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Homemade Marshmallow Playdough

Hi guys!! Before we begin, I want to introduce a Guest Hostess for today’s Inspiration on Monday. Bex is joining us from An Armchair by the Sea. She is mum to two littles, lives in the UK, and blogs mostly about books but also shares crafty ideas (she is a quite the crafting inspiration!). She also hosts a regular book swap (Ninja Book Swap). You can also find her on Twitter. I hope you’ll give her a warm welcome!!

Homemade Marshmallow Playdough

Generally, I am not one of those Mums who spends all of her time making different kinds of goop for her kids to play with. Mostly I just pin those kinds of things and think about doing them and then we play with shop bought stuff instead, but earlier this week I discovered a bag of mini marshmallows in the cupboard and remembered seeing a recipe for marshmallow playdough and thought I’d give it a go. The recipe I used was from My Buddies and I but I only had half the amount of marshmallows so I halved the recipe.

Cooking Marshmallow Playdough

Despite this it came out pretty well, although I think I should have added less cornflour as it was fairly crumbly in the end. As we didn’t have much of the marshmallow dough I decided to make an improvised chocolate dough as well. The recipes I’d seen called for flour, salt, cocoa powder, vegetable oil, cream of tartar and boiling water. I didn’t have enough salt or cream of tartar for any of the recipes I found so I just used what I had and it came out really well. The texture was more like cookie dough than playdough but it contrasted the marshmallow dough really well.

Marshmallow Dough Balls

The greatest thing about both of these doughs is that they are both fine if ingested, meaning that my one year old was able to play too. He did eat more of the marshmallow dough than I would have liked, but it was pretty yummy so I can understand that!

Fun with Marshmallow Playdough

We got out some of our silicone cupcake cases and our playdough tools and had a bakery. The boys must have been there for at least an hour making a wonderful mess! Trying things like this always inspires me to want to do it more often!

Playing with Marshmallow Playdough



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11 Responses to “Marshmallow Playdough | Inspiration on Monday”

  1. Kay

    What a clever idea! In my day or rather when I had a little one, it was only Play Doh. And who knows how much of that was ingested by kids. LOL

    Precious pictures! And I love Bex’s blog and hearing about what she reads and kids and life. Recommend it highly!

  2. Ti

    “I” want some playdough.

    Looks like fun. My daughter’s camp always makes that Borax flubber stuff. It has a really good consistency but smells yuck and of course you can’t eat it.

  3. What a great idea for play-doh!
    By the way Trish for some reason your blog wasn’t coming up in my feed so I thought you were on vacation or taking a little break. I have finally fixed that so I don’t miss out on the fun here. Hope you are doing great!

    • Thanks Iliana! I’ve been out of town so things have been slow on this front, but my feed DID disappear from Feedly. A resubscribe works, but it’s hard to let people know when that’s their only method of checking blogs. ;) Hope you’re doing well…and not frying in this August heat!

  4. Going through this old drawer of magazine pictures I tore out for collage years ago, I found this old calendar from the Metropolitan Museum of Art featuring cats in art. So, of course I was inspired to cut it up and make a bunch of mail-art post cards.

      • I already put the cat cards in the mail, but I’d be happy to send you a card from the next batch. Probably something towards the end of the month. If you send me a snail mail address I’ll add you to my list.