Living on Lake Time

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Living on Lake Time

I’ve been thinking about creating a tag called “photo dump” to cover these types of posts. The thing that holds me back? The 1,000 other posts that don’t have such fun tags. :)

One of my favorite things to do on a hot holiday is to escape with the family to my parent’s lake house to enjoy a bit of fun in the sun. Thankfully the weather wasn’t outrageously hot and we even had a bit of overcast skies to keep us cool. My sister Kim was visiting from California and did a wonderful job playing Auntie to three tiresome little girls. The eldest is my niece Emma and she and Elle may as well be sisters for how close they are.

A special shout out to TipsyElves for my American Flag tank top in the pictures below. They contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I would be interested in trying out one of their items. Their shop is a lot of fun, though it is aimed at a more partying crowd and I had to keep in my mind what would be appropriate for a pregnant mother to wear. Ha!! While the top did come a bit big (I ordered a large to be safe), the material is soft and very comfortable. If you’re into celebrating Christmas with Ugly Sweater Parties, they have some great sweaters¬†to choose from…and some (ahem) off color items as well. I’m hoping this Kiddo T-Rex sweater is back in stock by Christmas time!

So what does Living On Take Time look like for us??


We did a lot of swimming, screaming, and eating of push pops.

Fun in the Sun


Cheese smiles, freezies, American flags, and harmonicas.

Lake Time Fun


Screaming, screaming, and smiling at sunset.

Screaming Good Time


And oh the sunsets–they are the best on the lake.

Lakeside Sunset


The caption says it all…

Patriotic Smiles


By the end of the trip, my little beauties were worn out!

Lakeside Beauties


And yet summer has only just begun!

What do you look forward to in the hot summer months?


17 Responses to “Living on Lake Time”

  1. I agree with Bree. That’s a cute tanktop!! I’ll have to take a look at their website.

    Great pictures! Even the ones that weren’t what you’d hope for. ;) (Smile! Dangit.) I love sunsets over water, especially lakes and the Sound. I’m looking forward to viewing a few over the Pacific later this month…

    Enjoy your summer! Aren’t you glad it’s not as miserably hot as usual? We’ve had record lows this past week. We’ll warm up again by the weekend, but I’m loving these mild evenings for long walks with my hubby.

  2. What a fun time, the girls look so happy to be there!

    I grew up living in a lake house, so this post brings back lots of memories. I miss the swimming and ice skating right out our door.

  3. My goodness, your girls are such cuties!

    Getting away for a bit is so good. Coming home again is pretty good too, though!

  4. What fun! It looks like you all had an amazing time. :-) My vacation is just around the corner. It’s going to be busy, but no work, which makes me happy. :-)

  5. Love the pics and totally jealous of your lake time. As I went and married a farmer, summer is not funtime for us as it is for pretty much everyone else in the world (okay that might be an exaggeration).