right?

  6. I like the idea of doing a binder as I usually use recipes I’ve printed off and then I end up having to reprint them the next time I want to make them. I have started a notebook of recipes that I make often so that I just have to pull out the notebook without having to hunt down the recipe.

  7. Love those colours! I used to print out recipes that I wanted to try/tried but I guess because my folder was so disorganised I gave up on that. Instead I copy and save the recipes to Evernote. I have Evernote apps on my Macbook, phone and tablet and it all syncs so that’s really helpful.

    What I’ve been thinking of doing though is compiling a sort of binder of recipes that can be used by the kids when they’re older! Even though they’re not reading yet, it’s a long-term project I hope to work on soon. Especially since we are so far from Singapore, its like a family food history project of sorts!

  8. So organised. I am addicted to cutting recipes I see in magazines but just have them bull dog clipped together. Really should do something like this.

    • LOL!!! I’m pretty sure that happened before I made the binder. I was making bookmarks (for a Pin it Do it!) and was testing out the flower stamp. But…feel like it gives the recipe some personality. :) Glad you linked up!

  9. I copy recipes onto index cards and “laminate” them (i.e., cover them with packing tape). Then they go in a pocket on my menu board. One side has ingredients, the flip side has the recipe instructions.

    This makes me sound way more organized than usual…

    • I LOVE this idea and we’ve talked about doing something similar (so I can give the notecards to Scott and he can meal plan FOR me…after I’ve removed all of the recipes that I don’t want to make), but the thought of copying the recipes onto notecards is so overwhelming!

  10. Susan in TX

    Love the simplicity of this idea – it gives me hope that I might actually get it done this summer! I’ve been wanting to organize my recipes every summer for the last 15-ish years. I am determined that this is the year. :)
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. I have a binder like this with so many random pages stuffed inside. My goal is to organized them, at least with page protectors. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I have two binders for my tried-and-true recipes, which are also organized in sheet protector pages. I bought the original recipe binder with ready made dividers to indicate the various menu items (appetizers, meat, poultry, vegetables, etc.). After more than 30 years of use, those dividers are pretty much torn and worthless. Your idea to use file folders is genius! I couldn’t figure out what to use so a tab would extend past the sheet protector page. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’m going to buy a few new binders to divide up the two I have so they aren’t quite so full and heavy. I think I’ll use a label maker to label the spine of each notebook so I know what’s in them, too. Thanks for the inspiration about the file folders!!

    • I was having the same problem with the dividers not extending past the page protectors–I still need to fix my binders that contain my magazine recipe scraps.

      With the file folders, I didn’t cut them directly down the fold…I did have to cut them maybe 3/8″ past the center fold? Just open the folder and put it next to your page protector to see how much overhang you’ll want. Then I just punched the holes. EASY!!! :)

  13. I really need to get on top of my recipes. I keep starting to organize, but I haven’t found a way I particularly like. Getting all my recipes typed up would be quite the feat. :)

  14. Love it! I really, really need to do more of this. I do keep track of my recipes on Pinterest, but then sometimes when I want to make something my iPad is dead, or the internet is down … or I just hate wasting the time to find the recipe!

  15. My food blog became my way of scrapbooking recipes – the photos, the stories, and of course the actual recipe. I had a billion loose pieces of paper and decided – ok I’m just gonna copy and paste these recipes onto a blog so i can find them. Now 5 years later, blogging has exploded and taken over my life lol. A paper scrapbook is probably safer!

  16. I really REALLY need to do this. I have a binder with recipes I’ve printed from websites and ripped from magazines, but it’s totally unorganized and I maybe have made 5% of the things in there. I have a ton of recipes bookmarked on Feedly but haven’t made many of them. If I could get my shit together for an entire afternoon this would be a great project. :)

  17. What do you do with the online recipes that you have bookmarked? I’ve a whole lot of that, and don’t know how to handle it. I want to try them all out before I put them up on my blog. Any ideas?

    • Recipes that I’ve bookmarked tend to stay in Pinterest (do you use Pinterest?) until I make them. If I like the recipe then I’ll keep it and put it in the binder. Otherwise I just toss the print-out. I don’t publish many recipes on my blog unless I’ve made them several times.