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Hello everybody!! Or perhaps I should say Good News Everybody! I’ve finally had a chance to organize my clothes using the method described in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up which means I am one step closer to never mentioning the book again.

Bahahahaha. Just kidding. I’ll be talking about this book for the rest of my life.

a Happier, More Joyful Closet

I keep my clothing in three places in the bedroom. I have two dressers with my casual clothes, socks, undergarments, and jeans; I hang the majority of my clothes in my closet.

I hate my closet. Yes it is walk-in, but it’s just a narrow little closet enough to hang clothes on one side. For the past five years, Scott’s clothes have hung right in front of the door while my clothes were relegated to the inside half of the closet. As I’m the one who uses the closet every single day (most of his clothes are in a dresser), I decided that the first course of action to the closet was to push his clothes to the back and put mine in the front. Yay Me!

Back up, Trish. That wasn’t the first course of action…just the one I looked forward to the most.

How To Get Started: Marie Kondo, the author of LCMoTU, says that the first step is to take all of the clothes off the racks and out of the drawers. The second step is to handle each item (yes, you must hold each item) and ask whether this item brings you joy. If the item does not bring you joy, donate it (or purge it somehow). If the item brings you joy, it can stay.

I started with my drawers–each one individually since they all have different purposes. I’m a packrat so have been holding onto some tshirts since high school. Some that remind me of my husband but never wear (I stole them when we were dating). Tshirts that are threadbare or that I just don’t like. Gone gone gone. I admit that I did cut an insignia out of the breast of one shirt in case I ever decide to scrapbook. Hey…baby steps.

If items are folded, Marie Kondo says that they should be standing up in a file instead of laying stacked on top of one another. I scoffed and said this would take too much time when folding laundry, but then I folded my clothes this way AND IT WAS A MIRACLE. I can see every shirt in my drawer! Plus there is space to boot. I can find all of my tank tops on the left and all of my tshirts on the right. The middle are frequently worn tanks and sleep shirts. MIRACLE!! Plus, it really just takes an extra fold.

I should have kept track of everything I got rid of, but I was able to purge jeans that were over 10 years old and had no prayer of fitting again (and really shouldn’t be worn anyway). I got rid of workout tops that still have the tags on them but are too small and will continue to be too small. I got rid of holey tshirts and wild and crazy biker tshirts from Sturgis. All my bikinis are gone. Socks that I hate. Under things that I hate. Sweatpants from the college I attended as a freshman. Duplicate sweatshirts. Why was I hanging onto all of this stuff???

KonMari Method of Folding


Next, I tackled my hanging dress pants and dresses. All of my old party dresses went out the door. Since my current job is much more casual than my previous job, I also let go of most of my dress pants. This also meant that several hangers could go!

Finally, my hanging shirts.

Deep breaths.

I am not a clothes horse and I have been doing some purging over the past couple of weeks as I would try something on and realize it didn’t make me happy, but something about taking out every single shirt I own was a bit overwhelming.

I found that in many cases the “is it joyful or not” process was quick. I got rid of most of my older clothes, the clothes that don’t fit well (this is tricky since in my current state I can wear very little in my closet), and clothes that just aren’t flattering or make me happy to wear. Gone gone gone. A couple of months ago I had to buy new hangers because I had run out…I was amazed at the giant stack of leftovers I had when the processes was done.

Closet Organization Using KonMari Method


It was a workout just getting those clothes into bags for donation! I had already gone through my shoes a few weeks ago but had pared it down by half. My closet can likely still use a bit of work, but it’s a great start and once I can wear regular clothes again I vow not to let myself wear things that I hate or make me feel bad.

Mount Donation Pile



But really, the best part is having my clothes front and center. It’s ridiculous that I hadn’t done this earlier–and even though Scott moaned and groaned, I assured him that we could switch back in another 5 years. Since these are Pano pictures due to the length of my closet, it’s hard to see the difference, but I can tell how much more space is between all of those hangers. And when I’m not pregnant I’ll have even more space as that very first section will go back to storage.

The Great Big Closet Reorg

A better picture. That’s it! All my clothes. Not just one season, but everything. No more things being so jammed together that they get lost. Hopefully this will make it easier to get dressed in the morning (one day when I don’t feel chub in everything I don).

Did I touch anything of Scott’s? Nope. Nope and nope. I went through the processes one morning that I took off from work so I wouldn’t be distracted by anyone so he only saw the aftermath. Marie Kondo specifically says not to touch other people’s mess. She does say that hopefully by going through the process yourself they will be inspired…but don’t hold your breath.

And I’m not holding my breath. Now that my clothes are nice and airy and up front, I don’t care what happens in his dark corner of the closet…or his overjammed bureau. At least not as much…
a Happier, More Joyful Closet


Have you read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? Inspired to look through your drawers and closet?


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23 Responses to “Closet Organization using KonMari Method | Inspiration on Monday”

  1. Bex

    I’ve been sort of thinking about doing this but haven’t managed to yet. I still need to finish the last bit of the book and then I will. I wont lie, I’m quite excited about the prospect of having to tidy up a lot less once I’ve done it!

  2. I’ve read bits and pieces of the book and have gleaned a lot of excellent advice. I haven’t done the clothing purge in one fell swoop the way she advises, but I have gone through my closets and purged LOTS of old, worn out, too small, ugly items! I hope to do it properly later this summer, but for now I’m quite happy with what I’ve accomplished. My husband even went through all his ties! Now to start working on old files and paperwork. Oh, and books. Sigh.

    Do you think Goodwill stores across the U.S. are locking their doors, overwhelmed with TOO many donations thanks to this book? ;) ;)

  3. Diane

    Bravo for you Trish. I’m always purging but will do more since this is my last week of work and then I’m retired and won’t need certain things.

    I am on hold at the library for this book with 400 others, but there are more than 20 copies circulating.

  4. Congratulations! It sounds like you feel exactly like I did and still do. It is amazing how much lighter you feel when you go through everything and purge like that. My stack of unnecessary hangers now takes up the 8 foort width of the guest bedroom closet. Yes, I got rid of THAT much. I find myself not minding doing laundry anymore because it is so easy to put everything away now.

    If you get around to books, you’ll find the purge process is just as easy and quick. It really is astounding how the physical act of touching something can make it so easy for one to decide whether it brings you joy or not. Please keep us posted on your progress!

  5. This is inspiring. I know my wife read the book and she wants to try some of the things here. I do too actually as I have way too many clothes in our closet and in drawers that I don’t wear anymore. Thanks a lot, thrift shops.

  6. This is so awesome! I need to read this book. I do a lot of this anyway, but I still want to know the details. After my grandmother died several years back, my mom and I did the bulk of the work in prepping her house for an estate sale and then to put on the market. That was a wake-up call for me, as she had so much stuff. And so much that she didn’t use or probably even know she had. My mom and aunts would urge me to take this or that home, and I finally put my foot down. No! I had what my grandmother wanted me to have (her antique sofa), and it brings me joy. I didn’t need a lot of other stuff. It helped that a year or two before I had read a REAL SIMPLE article that talked about taking photographs of stuff that holds memories but that you do not want to hold onto. HUGE help!

    Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Ti

    I learned that thing about stacking long ago and it’s a life saver for The Girl who has 1001 shirts in her dresser.

    I am going to tackle my closet soon. It shouldn’t take long to dump everything I have. LOL.

  8. I love the idea of folding clothes that way! I will definitely be doing that – it makes so much sense.

    I think for a lot of us women, especially those of us who have had kids, it’s hard to get rid of clothing because we hope to one day fit in it again. But even if (when?) that does happen, it means that those smaller sizes have been taunting us in the meantime! Plus, isn’t one of the rewards of getting in better shape getting new clothes? :)

  9. This is AMAZING! The book has been on my radar for awhile, but more than that, my closet has needed purging for awhile. The more I think about our newest family member joining us in January, the more I wonder where all the new baby stuff will go. I want to get rid of so much before then! This is going on my must read list so I can start working my way through my over-stuffed closet.

  10. I am super jealous right now! My closet is such a sad state. I had to pull everything out of my dresser this morning to find the black top (among 10 black tops) that I needed. I wonder if starting the process with a glass of wine tonight will help me decide if something brings me joy…

  11. I would love to get this organised. Perhaps once I move I will be motivated to try. In the meantime, I have draws so full, I daren’t open them!

  12. Will you come do my closet next? Or at least come over and poke me until I do it. I’ve been putting it off for much, much too long.

  13. I love love love this! I’ve become a LCMoTU pusher, and it’s so fun to read other people’s success stories with it. I went through round 1 of my clothes purge this winter and it made me SO HAPPY. It was an incredibly positive experience. I’m ready for a round 2, but decided I need to wait until I have a job again and start wearing my work clothes again. It’s hard to handle stuff and know if it brings me joy or not when I haven’t worn it in 1.5 years.

  14. Susan in TX

    Wahoo! Good for you. I started a while back on my closet and got just the hanging clothes purged. Then, life kicked in and I haven’t gotten back to any of it…one day soon, hopefully. The upside, though, my older girls read the book and have been working on “Kondo-ing” their room section by section in the order that the author suggested. They are thrilled with all their extra space and definitely feel lighter. Now if I can just get my younger two to working on theirs, and get back to my own…. :)

  15. Wow! When I was reading your more recent posts and saw that you mentioned being pregnant I had to scroll back through to see how long I’ve been in the dark. Congratulations, Trish! Sorry I’m so late :)

  16. I saw the t-shirt folding idea on Pinterest and used it in Dave’s dresser. He loves it! I only own 3 t-shirts, so wasn’t much help for me, but I’m thinking I need to get this book. Dave and I are both packrats – in different ways. I keep sentimental things, he just keeps “stuff” for no obvious reason. I sorted his t-shirt drawers and nominated a stack for elimination. He put them all back except two. Like you said – baby steps.

    Thanks for the tips. I’m going to check B&N for the book.